Calmer Than Expected


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Scene Title Calmer Than Expected
Synopsis Kaylee introduces her baby sister to Joseph. Her baby sister who's oddly calm about her situation so far.
Date October 15, 2010

Gun Hill - Kaylee's Apartment

Gun Hill: Kaylee's Apartment

"I have no idea when Kendall is getting here."

A white sheet gives a snap as Kaylee flips it out over a cot and lets it settle over the surface. It's one of two folding cots set up for new occupants, this one is out in the living room the other set up in the single bedroom. "If it's not later today then tomorrow."

Crouching down, the telepath works to tuck the sheet in properly, her grandmother's training kicking in, so the folds are neat. Once that's done, she straightens just in time for Missy to hop up on the bed and sprawl out. "Hey!" Kaylee protests, reaching down push the dog off. "This isn't for you, silly." It takes a mighty shove before Missy slides off the cot with an unhappy grumble.

There is a soft sigh as she turns around and plants hands on her hips. "Hopefully, this is temporary." The idea of two teenagers occupying this single bedroom apartment could only spell disaster.

"I've never really had a roommate, so it could be fun," Valerie says outloud, in a soft voice as she carefully tries to stay out of the way of the dog. It doesn't seem like she's afraid of her, though, cause she's watching her more than the making of the bed with a kind of curiousity. "I never had a dog either. I've had other animals though, but never a dog."

After a few moments, she finally kneels down, resting on her heels, still rather dusty from the explosion and the fact she has no clothes to change into.

"Hi," she says to the dog, as if she could understand. Not really, but it even has a wave. Look, fingers ripe for the chewing.

And that's when she looks away, too, up toward her sister, "I'm gonna need some clothes— I don't think yours would fit me. How'd you get so tall anyway? Dad's not even as tall as you."

The first compulsion is to knock. The second is to hesitate, and the latter supersedes the first with Joseph's closed fist hovering a few inches from the surface of the door. There are a few short seconds of over-thought, before Joseph is getting his set of keys from his pocket and sliding the piece into the lock, letting himself inside. As his right as! A significant other. With Max and Alicia left to guard his own apartment, Joseph arrives unaccompanied and empty handed.

What do you give someone, anyway, who was meant to die in the past?

Or maybe never did. Joseph doesn't know. He still has dreams about the teenager being pitched off the bridge in Los Angeles, wondering what that might have changed, his thoughts going in spirals whenever he pursues that path — and so, tries not to. "Knock knock," he says in place of knocking, peeking into the apartment with vague, unidentifiable self-consciousness.

Half folded ears are perked forward at the tiny Ray sibling with interest, before she crawls over on her belly, noses stretched out to cautiously inspect the hand. After the initial sniff and a sneeze from the dust, her bushy tail starts a lazy wag and those fingers get slobbered on by a wet dog tongue. Well, at least till she hears the sounds of keys in the lock. Then she's all alert guard dog, but as soon as the door opens she shifts into greeting mode, still puppy enough to do the happy puppy wiggle at the pastor.

In the middle of gathering the comforter from the arm of the couch, Kaylee pauses turning her attention to the door, brightening as it opens, "Hey. Come on in."

It's not as bad as when Kaylee arrived covered in her ow blood, but both blonde are showing signs of their brief ordeal with the Midtown explosion. They look a little gray thanks to the dust and bits of concrete that clings to hair and clothing.

The comforter is discarded, so that the telepath can properly greet Joseph with a — since her teenage sister is there — chaste kiss, as well as grab his hand so that he can't escape. "Valerie…" Kaylee starts, with a bright smile, "I'd like you to meet Joseph — well — Pastor Joseph Sumter." The man in question getting an affectionate smile. "And Joseph… I'd like you to meet my little sister, Valerie Clover."

There is pride in her voice, tho' mostly for the fact, that going back had worked!

