Can We Say Lawsuit?


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Scene Title Can We Say Lawsuit?
Synopsis In an attempt to track down Jacob Stack, Isabella and Flora head into the ruins and end up apologizing. One of them at least that is.
Date June 30, 2010

Midtown ruins

A visit to St. Lukes, to the bedside of Mary-Anne stack had yielded more information about herself and her brother, their routines in their robberies, and more about her ability. Range was always an issue for the young blonde, more due to her inexperience with the ability and so she tended to jump from spot to spot to make it back to pleasantville post robbery. When hitting up New York hospitals, it turned out that they had a spot in midtown that they would often crash into, take a breather and then carry on their merry way.

Bad luck for Luther is that this spot happens to be near where he camps out. Flora dressed in dark clothing is picking her way beside Isabella, darkness just now starting to settle in. Blonde hair covered up mostly by a baseball cap, the perky company agent is quiet as they make their way to the supposed drop point. There's other agents too, about two more behind the two ladies, tazers out in case they run into the target.

"How far Dawson?"

A soft light can be seen shining just around the bend a doorway, glimmering within the supposed hideout of criminals, and floating particles of dust stirred from the ruins manage to catch the light just so. The non-skeptic might think this place creepy enough to be home to ghosts of the dead, provided their souls weren't obliterated in the blast.

The sweet smell of barbecue beans lingers in the air. The quiet *tink-tink* of metal against metal can be heard as well. Someone is here. Luther, for all his vigilance, is none the wiser for the approach of the group of agents.

Isabella keeps her hand on her gun and her eyes sharp as she slips along beside Flora. Similarly decked in black, her dark hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail as the half-asian woman keeps her attention up. Though she's a generally impatient woman, at least her training has taught her a ghost of patience… although more than once, the sound of Luther eating has caught her attention, a little irritably.

It's not quite the right building, but it's close enough. Could this be Jacob Stack hiding out in this building as opposed to the other? Flora notices too, a gesture to isabella to go to one side of the building they were just approaching. She's going for the other side, forefinger and middle finger tapping at her eyebrows then pointing to the door. THere was a plan in place should they come across their mark. Isabella would go in first, Flora would toss up an illusion. Wrap them all in a make believe forest. Confusion for Jacob would be essential if they wanted to get the jump on him.

For now though, the illusionist wait, letting Isabella make her move, the other two fanning out and looking for alternate entrances to where Luther is.

That's the thing about moving around in complete silence. Sometimes, the idea of being too silent can be just as good as any alarm. Company agents just happen to be better at this than most. Change comes as the light seems to turn or fade off into darkness, and the sound of dinner ends. The rustle of cloth being moved around, perhaps bedsheets or other sort. Luther's got himself a good spot though, tucked into a corner that will catch the light of the sun once it rises the next morning. A good spot. A guarded spot. A possibly, soon-to-be-jumped spot.

Leading the charge, so to speak, Agent Dawson catches the end of the activity with suspicion. Moving more cautiously now, she slowly withdraws her firearm from its holster, and moves around the wall of the building that supposedly houses their target.

But of course, the wild dog is without her leash this time, perhaps because her inconsistent morals and her spontaneous actions can make her hard to predict. Which is exactly what they want, when they want to surprise a guy. And so it is that Isa moves to get a look at the lump of dude in his blankets, and with a few swift, smooth motions, the safety is clicked off her gun and she aims a swift kick towards Luther's head. "Jacob Stack! You're under arrest for the theft and vandalization of hospital property on two counts, neglecting to Register, and several count of assault on others through the use of your ability! Move or try anything and I will fucking shoot!"

Jesus christ, what the hell. There was the plan and then there's this which has Flora's face falling in surprise. This was not the plan, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen and exactly what they don't want the company agents to do. They already look bad enough in the eyes of the government, lets add excessive for… did she have her gun out?

Flora moves in, wrapping them in the whole beach illusion, waves gently crashing, sand beneath them, a bird off in the distance. "Don't move sir" Though, with the force that Isabella just kicked him, will he even move at all? "Dawson, is that Stack?" because other people do inhabit midtown, even though they're not supposed to and they're only here for Jacob Stack.

The ratty sheet drawn over himself with a roughly nest-shaped pile of rags signals the destitute means of living. Criminals should have it better, shouldn't they? Interestingly, there's not a fire or anything used for actual lighting or cooking in sight - just an empty can and a fork.

Though Luther catches the sound of the safety clicking off, there's nothing like a swift kick in the head to get his immediate attention. Startled from what degrees of sleepiness he had previously, the man yelps and the reflexive "Ow!" follows. He reaches, fumbles rather, for where his head had been kicked. How convenient, that he's putting his hands behind his head already, right?

If there's a reason why Luther freezes, though, it's not because of the gun pointed at him - though that's a great reason - but the sudden and unexpected shift in scenery to paradise. Make that being surrounded by strangers, having a gun pointed at his face by a girl… and being on a beach. "What- what's going on? Who are you people?" Eyes are wide, the adrenaline's spiking. If not for the throb of a developing bruise, perhaps he'd have something to retaliate with. But for now, vengeance is limited to utter confusion and the trickle of fear.

