Can't Buy Me Love


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Scene Title Can't Buy Me Love
Synopsis Tartarus hosts another date auction, this time for those affected by the November 8th riots.
Date December 1, 2010


Once again Tartarus is full of people who aren't regulars and certainly aren't goths, but the current setup is likely to familiar to quite a few of them given that this is Tartarus's third date auction. There's a table by the door for people to make donations or sign up to have an evening of their time auctioned off, and a microphone stand on the stage.

Since the auction itself hasn't started yet, the music is blaring, people are dancing, and the bartenders are as busy as ever trying to keep up with the demand. More than one person contemplating buying or being sold needs a little of the liquid courage in order to manage it. And given that drunken people tend to shell out more cash, the club is all too happy to accommodate these drink requests.

As usual, Melissa is standing by the end of the bar, dressed in leather pants and a corset, both covered with straps and silver buckles. Not quite so usual, she looks tired, but pleased at the turn out. Anything that brings more business into the club is a good thing in her book. It's what keeps her employed. And though she needs no courage for her part in tonight's auction, she has a glass in hand and is busy gulping it down, sip by sip.

Everyone needs a little break from work every now and again. And what a better place to relax and have fun than a club? That's what Christine is thinking, anyhow. Dressed in a long, green, shiny, almost silk like dress, with her hair let down, the woman has a little purple purse slung over her shoulder. Only having just arrived, she makes her way up to the bar. It takes a few moments, but she finally gets the attention of one of the bartenders. "Crantini!" She tells said bartender, over the music. As she waits for her drinks, she turns herself about and looks at the rest of the room. Looks like it's going to be a fun night tonight.

It's hard to say how Kincaid August ended up here. Mayhaps he was trying to find out more about a future guest he's going to be inviting to the show, or maybe he came with the intention of grabbing a piece of paper, filling out his name, number, address, title, and what he likes to do on a date.

Whatever the intention, there he is, standing near the bar with a fizzy non-alcoholic soda, dressed in a simple suit-jacket and pale shirt, without any sign of a tie, and a bandage wrapped around his right hand to hide an unfortunate coffee burn that doesn't bother him, but would be visibly unappealing.

Elaine stands off to the side, a Sprite in hand that she sips idly. Usually, she's not so nervous being at these things. This time, though, she's gotten a few reasons tucked away and so she finds herself just a touch nervous. But at least she looks pretty! She's wearing a long black skirt and a green corset with embroidered vines, and a necklace of a similar green color. Her hair is pinned up back, not her usual look, but she's going for it anyways.

With the cat out of the bag that Bradley Russo had been seeing someone, Kristen is out to get a load of the competion. Of course the place is packed but her cane more than does the job when it comes to getting peope out of her way. A shin here, a kneecap there… A pretty southern smile and a flutter of the eyelashes in apology otherwise a stern glare. Even though the brunette is a petite woman, she can still manage a glare worthy of wilting a man so good that he's incapable of grandchildren.

Hobbling up to the bar, the young woman leans heavily on her cane as she raps her knuckles against it, not even noticing her junior in the vicinity. "Hey! I need a coffee over here!" She yells it to try to get over the music, when that doesn't work a swift cane to the back of the knees standing beside her. When that person goes down, she's quick to take his place.

"You're the producer, Kristen." Magnes says as, suddenly, he's sitting at the bar himself, wearing a suit for once, black, with the tie tucked into the jacket. "I thought I'd wear my Bruce Wayne costume, feels festive, since this is a charity event and all." He's hunched over a glass of Guinness, lightly sipping, not intent on getting drunk tonight.

Tonight, probably for the first time in Tartarus Date Auction History, Quinn isn't the one up in the DJ Booth. Not even that she's taking a break right now - tonight, she's leaving the music to playlists and others, choosing to spend the evening and the auction down amongst the crowd from the get go this time. Well, that, and she's dragged Elaine out for the evening. She has no idea if the other woman plans to auction herself off, but she figured they could both get a lot out of an evening spent around the club, possibly laughing at the silly people being auctioned off on stage. At least until Quinn goes up, then only clapping and cheering is allowed. It's a rule.

Standing just abit over from Elaine, Quinn sips on a Jack & Coke, dressed in her usal attire - corset and skirt, though this time the corset is a much brighter red-and-white number, with her black silk skirt to contrast. Never one to do her hair up, it hangs long down her back, arms crossed as she waits for the show to get on the road.

