Camping at Camp Hero


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Scene Title Camping at Camp Hero
Synopsis Determined not to stay in the barracks, Carrie drags Magnes out to the woods for some camping.
Date June 28, 2009

Woods outside Camp Hero

It's later in the evening, they waited until it was plenty dark out for camping in the woods around the park to seem pretty secluded. They have a rather expensive tent that blends easily inbetween a cluster of trees, and they made sure to bring plenty of battery powered electronics (And extra batteries). Magnes wore his white t-shirt, black cargo pants, and black sneakers, not wanting his good stuff to get messed up, but he seems rather nervous right now, staring at the two boxes of pizza he made. "It's really creepy out here. You think we'll see like, creepy time travelers? Wait, I'm a time traveler…"

A butane lamp swings gently on a tripod in place of a fire, keeping the shadows at bay and casting soft light on the two. Carrie is slumped in a folding soft camp chair with another propping her feet up, listening to the loud sound of cicada and crickets. She's dressed in her old worn BDU pants, a grey t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. "Creepy? A bit. Not bad though. Peaceful." She points over to the harsh light that blinks a bit thanks to the movement of trees in the night breeze. "Camp Hero is right there. But I warn you.. Barracks are deadly at night." She flashes him a smile. "I figured out here would be nicer. I did a lot of camping. As a kid.. in the military. You talk about time traveling and all that… You ever been just camping? Not saying that time traveling wouldn't be pretty cool."

"Over the past few months, it's been nothing but weirdness. Before that, it was pizza delivery, and before that, harsh home schooling and skating whenever I could get out. My parents were strict, no public school, no friends unless they approved, and they were definitely not the camping types." Magnes opens up the mini-TV, which is basically laptop screen sized, just, without the keyboard and all. He starts hooking the 360 up to her, looking her over with a slight redness in his cheeks, then randomly adds, "You uh, look a lot like Penelope Cruz, just, uh, bigger. I mean, not fat, just, you know." He is not saying it out loud!

Carrie can't help but chuckle. "Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment and not smack ya." Sliding her feet off the other char she gves a soft hiss. "Damn Lu and his aim.. It's gonna smart to bend that knee for at least a week.." She grins as she climbs out of the chair. "So worth it though." Motioning to the ice chest nearby she asks. "Want somethin'?" Popping it open she asks. "So not a campers… Well.. relax.. we're pretty damn safe out here.. So tell me about this time traveling you've done."

"I'll take anything. I've been trying to get used to alcohol, but I don't like passing out, so maybe something else." Magnes finally gets the game set up, but doesn't turn it on yet, still watching her. "Well, we went to Japan, me and Hiro, and we watched him talk to his late friend Ando. He was proving to me that the 9th Wonders comics were predicting the future back then. Then he taught me a lesson, about how reckless and childish I was being, it was kind of a 'You had to be there' thing. We stood outside of the diner back in I think 2006 while Sylar was killing his girlfriend. Then we went to the bomb, directly in Kirby plaza, seconds before it went off. I saw Sylar kill Ando, so I guess you could say I'm a witness who knows Sylar didn't blow anything up. It was a really horrible thing to watch though, Ando's death…"

Pulling out two bottles of Pepsi, Carries gives a sharp whistle to get his attention before tossing one to him, trusting him to catch it anyway he can. "Well.. I'm not big on drinking either. I mean.. I did a lot of it after my daughter died.. but I eventually realized it wasn't helping a thing." Bring her bottle over, she folds herself to sit near him watching him set up hs video game. As she cracks open her own bottle she ponders what he says. "Hmm.. I've only heard of them all in passing when I've read through reports really."

"I met Sylar once, personally. It was mostly by accident. I read him a comic book, explaining how Sylar was possibly similar to Galactus, in that his need to take powers might not be completely his fault. Then he revealed that the strange guy I was sitting next to was Sylar, and uh, I gave him my phone number. This was before the time travel." Magnes explains, looking over at her again. He's 21, he's allowed to try and oggle when she's not looking! "I never met Ando, since he was killed before I got tied up into this stuff, but I knew his character well from the comic. I don't think I've met many people from 9th Wonders."

