Can You Tell Me If She's Alive?


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Scene Title Can You Tell Me If She's Alive?
Synopsis Elisabeth asks for some case information, offers her help if Min needs it.
Date March 9, 2009

The Nite Owl

Although it was a risk, Elisabeth made the text to Minea asking for a professional meeting this time. Until Teo told her, she hadn't realized the woman was working for the Company, so she's pretty darn leery of this one. Sitting in the Nite Owl, Liz has a cup of coffee in front of her and she's turning down pie or muffins with a grin as Minea enters the place. She watches the other woman thoughtfully as she approaches and takes a seat, greeting her with a simple, "Hey."

Back in jeans, jacket, the Real Minea, not call girl Minea. Towards Elisbaeth once the cop is sighted, the company agent makes her way and easily slides into the booth with the blonde. "Business call?"

The smile Liz gives Minea is cautious, but not in the 'are you going to kill me?' way — just in the 'know something I didn't before' kind of way. "Actually, yeah…" She gestures for the waitress to bring Minea a drink, and when that's accomplished, she puts up the silence field. "Looks like your agency and mine are working on the same murders, and since I *really* don't want to draw the Company's attention down on my head, I thought you might be the person to speak with. First things first, I don't suppose you're familiar with an agent named Veronica Sawyer?" She clearly expects the answer to be no, the question merely a formality.

Minea's eyes narrow at Elisabeth, the slipped in 'I know who you work for' does not go unnoticed. "Homeland has someone by that name, yes. I haven't met her, but she's like me. Why?"

Elisabeth looks surprised at the answer. "Oh!" Well, now… she has to alter what she wants to know. "Actually, I was wondering if you could find out if anyone's seen her … say in the last five days or so." She grimaces a little bit. "I'll tell you *why*, Min, if you can keep it under your hat until we figure out what exactly we're dealing with. I don't want to give away what information I do have on these murders. The whole department's working on this case. Inter-departmental rivalry anyone?" she forces a small smile. "But for what it's worth, I won't ask you to sit on it too long, nor will it do anything to cause you trouble at work."

"I'm already going to be in too much trouble at work, or have you notice the lack of hooker attire?" Pointing out the obvious. "I'm made for pushing paper, not this other shit. I don't know what I was thinking. But, I can look into it, see where she is. Give me what you safely think I can know, or need to know Elisabeth. And I haven't seen the wayward clone yet again. I'll keep an eye out for him still"

There's a bit of a grin. "I did note the lack of hooker attire, but I thought maybe you were just meeting me in a downtime," Liz admits. And then she looks concerned. "What happened?" Cuz well… if Min's in trouble at work, that might be bad. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"There was no downtime. and no, not a damn thing you can do to help, I fucked up. I can't talk about it, but needless to say, i'm still here and not stuck with the fucking dinosaurs" minea picks up her coffee, doctoring it wiht the necessary condiments. "Tell me what I can do to help you, while i'll still have a job. I don't think my employers tolerate incompetance"

"Dinosaurs?" That makes Elisabeth blink, her expression puzzled. What an odd phrasing …. what exactly was Minea up to? Shit… She'll puzzle over that in a minute. "Well, mainly I don't want to go telling the Company their agent's dead if she's not," Elisabeth replies with a grimace. "The crime scenes I've been working on include one that had a massive amount of…. pureed human." She makes that face. The one that says 'I'm *so* not used to this part of the job!!' "The DNA's been ID'd as this Sawyer woman, but….. I don't know if she's actually dead or if something else was going on there." Although Minea's words about Brian in the same breath gives Liz a pause, because her brain takes a leap in logic, wondering if Brian might have been there? And *his* ability was somehow impacted by this Case kid and transferred onto Sawyer…..? Is that even possible? She's never seen him actually do the clone thing in front of her, she doesn't know how it works. The wheels in her mind whir around a few more times, though, before she pulls herself out of that line of thought. "Sorry — something occured to me."