With more people wandering in, Melissa's eyeing them, no doubt wondering which faces match the names on the little cards that she's been given of victims. Most she knows, for one reason or another, but not all. It doesn't really matter, but she's a curious sort. A finger taps on the side of the glass in her hand, then the contents are drained and the empty set on the bar.

A hand is lifted, waving to Quinn and Elaine, tossing them a quick smile, then she starts wandering towards the stage, letting conversations wash over her. The pick-up lines and insults from scorned women pass right over her, being entirely too common in a club, but a few words catch her attention, long enough to have her pausing, for just a moment. But her goal is clear. Get on stage.

As if she doesn't have date problems already, Harmony brought herself to the auction. She canceled her KJ show for the evening to take some time to herself. The past few days have been pretty full with all sorts of drama, that she would rather want to avoid, but it seems to just follow her, no matter what. She comes with a small group of friends. Two guys and two other girls. The group looks like they belong together too, like they're apart of some kind of rock band or something. Harmony particularly standing out, as she is wearing a pair of tight pants, which isn't normally unusual, but these are metallic silver, and they fit over her like a second skin. The black, low cut top, showing of her stomach and belly button piercing, along with the various bracelets and accessories she wears, her curly blond hair let down to go as wild as it normally does. She stands by the bar with her group, sipping on a beer.

Drink delivered, Christine takes it in hand and takes a nice, long sip. Ah. Now that's a good drink. And lo and behold, her attention strays from the bar once more as she begins to look around again. She's definitely not a regular here. But she heard mention of the auction, and she thought it would be fun to drop on by and check it out. Perhaps, if she's lucky, she might even walk out of here with a date. It's hard to tell this early on, when the auction hasn't even started, of course. But you never know!

Did someone say coffee? Kincaid looks up from his bubbing soda water and then sees the person who yelled out for the beautiful black gold that is coffee. Only to turn a little pale. His paper is already turned in, his name is already going to be called. The only thing he can do is try to hide and hope she goes away before she sees him— oh look Magnes. She should be sufficently distracted while he moseys away a few feet.

There's a deep breath from Elaine as she sips her soda. She glances around a bit, then offers a smile over towards Quinn. "I dunno that I'm the best company tonight. A lot on my mind, I guess. So sorry if I'm not talkative. My brains been flying elsewhere in the room."

"The show's been interesting, to say the least." Magnes is talking without waiting for Kristen to even say anything, staring with both hands wrapped around his glass. "I could use a job, if you really like having me on the show all the time."

"Why skin me alive an' call me luggage! If it isn't Magnes J. Varlane himself and whut are you doin' heah sugah?" The southern charm comes out full tilt as the producer smiles over at the suit wearing man. "Lookin' for a job? Here? No no.. I wouldn't even hear of it, you come on down to the studio, I'll have K-too set you up with something, alright then?" Then as a side to the man, she leans in and tries to be subtle, "Now, you wouldn't just happen to know Melissa Pierce, would you? Apparently she's datin' a fellah I might have my eye on."

Climbing up on the stage, Melissa heads over to the microphone, pulling it free of the stand. A signal is given to the DJ booth, that has the music dying off. "Welcome to Tartarus's Date Auction!" she says, letting that hold until the chatter begins to die off enough to let her be heard clearly enough when she continues. And inadvertantly helps Kristen out. "I'm Melissa, and I'm gonna be your auctioneer for the evening!"

She pulls out her cards, giving them a little wave. "I have here the names of the people who've been kind enough to volunteer their time and have an evening of their time auctioned off! Bids, as always, will begin at a hundred dollars, and will go to charity! This time, it's all gonna go to help people who were hurt in the riots."

"Pssh, whatever," Quinn says with a smile, reaching over and pushing Elaine. "You should mix something with your Sprite, it'll make you feel better." She grins, taking a long sip of her drink, before she notices Melissa heading up towarsd the stage. "Oooh, Melissa's on the move, Elaine! Looks like we're finally started!" She hasn't noticed Magnes here, though besides Melissa and Elaine he seems to be the only person among the crowd she would know anyone. She's a bit sad Nadira isn't here, but some people have got to ahve their nights off sometime!