"You seem way too young to have gone through all that. I mean.. Young men your age are all about parties, college and getting laid. Not training to be kick ass Company agents." Carrie points at him shaking her finger as she talks, but then she shrugs her shoulders and lifts her soda to take a drink. "Course who am I talk. I went straight into the military out of high school. She's quiet for a moment and then says, "I've never read those comics. I read Marvel and all those when I was younger.. Image when it first started. I probebly have some tucked away in a box somewhere."

"I was too young to get every bone in my body broken while being afraid of someone hurting the girl I liked, but after that, I guess your priorities change just a bit." Magnes turns his game on, Halo 3, holding out a controller. "But even before all this started, I uh, wasn't exactly going to parties and trying to get laid. I was gonna go to college, but the bomb put a wrench in that for now. I still have my whole life ahead of me to see a set of breasts." He laughs and starts trying to choose a stage, looking over at her with a raised eyebrow now. "But uh, you were into comics? I read mostly DC, but, I mean, you're hot, how can you like comics?" He has not grasped that hot females can like comics too! Well, Delilah likes comics, but she's young…

"Prepare to get your ass handed to you, Varlane.. And yes. I was." Carrie sits her bottle down and snatches the controller from him with a wicked grin. "Just because a woman has looks.. which seriously boy.. get your eyes check.. does not mean she's all into that Guchi and Prada crap. I shop at Kmart, Walmart.. Target.. you name it." There is half shrug gven as she settles in, "You don't exactly get to be a SWAT member or traini as a sniper if your a girly girl." She holds up her hand, " And before you can ask, I am very much into guys."

Magnes is, well, not very good. He's average at best while playing Halo, which pretty much matches up with his generally crap firing with a real gun, if Carrie's paid any attention to his firing sessions. "It's just, I don't know, surprising. And I think I'd have preferred it if you were into women. Minea's hot and all, but I'm not like, super attracted or anything. It'll be a lot harder to ignore your… noises, through the walls. But seriously, you're just, unreal. Guess it's too bad we're from completely different generations." he says with a slight shake of his head, likely getting sniped to bits in the game.

After blowing him away again, Carrie shakes her head with a smirk. "You don't have to worry about the noises. Which I think is pretty messed up… seriously." As her eyes track her section of the screen she bites her lip. "No… I piss everyone off too much for that." She leans to the left a bit, swinging that controller to the side a bit.. Yes, she's one of the types that moves as if it could help. "And I'm not unreal.. just different. And in truth Magnes.. interagency relationship rarely work." Glancing, at him she smirks. "Look at me and Grim. He's the closest I got to that kinda relationship.. He transferred out." There is a shrug and she goes back to the screen. "You'll find someone when you least expect it. And she won't be fourteen years older then you."

"I kinda like Elle. I mean I know about the whole inter-agency thing, but, Elle's really interesting." Magnes seems to jump a lot in the game, which really makes him a huge moving target, and gets frustrated every time he hits the ground. "What the hell, I hate that I can't jump high or fly in the game, it's totally unfair." Well, not really unfair, but it's weird! "And I don't see why no one would want you, you're like, perfect. And to be honest, I couldn't date someone outside of the Company, I learned that from Delilah. I'd have to lie, and keep secrets, and well, I don't wanna do that with someone who's supposed to be my better half or whatever."

Carrie chuckles and nudges him with an elbow. "You need look beyond the boobs.. I'm not perfect." Putting the game on pause she looks that the young man next to her. "You make a good point… either way. Dating outside the agency doesn't work well either.. not that I've tried lately. I mean… I thought there was someone I could like.. but last time I saw him we had this huge fight. And I'm pretty sure that he might shoot me the next time he sees me." She looks thoughtful and shrugs. "Well, see where things go with Elle, but… be careful. And if we're rooming and things get all hot and heavy.. Not when I'm around?" Motioning to the game she says, "What else you got?"