With her hand properly slobbered upon, Valerie straightens and turns in time to see a man much older than some people might have expected to be dating their sister. But she just smiles brightly, and waves— until she spots the glistening doggy drool on her fingertips and suddenly lowers the hand instead. "Hi— Clover's actually my middle name, but I don't know if I can even use my old name since I'm supposed to be dead— wait does that mean all my trusts are gone now? And my benifits and all the stuff— they aren't going to make me take my GED again, are they?"

For the moment, she still seems to be operating at a mile a minute. Or at least, still trying to figure out her place. "Should I take your last name instead?"

Then she blinks, her blue eyes slipping back, and she holds out her hand as if to— no, there's doggy drool on it, so she pulls it back and wipes it on her dusty jeans. "It's nice to meet you. I heard you're her boyfriend."

"I heard the same," Joseph agrees, brightly, and despite the dog drool— and dust— making a sheen on Valerie's hand, he offers out the one that Kaylee isn't gripping to shake in greeting. With two dogs, one of them particularly drooly, a little bit of saliva isn't quite enough to freak him out, and the evidence of his status as pet owner can seen in clinging strands of dog fur in the fabric of his shirt, the knees of his jeans. His smile is kind, always a little crooked. Silver chain glimmers at his neck, thin and obscured by the collar of his shirt, hiding whatever pendant dangles from it.

He ducks a nod at her. "It's— super to meet you. Valerie. And you can just call me Joseph, I'm— " The attempt to explain how he's only a fake pastor stalls out, is ultimately abandoned, posture straightening as he squeezes Kaylee's hand. Kind of a 'good job' gesture, understated in comparison to the danger the youngest in the room was in.

The boyfriend thing, actually gets a light coloring of Kaylee's cheeks, since it was so bluntly stated. One would think she's been caught telling a lie or something, or it's the simple fact she's stuff getting use to the fact. Of course, Joseph's response gets a chuckle and an amused smirk angled his direction.

The questions fired off by Valerie, throw Kaylee for a moment brows lifting a little. "I — am not sure about your holdings and all?" There is a tick longer and those brows lift a little further up as she says, "But I do know someone to ask." Cat coming to mind, quickly enough, since going to Matt Parkman was just asking for all sorts of crazy trouble.

"I've trying to explain everything that's changed since the explosion." Her eyes widen a bit and her voice conveying how overwhelming a task that is. "Just never realized how much as changed." Kaylee gives Valerie an apologetic smile.

Letting her hand slide from Joseph's, but only after returning the squeeze to grab his attention. "Something to drink?" she asks him politely, gaze shifting to her sister to include her.

That slightly sticky hand takes his. Valerie is much smaller than her sister, in stature, and her grip isn't very strong. In fact it's downright weak in comparison to many hands that he's shaken over his career, fake Pastor and not-fake Pastor. "If it helps, I'll figure it out on my own— I mean I get that things are different, but you can learn a lot about how things are by just watching and listening. I don't need too much instruction."

There's something in her voice that comes off as dismissive, as if she doesn't want to be a burden, or something.

"Really, it's not that big a deal. And— do we have to tell everyone I was rescued from the past? Can we just— keep that between us for now? — And I guess the time traveler."

Wiping that hand off on his own jeans, Joseph moves further into the apartment, though doesn't seem intent to make himself comfortable — there are probably a lot of things for the two siblings to catch up on, and so he shakes his head at the offer of a drink, crouches down to give his attention to Missy, hands out for her to place her head between and receiving her skritches. "I won't tell anybody," Joseph offers, as he massages dog ears, while deflecting any chance of licking in instinctive, gentle pushes.

"You'll need instruction," he adds, now looking up at Valerie with studiously dark eyes. "Let's just git that outta the way. And Kaylee didn't go back in time to rescue you for no reason and cut you loose. But— uh. Yeah. Things've changed, since the Bomb. I'm sure Kaylee's already said alla that, but, bears repeating. You seem t'be handling it well, though."

"Trust me, I don't plan to go spreading it all over. It's hard enough explaining what I've been doing lately, and even at that… only a select few know about my trips through time." Kaylee explains with smirk. "There might be people that need to be informed, but we'll take it case by case." A glance goes to Joseph for confirmation. Smiling a thanks as he seems to be thinking along the same thought.