Elaine glances towards the stage as Melissa approaches and speaks up, and she quickly looks back towards Quinn. She snatches the drink from the other woman's hand, taking a few long swallows before handing it back and glancing back at the stage. "My name's in there."

Just as she's taking yet another sip of her drink, Christine notices the music dying down. Le sigh. You mean she didn't get here earlier enough to get some dancing in before the auction started? Oh well. Such is life, right? Listening to Melissa, she nods along. Well, money going to the victims of the riots. That's certainly a good cause in her books.

There's a forlorne sign that no one likely hears, as the show begins. Kincaid doesn't feel bad for selling a few hours of his time to those who were hurt in the riots, but he didn't want his boss to see it. He has a feeling he'll never live it down, now. K2 will forever be remembered for putting himself up on market. Downing his soda water like it might have more than bubbles in it, he takes a deep breath and readies himself.

"I guess you could say I have intimate knowledge of Melissa Pierce." Magnes shakes his head, making an inside joke to himself with another sip of his Guinness. "But I don't think we're on speaking terms right now, unfortunately."

"Our first volunteer of the night is Elaine! C'mon up here, Elaine!" Melissa says, motioning towards said woman, and making a come here gesture. "Elaine's fond of history and language, and knows more than ten of them! When she's not working at Oh So Sweet or doing translation work, she enjoys visiting museums and plays, dancing, or learning more languages! And she's fond of Chinese food and cheesecake, so whoever wins her date should keep that in mind."

Elaine shoots a smile towards Quinn, making her way up towards the stage. She steps forward, smiling almost shyly towards the audience as she looks around. She'd strut, but she's really not sure what to do. She was unsure last time she did this, and she's unsure now. She'll speak up anyways, "Last time I did this we earned a lot of money for charity, and this is an even more important cause, so… don't disappoint me!" She makes puppy dog eyes at the audience.

"Wooo! Go Elaine!" Quinn cheers, raising her glass as the redhead moves on staeg - and then goes to take a sip,r ealising that Elaine had finished a fair amount of her Jack. "You totally owe me a driiiiink!" She adds, laughing as she waves to Melissa. She has a good feeling Elaine'll make money. She looks adorable on stage! And in a corset.

Turning around with a mug of coffee in hand, Kristen eyes the woman on stage like one would a show horse. "Two hundred… No, make it three hundred." She says in a nonchalant fashion. What she's going to do with the woman is pretty much a mystery to her at the moment. Possibly… Leaning over to Magnes again, the brunette frowns a little and motions to the stage with her cup, "What's the resale value of linguists these days?"

Melissa grins as bids start rolling in. A hundred from a man over there, three hundred from Kristen and Magnes both, four hundred from a woman right by the stage, then…"Five hundred! Going once…twice…Sold! To our lovely DJ, Quinn! Quinn, better get this girl some cheesecake!" And she gives a smile to Elaine, making a playful shooing motion, even as one of the bouncers heads towards Quinn to collect.

Christine nearly sputters some of her drink as the bid for five hundred comes, and becomes the final bid. Wow…tough bids. Hopefully it won't be as tough later on. Downing her drink, she places the cup on the counter and waves down the bartender. "Another crantini!" She's gonna need it if she's going to go as high as five hundred.

"She's my ex girlfriend, so the resale value probably involves me punching someone in the face." Magnes motions to the tender, then nods to Kristen. "Let me buy you a drink? As thanks for always inviting me to the Advocate." There's an idle sigh at the Elaine bidding, but he couldn't risk bidding too much.

Elaine steps down from the stage, offering Quinn a warm smile that looks genuine, at least. She heads down, moving to stand next to Quinn again. "You didn't have to do that… but thank you all the same. If you've got someone else you want to buy… consider yourself to have five hundred from me." She lets out a held breath. "I think that was stupid of me."

Tucking her cane under her arm she gives Magnes a little dismissive wave and shakes her head. "Violence is never the answer," once again the neutral accent has been forced in and the southern has gone the wayside. Kristen continues to eye the crowd and the stage, looking to see who else might be up for auction. "And no thank you, to the drink that is… I'm trying to stay on the wagon." Taking a sip of her coffee, she mumbles directly afterward, "because someone at that show needs to be sober."

