Calling For Christmas



Scene Title Calling For Christmas
Synopsis And New Year and Thanksgiving and from a payphone.
Date December 30, 2010

Somewhere in Brooklyn

Hey mom. Merry Christmas. Or— happy new year, too. Yeah, yeah, and thanksgiving.

Well, they both got— far flung lives too, don't they. Maybe next year, mom, it'll be the most— unawkward family reunion ever. Danny'll want tofurkey.

No, I'm not seeing anyone.

Well no, I guess I am. I know I am. It's— I ain't lyin', I just don't wanna get into it right now.

I was hopin' you could tell me how my girl was.

No, no, not Claira, mom. I mean yeah. Her too. But how's— how's my daughter doing?

I know, first one. I'll send somethin' when—

What's that?

Yeah? They leave a name? Um. I wouldn't worry 'bout it — probably late on fillin' out the paperwork on a permanent address. Registry stuff, you know. Oh— uh. No, I'm callin' from a payphone. Lemme get back to ya on that, okay?

I'm not in any trouble. How much trouble could I get in?

That so?

I think I should go. No, I ain't just saying that, I'm freezin' my toes off out here. Okay. I love you, mom.

You too.

God bless.

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