"But a good first step would be to figure out if they declared you dead or if your still considered just missing." Kaylee points out, as she takes a step towards the kitchen. "If your only missing then, maybe there is a chance you can get that stuff back. Just explain you look young for your age.

"Though for all that, you may have to register. It's required for evolved and non-evolved." There is a touch of hesitation as she explains that. "Which… as of late has become quite the sticky situation." Kaylee grimaces a bit and settles on the arm of one of the arm chairs. "There are places you won't be able to go, or things you won't be able to do without a card. But yeah, Josephs right. There is no way around it. Got to make sure you know everything — especially the really important stuff."

It would be a culture shock for anyone. The look Kaylee gives her sister conveys this. "I just finally met my sister, Valerie, I don't want to loose you yet." And it could happen if she takes the wrong step.

"I don't plan to go anywhere— this is what I always wanted. I mean— yesterday dad told me that I would meet you and I would finally have the family that I always wanted. I don't know if he knew how, but… he was right." Valerie says, voice carrying a kind of trust for that view of the future— even if her view of yesterday comes with a year of difference.

"I don't need to leave this apartment for a while, but there— I have medical issues. And that's kinda what I'm most worried about. Dad used to always know when I'd have an issue and… now he won't be there to suddenly call up and warn my tutors to send me to the hospital…" That's her unique experience with her father— always there, saving her life in little, yet big ways.

"It's mostly a bunch of neurological stuff, but I'm also just really weak a lot of the time, I can usually manage, but now I got that big hovering unknown… I never really had that before." That seems to worry her more than the strange world she's in… "I'm sure I'll be okay! Cause— he would probably have left more instructions if I wasn't going to be."

Joseph's brow furrows, even as he's returned his attention to the dog. "Register," he says, after a second of thought. "'specially if you got medical issues. We knows— we know some people who can help you and get supplies if you need 'em…" That train of thought peters out, sounding shady, suddenly, when Ferry life crosses into the real world, and he diverts into, "But if you get caught out without Registration— they check that stuff at hospitals and clinics, now— then you can face fines, jailtime, that kind of thing. And lots of questions.

"You aren't, are you?" It occurs to him he doesn't know. "I mean. Maybe you are, I guess, considerin' your family. Evolved, I mean. Or Gifted."

"Yeah — I will have to look into the medical stuff." Kaylee isn't certain who she can turn to for her sister's medical needs. It makes her wish, Doctor Brennan hadn't turned out to be so unreliable. "At least something temporary till we get your situation settled." She amends on the end of what Josephs states. "We'll get it figured out." She seems rather confident of that.

Eyes drift to the cot and Kaylee sighs a little. "One thing is for certain, I need to talk to Lynette and see if there are any two bedroom apartments, if not start looking else where, cause this one bedroom isn't going to cut it." Shifting a bit, on the chair, Kaylee turns to watch Joseph playing with the dog. "Melissa Pierce's young ward will be staying here as well. Kendall?" She doesn't know if the councilman has met the kid or not. "Temporarily, but still it's going to be cramped here.

"Which reminds me." A bit of business that needs to be handled. "Kendall is being sent to us for helping out." Of course, Kaylee doesn't say a thing about who is making the recommendation. The next part echo's in the man's head since, the telepath doesn't want to say it outloud, His illusion ability might be useful for some of the less dangerous aspects, since he's still a teenager.

This is Ferrymen Operative Thatcher informing Council Member Sumter of a potential member.

"Oh!" The exclamation is sudden and attention is on Valerie again, "I should know for food purposes… Any allergies I should be aware of? I mean — my cooking skills leave something to be desired." Kaylee looks rather embarrassed about that, since she still hasn't even offered to attempt to cook dimmer for Joseph, fearing it would scare him away. "But I can make sure there is plenty of food stocked."