Melissa checks her card then grins and looks back out at the crowd. "Next up is our single charitable guy for the evening, Kincaid! Kincaid enjoys movies, ice skating and card games. He's partial to romantic comedies, and check this out ladies, he's an assistant producer for television and radio! So who wants to spend a night with this handsome fella, huh? Let's here those bids!" Sorry Kincaid, you've officially been outed!

Quinn hadn't actually been intending to win Elaine, particularly not once she heard Magnes bidding. But, that how these things go down sometime. Leaning against the wall, Quinn reaches down to her bag pulls out her checkbook, writing one out and handing it off to a bouncer as he reaches her. "Well, I was just tryin' t' drive up the bids, honestly. I didn't know Magnes was going t' be here, I'm a bit surprised I won." She offers up her glass, smiling at Elaine. "But it's no problem. Same thing happened last time, was how I got two girls. Oops."

There's his name. Kincaid puts down his glass and steps up onto the stage, offering a rather embarassed smile and a wave of his right hand, which sports a white bandage wrapped around the palm, but the fingers are readily visible. No wedding ring. Single, new to town, and willing to donate a few hours of his day to charity. There's a glance cast between Elaine and Quinn, a tilt of his head as if studying them, before he faces the crowd, and waits for judgement.

Kendall is late, yes. But there's a reason for that! He had to go to a public restroom and wait long enough for people to forget that some teenage kid went in so they don't notice an adult coming out! And for fear of MelissaPwn(TM), he let her know ahead of time that he was going to attend her auction again since she'd likely find out regardless. Quinn. This time he doesn't look like anyone specific, real or imaginary, and is blond haired and blue eyed as a contrast to last time. And just to show Melissa that it's him, he goes over to her. "Hiya. Nice place you've got here." smiiiiile.

Kristen's hea nearly swivels off her neck when she does the double take at her assistant producer up on stage. With a smirk, she takes a few steps toward the stage, knocking people out of her way with the cane. "Scuse me, crippled woman coming through. Out of my way!" Getting close enough to get a proper glimpse of the younger man, she takes another drink of her coffee and raises her hand a few times as the bids go up. Seeing a woman beside her jumping up and down at the chance at a date with the man has the brunette stomping her cane down on the floor and giving the other woman a glare. "Back off, I already own his soul."

The bidding at Tartarus can occasionally get competitive, but bids have never gone beyond two thousand. Until tonight. A hundred is quickly passed, with several other ladies offering up bids in increments of fifty or a hundred, including four hundred from Christine and five hundred from Elaine. But then there's the big bid. The one that has Melissa staring for a moment and not yet noticing Kendall, despite him talking to her.

"Sorry ladies, but I think Kincaid here is totally sold to the woman near the bar with the rather large checkbook for a sum of ten thousand and one dollars! And someone at the bar better give her a drink on the house! Or two!" Then she looks to Kincaid and grins. "And I'm totally dragging you to each and every one of these things."

Elaine shakes her head as she looks back towards Quinn. "No, it's okay. I'm glad you got me." She rubs her face a little. She reaches over and steals Quinn's half-finished drink and finishes the rest of it off. "I owe you a few drinks, yeah. Sorry." She peers back to the stage, pursing her lips a little bit. She then blinks as she hears the bid, then glances back to Quinn. "I think I might want to go home. Would you hate me if I left?"

Well, Christine was certainly never gonna get to ten thousand dollars. Oh well. She'll just have to wait for the next guy to walk across the stage, see what he's like. Taking a sip of her drink, she glances at the woman who bid so much. She chuckles and shakes her head. "Well, she never intended to give any of us a chance, did she?" She sounds more amused than anything.

"I'd be a little sad, but it's not like we don't live t'gether or somethin'. I can catch you later." Quinn grins as she takes back the empty glass, eyeing it for a moment. "Don't worry about teh drinks, I really shouldn't have had the whole thing anyway." She reaches up, rubbing Elaine's shoulder. "You go on, mmkay?"

The bidding war seems to have made his eyes grow wider. Oh— That wasn't what he signed up for! Well it is, but… "Well at least that money will go to good things," Kincaid says as he steps down, offering the poor cripple an extra hand. The one with the bandage, even. "You're not going to be able to go iceskatting until you get off of that cane, but… You really didn't have to pay that much."