"When did this happen?" From Minea's purse/messenger comes a notepad, pen as well which she click open scribbling down what Elisabeth relays to her. "Can you tell me the case name?" The brunette's frowning, mulling things over in her head. "No promises I can find anything out, they might get curious as to why I want to know things, but i'll be discreet" She glances upwards, brows raised a fraction. "What just occured to you?"

Elisabeth replies, "I caught the case on February 28, I believe the murder was actually February 18. Right now, there's no name except for a POI (person of interest) on the scene all three times — Tyler Case. We're not sure if he's actively using a power on people, turning their own powers against them, or some other option that hasn't occurred to us." She looks at the other woman and then says quietly, "Honestly? My brain took a leap …. wondering what Brian looks like when he clones. I've never seen him do it. But the goo we found seems to be amniotic in some fashion, and …. I sort of wondered if Brian — who we know is working for the Company — might have been on scene and if this Case kid is amping other people's powers or something, maybe he amped Brian's and it spilled onto Sawyer? But that's a shit-ton of 'ifs' in there. Total speculation on my part."

So that's hwo they connected her working for the company. Brian. Her mention of him. So it wasn't her blowing her shit. Still. "The phonix plan was all based on letters from the future, that were sent back through time Harrison. Anything's possible. I can see what my employers have. I suspect nothing more than you already have. AS for BRian. He just somewhat.. splits from himself, he's sngle and then, from him pulls a naked copy. That's how it was at the meeting with ther est of phoenix when there was the power burp" Minea shakes her head. "pop, pop, pop" little hand motions to go with it. Tyler case s written donw, Brian's name. "Soudns like this Type is a dnagerous one. Is he doing it on purpose or is this another case of 'oh shit, not got it under control?';

Elisabeth shakes her head. "We don't even know that much, Min. It's possible that it's just happening when they're scaring him to death — in each of the cases thus far, two Triad guys and now the Company agent, it looks like he's been being menaced somehow. It could be purely self-defense, or a case of they've scared him so bad at any given point that his power gets away from him. And frankly? I'd rather figure out which it is before letting Homeland take him — people have a strange habit of just vanishing once DHS gets their hands on them," she says quietly, bitterly.

"I don't know anything about that last bit Elisabeth, even more than I already did, or what you already know" But Minea nods regardless. "So you think the copy was there, might have had his ability spill over onto his partner, thanks to whatever it is that This Tyler does. triad has their nose in the pot as well" Minea looks thoughful. "Maybe he owes money? Maybe they want his ability to harness it for something?"

"Oh, he definitely owes money, according to an informant. Whatever else? I don't know. Maybe they want him cuz when they came to collect, he killed one of the collections agents," Liz replies. "It's a complete long shot, but a witness saw two people — a man in a suit and a dark-haired woman — run into the alley where we found the … remains. I'm just trying to find out if this woman is dead or if she's alive. If she hasn't been seen or anything since the 18th, I'm laying odds she's dead. But the possibility exists, however slim, that it's something else. And I don't want to go putting egg on the department's face by not checking all the avenues, you know? I'm sure DHS already has the info on what the DNA came back as, but I doubt they'll bother to TELL us if she's alive…. just pin another murder, this one of a fed, on the kid and give the uniforms more reason to shoot to kill when they see him, you know?" She shrugs a little. "I don't even know if it'll matter, what you find out…. unless you manage to find her alive, or her partner, and find out what exactly happened. It might help us approach him if we can find him again, you know?"

"I'll see what I can do to get you our answers Elisabeth. No promises, beyond whether Sawyer is alive or not. That I can do easily" Minea sighs into her coffee, downing the cooler contents. "Anything else?"

Elisabeth shrugs and smiles. "That one question's the only one I really need. And let me know if there's anything I can do to help *you*, okay? One good turn and all that."

"Will do Elisabeth" Minea tucks the notepad away and pen, offering her hand up to the woman, shaking it firmly. "Always a pleasure, doing business" SHe peels off a five for her coffee and for tip, making a move to go.

There's a nod, and Elisabeth shakes Minea's hand and moves to get up even as her phone rings. "It's neverending, I swear it," she comments with a sigh before picking it up. "Harrison. Ayup, on my way…." and she slides out of her chair leaving money on the table as well. "Later, lady."

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