"Uh…" Valerie visible hesitates at the very personal question about her evolutionary status. She came from a time when people just didn't ask that. Cause most people didn't know it could happen. "I— I guess I am," she says after a few moments, but the tone might suggests she's uncomfortable answering that question. In fact she's suddenly scratching at the tip of her nose, as if trying to remove the dust, or dead skin, or checking to see if she has a pimple. Her nose seems very interesting.

"I can cook. Well, not great, but I can follow instructions. Microwaves are a wonderful invention. But I can do stove stuff too, noodles mostly, and rice— or stuff with noodles or rice in them. And soups… Lots of soups. I don't think I'm allergic to anything. I lived on my own for the last year and had groceries delievered a lot."

Apparently she didn't eat a lot of meat.

"I'll do the registering thing if I have to, though. I don't want to suddenly need a doctor and not be able to get one. And I definitely don't want to go to jail or anything— and my money is— not here."

"I ain't askin' because I think it's any of my business," Joseph points out, gently, not blind and thus easily able to see the girl's reserve. He stands, dusting his hands of dog hair as he goes. "It really ain't. If things worked my way, there'd be no difference between Non-Evolved and everyone else, let alone what people could do. But you gotta understand that in this city— in this world, soon enough— everything revolves around where you stand on either side of that line."

It's a paternal-ish lecture, almost, age showing through, but patiently spoken in an attempt not to be condescending. Not meaning to cut through talk about cooking or other topics or anything, but he's experienced at least three kinds of persecution for an ability he doesn't even have anymore as a result. "What sort of power is it, honey?"

There's a glance to Kaylee, Joseph raising an eyebrow at the news of Melissa sending people their way, and shrugs. Okay, sure. Let's get something of a background check before we welcome him in, huh? I dunno where Pierce stands anymore, personally.

That's why I'm passing it along. Melissa is Messiah, so… I'm not sure what to think of her either. For now, I'm treating him like a refugee. And Kaylee leave is at that, turning to her sister.

The hesitation is extremely interesting to the telepath, one brow ticks up just a little, before a knowing smile touches her lips. "It's okay if you are. No one is going to look at you funny, your among people you can trust here.

"Especially Joseph." Kaylee nod towards him, a gentle smile sent his way, her trust in the man absolute, but then she's had a while to cultivate that. "When I'm not around " Such as time traveling " he'll be a good person to turn to if something happens and you need help." Note she's not asking Joseph to babysit. Tempting, but no.

"But, I completely understand your hesitation." Kaylee taking a different road, then the pastor, but then she's not exactly paternal.

"Like I told you, I'm a telepath. Honestly, I don't go telling everyone what I am." A corner of Kaylee's mouth pull up in a sad smile. "People tend to run away, but the people I trust — " Another nod going to Joseph. " — I've told, most have accept it with open arms."

The telepathic conversation goes beyond her own understanding, and probably would even if it were spoken outloud. Valerie is preoccupied with her own thoughts, as she moves away, trying to avoid the dogs, so that she can sit down on her cot, her bed until they find another apartment with two bedrooms, and she wrings her hands. At least she's not scratching at her nose anymore.

"It's difficult to explain— I'm not sure what to call what I can do. I can show you guys later, when I have a chance to rest— I've kinda been on my feet since the world blew up." Literally.

"But it's nothing dangerous or anything."

There is the urge to protest — both at Kaylee's tactic, and Valerie's reluctance, but Joseph stifles both urges, gives way to nodding. "Sure," he concedes, rolling his shoulders to relax them. "Just— it doesn't have to be dangerous t'get you into trouble. I have a precognitive ability, and that ranks as far as tier one for virtue of being able to know too much." He doesn't say had, if only because he doesn't want to muddy the waters. "But you'll be safe here, so…"

So take your time. Before someone has to explain to Valerie how bad the world really is.

He leans in to place a quick kiss near Kaylee's temple. "Why don't you get her settled in and rested? I was gonna head down to Queens, maybe stay there for the evening if I can't get in before curfew. Seeing about the Brick House and making sure Meredith is okay with everything."