"That's a lot of money." Magnes mutters, having followed Kristen with the drink in his hand, eyeing Kincaid. "He must be the height of manhood." is idly offered to Kristen, raising an eyebrow.

"Now we have Robyn Quinn, also known as DJ Ravenfall! Quinn, get your cute ass up here!" Melissa says, crooking a finger at Quinn. "Quinn is Tartarus' own resident DJ and she is also a skilled musician, currently recording both a solo album as well as with the band Mad Muse! This lovely Irish redhead can belong to any adventurous gal or guy in the audience who enjoys music, parties, concerts, and generally having fun! So guys, if you're looking for girl to pal around with at parties, and ladies, if you're looking for someone to have a really good evening with, she's the perfect choice for you! So open up those wallets and let's see how high those bids can go!"

"You're kidding me, right? First off, I had to make sure I won. I'm not risking you going on a date and then getting into some nonsense relationship and then me having to replace you because you can't work all hours anymore." Giving a glance to Magnes, she turns her eye toward the stage and gives it an upward nod. "Why aren't you going up there?" The producer's voice carries a rather commanding tone. "If you're going to work at Studio K, you'd better haul in a nice bid. I'm not taking no for an answer."

Quinn blinks, her attention turned towards the stage when her turn to go up comes. Well, she shouldn't be surprised at all. And yet, she still is a little. A confident smile is given to Elaine, before Quinn leans over and pecks her on the cheek. "I'll see you a bit later!" And with that, she hurrying her way to teh stage as quickly as her boots will allow. Once up, her pace slows and she looks out at the crowd, waving as she walks. She even stops and does a little twirl. "Hello ladies and gentlemen! Make a girl feel good t'night, hmm?"

Elaine can't leave when Quinn is going up. She gives Quinn a smile and a cheer as she heads up, watching the crowd to see if there are any prospective chicks taking quite the admiring glance towards her roommate.

Upon hearing the name, Kristen stops in midtrack and turns to look up at the stage. "Hold on a minute there Kincaid… I think I'm going to buy myself some new talent." Turning back, she snaps her fingers and makes something of a 'come hither' motion, as though she bought a servant instead of a date. "How much money you have in your wallet?"

Watching lightly for now, Christine sips on her drink and eyes the rest of the room. She's curious what the next bids are going to be. Hopefully the ten thousand dollar bid previous hasn't set a standard…though it would be interesting if it had.

Kendall raises his eyebrows at the bid that could buy a brand new car, forget a person. "I guess I'm not going to be buying anyone today if that's how it's going to go." he comments, eying Melissa.

"Uh," Kincaid immediately reaches to check his wallet, to see how much he happens to have on him. Payday hadn't been too long ago, and despite appearances he's fairly conservative with his money. "I got about… three fifty?" And by that he doesn't mean three dollars and fifty cents.

And once again the bids start to jump. Three hundred from Elaine, a couple of bids from random clubgoers, and then…"Well, well, someone's filling up her social calendar! Or just feeling really charitable tonight! Thirteen hundred wins Quinn for the lovely lady with the deep pockets! Let's make that three drinks on the house, 'kay?" Melissa says, grinning towards Kristen, then the bartender. Then she's covering the mic and looking down to Kendall. "Hey, I don't pick who bids what, and it's for a good cause. Now why don't I have you on my list, huh? You got up here last time!" She pauses, then smiles slyly at him. Uh oh.

"Well, I guess if you insist." Magnes shrugs helplessly, being a bit playful about it, then heads to sign himself up before it's too late. "And now the lowest bidding in history begins." he rolls his eyes to himself at that.

Quinn seems a bit at a loss for words for the bid offered out for her, even if it's less than the one that was given for Kincaid. "Jesus Christ," she remarks mindlessly, just loud enough to be caught by the microphone. She can't help but blush a fair bit, looking voer at Melissa with a smile. She hops back down from the stage, and offer at wave, and a beckon over towards Elaine - at least until she realises that magnes is over at the bar too, though he seems to be walking off for the moment. Boots clop against the floor as she approaches Kristen, a grin on her face. She doesn't say anything, not at first. She'ss till a bit flustered from the bid.

Elaine watches the bidding with a blink and a tiny frown. It's not as big a frown as it could be, but the money is going to charity. She rubs her neck with a bit of a frown, gaze shifting between the door and the stage.