Isabella narrows her eyes at the man as the beach assembles around them, but it occurs to her that this man she sees is rather homeless. And not at all the guy she saw in the hospital. This time when she throws a kick, it's not aimed at him, but just at the air. "Goddamnit!" she snarls. "No! It's just some fucking hobo. Fucking hell. What the hell are you doing in Midtown, anyways?" Isa does not make mistakes. Isa only encounters obstacles to her eventual triumph.

"Oh god, Dawson… Calm the fuck down." The illusion drops, two others with flashlights lighting up the space that Luther has been and is residing in. A good look says that no, no. This is not Jacob stack. "Sir, I apologize for Agent Dawson, do you have any identification on you? You do realize that you are not supposed to be residing within the midtown ruins? Do you require any medical help sir?"

Luther hoists himself to a seated position, looking about at that beach. Midtown? Riiiight. Or, wait, the beach is gone again. Damn. "I don't know any Stack," babbles Luther as he continues to rub at the bruised bump behind him, "And I was just restin' my eyes." And then the question for ID. Luther stalls. "I, I know I'm not supposed to be here, but it's nice and quiet out here and nobody bothers me or hurt me here." Isabella gets an eyeing. In fact, all the agents get eyed somewhat. "What're you all doing here, then? There's nobody else around."

Oh, talking. Talking is not Isa's strong suit. But the barked order does get her attention. She re-safeties her gun and tucks it back in its holster, swearing under her breath and stalking away from Luther to let Flora handle this part. "Alright, let's just leave this nutjob alone. Stack can't be far."

Oh, talking. Talking is not Isa's strong suit. But the barked order does get her attention. She re-safeties her gun and tucks it back in its holster, swearing under her breath and stalking away from Luther to let Flora handle this part. "Alright, let's just leave this nutjob alone. Stack can't be far."

"ANy chance of catching him agent dawson has flown the coop with what you just did here. Jesus" Her own tazer holstered, a glance down to the man and teeth gritted in displeasure. It's not seen much on this agent, always perky. "Jase, Dieter, go check out the next building, Dawson just… just go with them" She's not going to press that the guy is here, her partner just nailed him in the head. They'll be lucky if there's no lawsuit for excessive force.

'I apologize sir, once again, we'll leave you be. Please though, consider seeking out a shelter in the city, instead of here, I don't want to have to arrest you the next time we come out here"
Now that it seems Flora's got things under control, and Luther spots the guns being put away, something seems to tick into place in that bumped noggin of his. Perhaps the dull pain is a reminder. "Well hey now, I wasn't gonna say anything and I'm sure you all have better things to do than kick people in the head and take 'em off the street." Haha, statements. "Who're you guys with? NYPD? FBI? DHS? …DEA? Maybe I've seen this guy you're looking for."

Stalking like a pissed off, somewhat crazy panther, Isabella moves off after Jase and Dieter, casting a sour look at Flora. It's never her own fault; so clearly she has to blame her superior. Her Evolved superior, at that. Eyes looking out towards the building they were supposed to stake in the first place, she follows the other agents and leaves Luther to Flora. For now.

The building in question that they approach, shows no signs of movement or life of any sort beyond a rat that takes it's time to head on out of the fallen structure. If Jacob was there, the noise of the attempt to subdue Luther probably has scared him off, but the two agents move in behind Isabella, letting her take the lead.

Back in the building, Flora is showing him her badge, Homesec it says. This is soon followed by a picture of Jacob Stack, a 20 something with blonde hair and good ol' all american looks. "Have you seen this individual? He's wanted for a string of robberies, shooting a security guard and a handful of other crimes. We would greatly appreciate anything that you can recall"

Despite the lack of decent light, Luther has a good long look at Flora's badge. The way he peers at the identification is not the same as a normal citizen might - he's been trained before, somewhere, by somebody, at least in the basics of taking in a fake. With the picture brought to bear, though, he's got something else to look at. Cautiously, carefully, he peruses the photograph. "No, I don't think I've seen this guy around here lately," he responds with a short shake of his head afterward. That much sounds sincere enough. Luther casts a glimpse after the departure route of the other agents. "But hey, if I do, I could give you a call. Got a card?"

Isabella stalks around the building, resisting the urge to kick the rat next. She moves around low, trying to catch a glimpse into the windows, in case their target has stuck around. She also looks for an entrance, keeping an eye out for any more surprise homeless people.

No body. The building isn't just seeming empty. Broken windows show the interior is dark, desolate and just plain unoccupied. Signs of someone there before, but that was then, and this is now. Isabella is out of luck and the two men with her are staying behind her, for fear of friendly fire.

From another pocket, a business card is produced, homesec, a number, her name Agent Florence Anderson and numbers. "Please do call, if you should find anything sir. I apologize again for my partner disturbing you" Kicking your head in and opening us to a lawsuit. "I'll leave you be now" She eases out towards the door a glance back to the man before tucking pictures and ID away.

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