Candid Camera


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Scene Title Candid Camera
Synopsis Alia comes to set up Gun Hill to catch the raid in the moment. Perhaps Cardinal has a mind for blackmail. Or a fetish for uniforms!
Date November 06, 2010

Gun Hill

It's 8:36 on a Saturday morning. People are awake and moving, perhaps, but some are sleeping in, as people often do on weekends. But not one intrepid young lady, who can be seen heading towards and then DOWN Gun Hill Road. A jacket is not out of place. The scarf incase it is cold is marked with designs reminiscent of old, blocky, Space Invaders. Jeans, good shoes, and gloves round out the outfit, as does a backpack… but the really noticeable part of Alia's travel isn't what she is wearing.

Up the Gun Hill road, Alia Chavez doesn't walk, nor stroll. She doesn't drive either. No, the sound of a skateboard, followed by a red Radio Flyer wagon rumbles up the shoulder of the road, maneuvering with a practised skill that implies this is not at all unusual for HER. She stops outside the building that was in the address file, and digs out her business card before tucking the board behind her backpack, and heading up the steps to the door to ring the doorbell or knock, whichever seems more likely to get a response.

Some are sleeping in, the landlady is not, though. She's too rattled to sleep, frankly. But she's easing it with a long, thin cigarette between her lips. She takes it out when she opens the door to spy this skateboaring, wagon hauling individual outside her building. She looks her over, equipment and all, before she leans a hip against the door jam, taking one more slow smoke before she actually addresses Alia. "And just what are you, darling?"

Alia smiles and offers her business card, or rather, one of the three she keeps. This one has the RedBird Security logo on it, and her picture. It lists her as "Alia Chavez, Electronics Specialist" followed by several acronyms for the various certifications she has. Unorthodox in travel, and doesn't say much… other than her greeting. "Good morning. Alia Chavez. Cameras and batteries for… eighth." Alia's eyes are bright, intellegent. Her words give the impression however of being very carefully picked, as if it took her some effort to put them together.

Lynette looks at the card, then at the girl as she speaks up. "Ah. One of Richard's brood, hmm? Alright, well, get in then," she notes, passing the card back as she opens the door wider to let Alia the space to get in. "I'll give you the grand tour." It's pretty clear, the people who live here are doing some work of their own in getting things ready for the 8th, as best they can. She is, however, welcoming of the extra help.

Alia smiles as she hauls the wagon, which notably has been moddified with shock absorbers, up the steps and inside with her. She leaves it at the door to see the 'tour', as she is offering her help this morning. The tech looks about as if already picking good spots to try and put the cameras where they won't be intrusive… nor likely to catch things that nobody want's caught on film.

"I don't know how much Richard has explained to you, but basically… we here are trying to delay anyone from getting in that day, at least long enough to get everyone else… out first. To that end, Redbird built us a sort of escape hatch, and my people here are setting up… some sabotage." Lynette shuts and locks the door behind them, and guides her into the hallway, to touch the door to Ben Ryans' apartment, "This door has been reinforced, so whatever you're doing today, this area is a safe zone. Now. There is a sort of roof garden upstairs and the front entrance here, as well as a back way in. I'm… really not sure which way is going to be the real problem, but I figure, they're all probably going to get used to get in that day.

Alia frowns a bit, then sighs as she's brutally honest. "Raid. He wants it on film. Can't prevent ENTIRELY, but… leverage. recompense. halt of future stupid." She motions back to her wagon. "battery backup cameras on doors. set to access internet to send images back to me." She pauses, then offers a seperate business card. This one just has her name, and an address at the Villiage Renaissance. "Nothing but raid to Cardinal." She promises that much. "Can help wire up any other surprises this morning."

"I understand. And feel free to capture it all on film. I'll make sure my residents know where the cameras are, so they can try not to do anything stupid on film," Lynette says with a crooked smile. She does take that card, giving Alia a nod, "I appreciate the secrecy." And she means that pretty sincerely. "I'm not trying to start and out and out war with this raid… I just want my people able to get clear instead of captured. Or killed."

Alia nods a little and points to spots near the cieling and floor, that have good views of the doors without having a good view IN anyone's apartment. She also takes a moment to dig out a little keyfob, which she presses a button on and checks to make sure the neighbors have a good useable wifi signal. "Understood. If there is anything I can do to help…" Words come at a cost for Alia, and it's obvious they aren't her strong point as she continues to speak.

Lynette lays a hand on Alia's shoulder, which gives away a gentle shaking in the woman's hand, but she seems to be ignoring it herself. "You're already doing so much. And I appreciate it. I've pretty much given people free reign to set up what little bits of help they'd like, so I suppose I'll give the same to Richard's people. Just let me know what all has gone on when you're done, is all I ask."

Alia smiles, and nods. That's easy enough to do. She digs out, from the bags on the wagon, a portable electric drill, and the small cameras, and gets to work. After all, it's only minor modifications… she also adds some on the stairways, and tests them to make sure they work, both for video, and sound…It's a morning's work, but it's what she's here to do.

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