"I know her, Reuben's likely going to be playing their band's demo soon," Kincaid remarks to his boss, before suddenly adding just as the purchased lesbian gets closer. "Is this date going to become a threesome?" It's almost deadpan, but there's a smile. He really couldn't resist. It's one way he can deal with the fact his boss just bought him, right?

After it calms down a little after Quinn's auction, Melissa is handed a new card and she glances over it. There's a soft sigh, then the bright smile is pasted on again. "And next is Magnes. He's also in the band Mad Muse with Quinn, and has been seen on the Advocate. He's a former police officer who likes comic books, making costumes and can can recite pi from memory. So let's start the bidding!"

Giving Kincaid an incredulous look, Kristen clears her throat and rolls her eyes. "Sweet sweet little man," she says, patting his cheek with her palm. "The fact that you actually think I bought dates makes you almost as naive as you are refreshing to have around." With a smile, she turns toward the stage again to watch as Magnes struts his stuff. "So Reuben's going to be playing their music, hmm? Good… I want her on his show, I want you to promote their band and her as much as you can. Remember underwear."

As the next person to goes up on stage, Christine downs her second drink. Well, it's now or never, she supposes, and she puts herself in for another bid. Maybe this time will be more favourable…maybe.

Magnes straightens his tie, then jumps up from the audience, spinning around in the air as if he were some sort of acrobat, and sticks his landing, standing with his arms spread. "Excuse me for this very Tony Stark-like landing, I'm actually wearing a Bruce Wayne costume right now. Uh, I'm a gentle lover, occasionally, and, as she said, I can recite pi from memory." He clears his throat, and he does, indeed, begin to recite pi.

"You know, mostly girl band in underwear? That's a s a show I'll be glad to be a producer for," Kincaid admits honestly, not hiding the fact he's looking at the woman who happens to be about his age. Just a little. It could be the way he's dealing with it. "And I didn't think it would actually be a date. Vaguely hoped, but didn't really think it would be." It sounds like he's joking still, from his tone. "But I'm glad it's not. That would make the workplace more awkward than it needs to be."

Magnes's entrance has Melissa rolling her eyes and shaking her head a little. Something is muttered, but not loud enough for the mic to catch it. Luckily. When he starts reciting pi she gives him a quick dirty look and shakes her head more noticeably. The mic is covered, "Do you want to get no bids? Jesus Christ, Magnes, grow up," she hisses at him before turning her attention to the crowd.

The bidding, unfortunately, doesn't go as high for Magnes as it did for Kincaid. But then, maybe Kristen tapped herself out with the ten grand on Kincaid. There's three hundred from Elaine, four hundred from a man near the bar, but the last bid is six hundred from Christine. "Going once! Going twice! And sold!" she says, pointing towards Christine.

Elaine stands a little awkwardly alone as she watches the stage and then the various occupants of the audience that she knows. What's left of her Sprite is abandoned on a nearby table, and she makes her way through the crowd to the door.

Quinn turns, offering a clap for Magnes, if brief. She is happy to see that he managed to fetch a fair amount of money, and the smile she offers him up on stage relays that rather well. But, that's not the focus of her attention right now. Finally reaching Kristen and Kincaid, the musician's arms fold over her chest as she comes to a stop, smiling wide at the two. "Hello!" she says excitedly, extending a hand first to Kristen, and then to Kincaid. Her other hand runs nervously back through her hair, eyes still looking between the two. "So, do you both work in television?" Even despite having seen the Advocate a few times, no names or faces seem to be ringing a bell yet. She misses when Elaine leaves, entirely preoccupied by the pair in front of her.

"Wow, he said all that and someone actually bid for him?" Kendall mutters in an aside to Melissa. "Sounds like a date-killer to me." not that Kendall has all that much experience with dates, although he did go on two!

"We're the behind the cameras types," Kincaid explains with that same smile, trying to get rid of his joking flirting, as he offers his bandaged hand, so that she can take it if she chooses to. "But I'm also Reuben's Producer, so I've heard of you, and what I've heard was good. I look forward to having you on his show fairly often in the next couple of months. You and your band both."

Taking a deep breath in, Christine leans back on the counter of the bar, and takes a long sip of her newly arrived crantini. Okay. Well, that would be that. She takes her cheque book out of her purple purse and starts writing out the cheque for the six hundred dollars. She passes it off to the appropriate person and then goes back to her drink, looking about for the man she actually bid on.