"I-uh, I wasn't looking! I swear!" Magnes protests, guilt laced on every word. "It's just, well, you like all this stuff, I could actually talk to you about things I like and you won't get confused or think I'm immature, that's why you're perfect." he explains, nodding confidently. "And uh, I don't think you have to worry about that, I don't really see me and a girl getting uh, 'hot and heavy', any time soon. I wouldn't know a girl's hot from her heavy." Alright, so that made no sense, but it did in his head! "And uh, Gears of War, Street Fighter 4, Fallout 3… some other games." He slides the stack over to her, nodding.

"No lies.. Your a guy.. guy's look." Picking up the stack to look through it, Carrie smirks. "And I wouldn't call you immature. Your young, but you've gone through a lot of shit is sounds like." Glancing at him she adds, "And has weird priorities as boys go." She lowers the stack and chuckles. "And you think I'm perfect.. I'm kinda weird in the female world. I don't like shopping, I don't give a crap if my nails break, no fancy products or clothes." Shrugging she chuckles. "I'm odd and I think that might be off putting for mos men."

"You're really making me hate being fourteen years younger." Magnes points out with a teasing scold, finally popping the cap of his soda and taking a small sip. "And, alright, I guess I looked, for a second. And I'm glad you don't think I'm immature, people think that just because I like comics and stuff, I can't handle responsibility."

Carrie gives a short laugh, "I think a word I heard used for me is bitch.. So be glad you are." Wagging her finger she grins, "We get you where you don't babble off all the Company secrets when a pretty woman bats her lashes at you and you'll be just fine. I feel confident about it."

"I Frenched Tracy Strauss and I didn't tell her any Company secrets." Magnes proudly announces, taking a 'manly' chug of his Pepsi as if it were a beer. "I guess I'm kinda getting used to being around hot women. I mean, I heard Minea doing it, I see Veronica running all sweaty on the treadmil all the time, I get the vague feeling that Elle really just wants to rip my pants off, and I really don't think I need to explain your, uh, those." There's a nod in the direction of those. "I wouldn't say the novelty of being surrounded by fan service is wearing off, so much as I'm just getting used to being in an almost permanent state of having a boner. I don't even think it's possible to seduce me anymore."

Giving him an amused look, Carrie arches a brow. "You really feel that confident?" She doesn't looks convinced. "Time will tell, young Padawan." She waves a hand between them all mystical like. "But I think if a woman, ripped her top off right now and asked you to tell her every little secret.. you would."

Magnes just sorta stops everything and stares, eyes wide, expectant. "Uh…" It doesn't take a telepath to know what he's thinking. "Is this gonna be a test?"

Carrie tries to keep a straight face, but she can't and ends up laughing. "No… Don't worry." She pats his shoulder and cntnues to chuckle. "I'm not going to do that to you.. but you shoulda seen your face." The woman has to take a moment to compose herself again, wiping away tears from her eyes. "But I am right, ain't I?" She asks wth a smirk.

"I think you mean 'Do that for you'." Magnes corrects, just shaking his head and turning back to the screen. "I think I'd be too busy trying to turn my brain back on to say anything. Let's just play, I don't wanna start trying to lead the conversation to some weird outcome. You choose a game yet?"

"That too. I'm suppose to be your mentor, not a bad influence." Carrie offers up Street Fighter, tapping it against his shoulder. "And don't worry about it Magnes.. We'll show them you got what it takes. You'll be a great agent and get a good partner. And you know how I know?" Giving him a matter of fact look, there is suddenly something very… empty about her look. "You don't want me having to hunt your butt down if you betray us." She sets the stack aside and picks up the controller. All of a sudden, she's grinning again. "Ready to get your ass kicked… again?"

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