Can I Come In?


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Scene Title Can I Come In?
Synopsis Someone's knocking on the door after curfew.
Date September 24, 2010

Jaiden's Basement Apartment

It's getting close to 11:00pm. Curfew is under effect so Jaiden is really not expecting any guests at this late hour. He's currently camped in front of the TV, watching the highlights from some Australian football program, with a half-finished beer and a devoured sandwich close at hand. Dressed comfortably in his tracky-dacks and a t-shirt, Jaiden is not going anywhere.

If only she had the power of teleportation, Delia has spent the better part of an hour trying to make her way through Brooklyn unseen. She'd caught a cab just before curfew which took her to the Brooklyn burro limits, from there it was all walking. Still in the gown she was wearing to the party, she slips into the gate of the garage and onto private property with a long breath of a sigh.

She doesn't have her key, so she's forced to buzz and wait impatiently as she ducks into the doorway every time lights flash. One thing she doesn't need is to get caught. If she was smart, she would have made her way to the Bronx, but she's a little dumbstruck. "Jaiden… come on…"

The buzzer rouses Jaiden from his reverie, getting to his feet and tottering to the intercom, stabbing the button and talking into it. "Jaiden's Garage. We're closed." He's giving whoever it is the benefit of the doubt that they're not just screwing with him by even getting up off the couch, and even goes as far as to turn on the cameras to see who's out there. "Who's that?"

"Jaiden, it's Delia, can you let me in?" She's dressed in a chiffon gown that's cut on one side to the thigh. Her hair piled on her crown and left to dangle down her back, she turns her head to face the camera but then quickly turns back to watch the road. "Please?" That last word is said with a little edge of fear, perhaps that she's about to get caught outside.

That, apparently, was the magic word. Or the magic person. *BBBBZZZZZ* The maglocks click open and the door is unlocked, able to be opened without too much difficulty. Jaiden starts making his way up the stairs from below in his bare feet (thank goodness he swept the garage today) to meet her. "Delia, what're you doing out so late…and dressed so nicely!"

She meets him halfway down, her high heels slung from two fingers of her right hand. The dress flows around her figure as she runs down the stairs toward him and wraps him in a tight hug from three steps above. As she rests her head on his good shoulder, Delia murmurs something that might sound like a thank you and rests there for a moment or two.

"I was at a restaurant earlier, a party… I left when someone pointed me out as being on the news." Drawing back to face Jaiden, she seems quite disappointed. As she looks down at herself, she wrinkles her nose and lets loose a sigh, "It was stupid to try to go anywhere… I just wanted to feel fancy and pretty. Silly huh?"

He holds her there on the stairs, against him, tightly, giving her a small smile and a gentle kiss on the cheek. He opens his mouth but the *shunk!* of the maglocks re-engaging causes him to pause before speaking, waiting for the rhythmic locking to finish and the echoes to die down. "Not at all. A beautiful woman has a desire, nay, a right to be fancy and pretty." He smiles, turning to usher her into the basement. "It wasn't stupid. If I had known, I would have come with you."

Taking his direction, she steps down into the basement and drops her shoes right next to where he places his. They're a silvery sandal with a low heel, not good for much else but at evening out. "Maybe some other time?" Delia asks, looking up at him somewhat hopefully. There's a brighter smile on her features. She seems much more relaxed in his presence than she did at the top of the stairs or in the monitor. "I had a ticket for you, but I didn't know if you wanted to go… I should have asked."

I went to the soft opening a few weeks back and had I known you were going to this one, I would have steered you away from it. There are some fairly uncouth characters that hang out at d'Sarthe's." Jaiden closes the door behind her, locks it (hey better safe than sorry), and turns the TV from the footy to a live camera sunk into a coral reef somewhere - turning his big-screen into a giant fish tank with a view of a reef. "Some other time, definitely. I'll have to pull out my suit - or at least get it dry cleaned so I look right proper for you." Jaiden smiles and gives Delia a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I would have gone, just to be with you, but now you're here and I don't need to go."

"Everyone there, except for Amadeus seemed nice… at first," Delia admits in a small voice. Taking his hand, she stands directly in front of him and looks up at him. She doesn't turn to look at the giant faux reef, she's too busy looking up at him with a small smile. "It was a lovely time until Mister Logan pointed out that I was on the news… I didn't think he would, you know?" She sounds a little disappointed, perhaps in the British man that she somewhat hero worshipped before. "When I met him, he was kind of like a Robin Hood, he helps people who need it."

"I haven't met him." Jaiden says offhandedly, looking more at the girl than the projected reef in high-definition behind him. Oooh, look, a shark. "It's good that he pointed that out, though….trying to stay off the radar and then going to a gala event like that are two things that may not mesh quite well. Hopefully you'll end up on the cutting room floor or, at best, be in a background shot - easily missed."

"Silly of me… I thought that maybe if I got cleaned up and dressed up no one would recognize me." The young redhead smile up at him and angles her head a little to the side. She has a point though, dressed up, she looks quite a bit different than her every day self. It's a benefit to the young woman to have a model for a sister, she learned all the tips from a pro. "I was in the garden most of the time though, I didn't stay inside at all, just in case."

Delia waves their hands between them and then leans in, standing on her tiptoes to give him a kiss. "I've been getting a bit too brave. Going places in public… I've just felt so… I've never stayed at home so much before and now that dad's moved into his own apartment… I just hate being there alone."

"Ah, Del…" Jaiden bends to share that gentle kiss, breaking it after a moment as he straightens. "You're just as beautiful as ever….even prettied up like that, I still see you in that white sun dress in the middle of green fields, like in the dream. Considering this isn't a dream, though….lord do you look beautiful."

"I know how you feel. i've had to hide in places a few times in my life, mostly from roving gangs of troops in 'technicals' who'd love nothing more than to have a white reporter to ransom. You stare at the walls, wanting to do anything but be there. If it's cool and your dad won't send Huruma after us, you and I should go camping or hiking somewhere, sometime."

The promise of physical exercise and the thought of it being away causes a happy gasp from the young woman. "Camping? You really mean it? I haven't been hiking in forever." Jumping up against Jaiden, Delia loops her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly. "You just have to promise that you won't dump me after two days of no shower because that is called entrapment or something like that."

Her happy expression softens as he relates his story. Closing her eyes, it's obvious that she's trying to imagine it all but after a brief moment, she looks up at him again. "You'll have to show me… if you want to. I feel safe with you. Dreaming with you, that is."

"Once you get your anchor, we'll do that. Camping and dreaming together, that is." Jaiden catches her with a little grunt - not because she's heavy, but because of the shoulder. it's getting a lot better now; no oozing or anything. He's been good and keeping it clean. "You and I should go jogging in the mornings, or something. No-one really pays attention. Jogging or exercising somehow, definitely to get the blood flowing and to spend some time with each other, of course." Jaiden shifts a little, one arm going under Delia's knees, the under on her shoulders. The man is holding her in his arms. Awwww.

She queals as he swings her up into his arms, hanging on as if her life depended on it. Looking up at him from her cradle in his arms, Delia gives Jaiden a soft smile and shakes her head. "Jaiden, I don't need an achor to dream with you, it's direct contact. It's only if I try to do it from far away. Unless.. you mean that I should spend my time trying to find my anchor instead of being inside of your head all night."

He's answered with a bright smile and blue eyes that sparkle with excitement as he makes his suggestions of how to spend their mornings. Then a nod, "I'd like that… a lot." Her voice drifts off as she closes her eyes and rests her head in the crook of his neck.

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