After waiting for Magnes to leave the stage, shaking her head the whole time, Melissa looks at her cards again. "Next to last auction people! This time we have Justin Garrow. He likes fishing and scuba diving, and is a sweet guy who has an overprotective sister. But that's alright, ladies, he's still fun on a date!" Oh yeah, she knows who 'Justin' is. And to prove it, she gives Kendall a very pointed look.

Tucking her cane under her arm again, Kristen gives the young woman a smile and takes Quinn's hand, shaking it firmly. "Quinn, good to meet you finally. I was going to try to make time at the party but… You know. Things…" She doesn't even try to make up an explanation as to why. She just extracates her hand and gives another flippant wave.

"And yes… sort of. I'm a producer for the Advocate, this is Kincaid, he's my assistant producer on the show and he runs the radio side of the company." She nods to the assistant as he gives his own. "I heard about some of your work and I'd like to talk to you about some things… So our date will be a working thing. Hope you don't mind."

Magnes immediately marches for Christine when he figures out she's the one who bid on him, smiling brightly and offering a hand. "Hey. I didn't think anyone would actually bid on me, especially not six hundred dollars." He only glances back to Melissa momentarily, then just shakes his head. He's looking himself over, patting his stomach down. "Have i become the height of manhood or something?"

Kendall hears 'his' name and goes up onto the stage, smiling at all the women in the crowd, although he spares an irritated glance at her when she gives him the pointed look. "Not the time of year for scuba diving, though." he adds. "Nice to meet you, I'm told I can be quite entertaining on dates." eye Quinn.

Christine gives Magnes a little look over as she holds out her own hand to shake his. She gives him a little smile. "Maybe it's the ex-cop thing that did it." She says with a little shrug. "I'm Christine Jackson, by the way." She tilts her head. "Let's just stick with introductions for now." She says softly.

Melissa just gives Kendall a bright smile and shrugs before turning her attention towards the bidders. It seems that most of the big cash has left the building, though. But Quinn does manage to score another date! "And Quinn's got another one! Congratulations Quinn! I know who's gonna be a busy girl this weekend!" she says with a grin.

"It's nice to meet you. And being a cop was interesting, I just wasn't the best at following the rules. Being able to fly will do that to a guy. And my partner put the fear of god in me, Officer Castalides." Magnes motions to the bar, then starts heading over. "Here's my number, we can work out a date later. I'm gonna get another drink." He reaches into his pocket, then offers a card with his name and number.

Christine dishes through her purse and pulls out a card, handing it to Magnes as she takes his number. Her card shows her as an NYPD officer herself. "Look, I gotta go, but we'll talk!" And poof! She's off.

"Bwah? Again?" Quinn turns back to Kristen and Kincaid, fingers on her forehead. "I have to stop trying to drive up bids. I keep accidentally winning people." She looks back at the stage, wrinkling her nose a bit. "Well, maybe I can take him t' a party or something like that." Looking back at Kristen and Kincaid, Quinn quirks an eyebrow. "A work "date"?" Quinn replies with a smirk. "Well, I won;t pretend I'm not disappointed, but I certainly can't argue with something like that! An' yeah, I'm supposed t' be on Reuban's show… soon. I need t' speak t' him again about it."

Kendall hears who won him, and so he wanders over to Quinn with a slight smirk, leaning over to whisper something in her ear. "Sorry to disappoint you by being a guy." he adds in a more normal tone of voice.

"I'm not really into a foursome, unfortunately," Kincaid says, actually attempting to sound disappointed. But then he nods about the radio show and how the woman is supposed to be on it soon. "Yeah, you're in the schedule, though at times scheduling can be difficult." One would think it'd be easier, but… November 8th made it hard. "Just keep foul language down to a minimum. I already have to censure Reuben all the time."

Once again Melissa waits for it to quiet down a little before she grins broadly out at the crowd. "And the last date for the evening that can be bought! It's me, your wonderful hostess for the evening. As I said before, I'm Melissa, and clearly I like goth clubs and dancing, and as Quinn can tell you, I'm a movie addict and don't bite. And not to sound egotistical, but now's the time to open those wallets as wide as they'll go. Remember, it's for a good cause! Let's give some more money to the people who really need it!"