A glance goes to Joseph, before her gaze drops in thought. "If your right and it's not considered dangerous, that's a good thing. Mine is considered pretty dangerous." It's admitted softly, since her registration card says otherwise… at least till Matt Parkman decides to change his mine about her, or she decides to update it on her own.

Something she might need to talk to Joseph about another time.

Eyes close for a moment and a smile touches her lips at the kiss at her temple, "Yeah… " Kaylee slides to her feet, picking up the comforter again, eyes on the Pastor. "I need to finish getting thing set up."

A palm is presses to his cheek with affection. "Thanks for coming over." There is a moment more, before she leans in to return the kiss, with one of her own on to his cheek. Be careful out there. Love you. The two thoughts just about over lapping, as if one thought slipped through with the other. "I'll call you later."

Bringing the comforter to the cot the teenager is sitting on, Kaylee sets it next to Valerie. "That way you can rest and I need to get cleaned up so I can go hunt some clothing up for you." Which might mean a trip back to Grand Central, if she can find anything in the safe houses own stores.

There's a sense of relief from the young teen, even if it's covered by interest. Her sister's dating a guy with precognitive powers? Valerie can't help but compare it, mentally, to their father. At least from her the comparison is actually a compliment… "It was nice to meet you, Mister Joseph!" she says, cheerful, but an odd kind of politeness, even if she bluntly went with calling him the boyfriend earlier. And that temple kiss? Sight of that gets a smile.

"Thanks— I mean I don't need much, I could probably live in t-shirts, but if there's a boy going to be staying here too, I should at least have a pair of shorts." Running around in her underwear would be inappropriate. No matter what she could get away with when she lived on her own in the last year.

Joseph's hand skims down Kaylee's spine at that exchange of affection, before he's pressing a smile to Valerie, a nod to her. "Nice to meet you, Valerie. I'm a neighbour, so like Kaylee says— if you need anything— " Besides the future, anyway, but. Stepping back as Kaylee approaches the girl, he offers a wave in departure, before he's heading for out. SO THEY CAN TALK BEHIND HIS BACK. If this occurred to him, he might have nosily hung out around the door afterwards.

But Kaylee is also a telepath, and it doesn't, so he doesn't. Shutting the door politely behind him, his footsteps carry him quietly down the hallway outside.

Once the door shuts behind Joseph, Kaylee turns to where she can sit next to Valerie on the cot, leaning elbows on her knees. "And that was Joseph." There is a small wistful smile on the telepath's face, she's just so happy right now, no matter the hurtles ahead. And it's not just him, but the fact her sister is alive next to her, thanks to their father.

"I'm thinking — once you rested — I pull out some popcorn and some sweet tea…" Dragging her eyes from the door, Kaylee flashes Valerie a bright smile. "And start watching about four years of movies you missed. I think there is some ramen up there somewhere too. Or I could go down to the local pizza joint and grab one."

"He's really cute," Valerie admits, not seeming to find any fault in him at this point. "And you really seem to like him. I had a tutor that I had a crush on for the longest time, but that was two years ago, and he was— well dad ended up replacing him. But he was really nice— my favorite tutor. I paid a lot of attention to him." Though perhaps not to everything he was teaching. Such is the teenage crush…

There's a glance down and away, something that seems a little shy and perhaps nervous, before she nods. "Okay. I just hope they're not all about people blowing up and crazy government conspiracies." Isn't that what a lot of movies were about before the Bomb? Some things never really change deep down.

"I never had a sister to show me movies— so pick your favorites!" It's something to look forward to— even if everything else in her life got turned around.

"And I ain't ever had a little sister to show movies too." Kaylee quips right back, maybe just as nervous at Valerie. They've both only ever been only children, even though they share blood. "We're both in new territory here, but at least we're not alone." She leans over to gently bump her shoulder against her sister's.

"Like I said, we'll get it all figured out. Even all this sisterly stuff."

There is so much she still needs to tell Valerie about, like the November riots, but that can wait a little longer. The poor girls been hit with some much information, that it amazed Kaylee her sister is taking it so calmly.

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