Letting the two radio people do their thing, Kristen looks up on stage and purses her lips as though in thought. "K-too, what did you say she does again?" The outfit is eyed with a little bit of a critical eye, "I just can't see Brad being into her.. you know? Goth… You think I need to get him into a rehab center? Is he depressed?"

"She works at the Suresh Center," Quinn interjects, in reply to Kristen, shrugging a bit. She glances back to Melissa on stage, grinning. "She runs the place, but she never really struck me as that much of a Goth. Not the lifestyle at least. Music? Definitely." She nods emphatically, laughing at Kincaid. "No offense, but I know I wouldn't be either. And don't worry about me. I try t' keep my mouth at least a little clean in public."

"I think he's as depressed as an alcoholic widower can get," Kincaid says with a bit of a deadpan to his voice. It's actually less coverstory than it should be, but he keeps his voice down. "There's one way to find out though," he says in response to Kristen, before he does the unbelievable and starts bidding. No, he's not trying to make it a fivesome. Really.

Melissa smiles as she starts fielding bids. A hundred there, two hundred from Quinn, three hundred from Kendall. But Kincaid is the winner with eight hundred and fifty. "And sold to Kincaid! But I want to thank all of our volunteers and everyone who bid on them. You've done a good thing tonight! And if you didn't win a date, you can still donate at that little table right by the door." And with that, she turns the mic off, puts it on the stand, and the DJ turns the music back on.

Mel hops down from the stage, heading towards Kincaid and co. But rather than going straight to addressing her date to be, she's offering Kristen a bright smile. "And you I want to thank personally," she says, offering a hand. "What you spent tonight will do a lot of good, and it's badly needed. Anything you want tonight is on the house." Clearly she's clueless that she was being spoken about.

“Not a fan of foursomes, hmm?" Quinn replies quickly, flashing Kincaid a big grin. "I couldn't tell." She's grinning wide as can be, a wave offered back to Melissa as she hops down from the stage. She thinks her comment is out of earshot, but you can't be too sure.

Giving the club manager a star quality smile, Kristen takes her hand and shakes it politely. "Kristen Reynolds, of course I'm always happy to help the.. uhm.." Looking around, she looks for clues as to what the charity actually is before tilting her head at an odd angle and trying to search it out on Melissa's face. ".. uhm… Reliefffff eeeffffffort?" The words are drawn out, in an attempt to lead the other woman into actually providing the answer for her.

"I was glad to be a part of it," Kincaid says, though there's a hint of buyers remorse already on his voice. It's not that he's disappointed about his possible date, so much as the price. He's not a very well paid producer— yet. He's still working on that payment part. "But I'll try to make sure you have a good time." He's not really the goth type, though, is he?

While she may not be on TV, Melissa deals with people enough that little shows on her face and she just keeps smiling. But she does finally help Kristen out. "The people affected by the riots, so close enough, yeah." If she recognizes Kristen's name, which, honestly, she probably does, she doesn't say anything about it.

Instead she draws her hand back and turns her smile onto Kincaid, brows lifting a bit about the remorse even as she hands him a card with her number on it. Just her number. "I'm not that hard to entertain. And mostly these aren't real dates, though I'm sure there have been a few. It's just a way of getting money for charity and possibly making friends. Don't worry, we just hit a movie or something if you want. Or you can just show up here and we can have a few drinks." That's just what every guy wants to hear, right? That it's not a real date?

There is a bit of relief, perhaps because asking her to appear on shows would be awkward if she were dating him. Especially considering Russo and other things he's privvy to since their last meeting. But Kincaid does add, "I think I have an idea, either way. We'll get together sometime this weekend, likely." Cause he does have an idea. "And we can discuss your possible appearances on the show at the same time." Business date? Kristen's doing it too.

Melissa smiles and nods at Kincaid. "Business date works for me. Just give me a call. My time is pretty flexible, here and at the Center. But if you'll all excuse me, I gotta go deal with the donations and get them to the bank. But again, thank you all. Quinn? See you later. Be gentle with…whatever the hell name he used." And the DJ gets a quick hug before she slips off to deal with business. And with the auction over, she's not the only one slipping off, though some non-goths do hang around for drinks or attempts at finding a real date. But all in all, when the club closes, it's much like any night. Some go home happy, some don't.

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