Candy and 10: Super Spies


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Scene Title Candy and 10: Super Spies
Synopsis Candy calls the Locos to take them up on their earlier request for help, then they break Mortimer out against his will.
Date May 19 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

A hospital like any other, because I can't find the description!

Roughly ten of Mortimer's smartest men are sitting around in one of their personal apartments near St. Luke's. They've been planning to break Mortimer out, they just didn't know how. There were a few plans to bank on, but one of the major ones is the so called 'Water Goddess'. These aren't the easily influenced grunts of the group, they know she's Evolved, and when she called them up they immediately know what they're gonna do.

It's late at night, they're all sitting around wearing civvies, which is strange because they're still wearing their helmets, most perhaps not trusting a stranger to see their faces. Candy is given the apartment number, and instructed that killing may be involved in the rescue.

Candy shrugs her shoulders a little as she arrives at the apartment. She looks at those that are around her, and she nods her head and murmers something about fun times. She looks at each of them in turn before she says, "I'm gonna need something to hide my face, I'll be damned if I'm getting ID'ed. Unless one of you has the guts to go and kill the power to that hospital, and I mean all the power." Yes, the woman is something of a take charger. Her eyes looking to each of the helmeted mean as she starts out on something of her own plan.

10 stands, walking across the mostly baron studio apartment, other than a few chairs, a couch, and a television, to get to a small plastic bag. "We're the only ones going in, me and you. They're just here for our contingency plans." he explains, removing his helmet with his face turned away from her, already wearing hospital scrubs, he pulled out a surgical masks and ties it on before facing her. "Wear this." the man of average build, no more than his late twenties instructs. The bag has her own female scrubs, with a surgical mask. "We should be able to make it to his room. We put him on a stretcher, toss a blanket over him, you kill the guards so they can't alert anyone, then we get the hell out of there before they figure out anything's happening."

Candy nods her head to 10 as she begins to put on the things. Her eyes looking around at the group, "Contingency plans, eh?" She looks around once more as she stands there before she says, "Sounds simple enough… which is good." Finishing getting dressed she watches them all before she says, "Right then, in and out, no shinnagans."

10 firmly nods in agreement, walking to the door and holding it for her. "There will be plenty of time for that when we have our leader back. He was… quite fond of you. Men, get to your positions five minutes after we leave, we can't afford to screw this up without a backup plan."

"Right," Candy says as she moves out of the room. Just what she needed, someone with a crush on her. Taking a deep breath she just follows the man, knowing her role in it as she figures best thing she can do is to just make as many explode as she can, she can't use her brain melting powers to often or she risks hurting herself.

A few minutes later, they're through the hospital doors. 10 nods to the receptionist, joking, "Swine flu." with a snicker, pointing to their surgical masks. He whispers once they're on the elevator, leaning in slightly. "From what I've been told, there's two guards in front of his door. Don't kill them until we've got him secured on the stretcher, because once they're dead, the clock is ticking."

Candy nods her head as she says, "Shouldn't be much a problem." She grins a little sadasitcally beneath the mask, the woman already anticipating the next kill.

Once they're on the floor, 10 grabs one of the empty stretchers laying against the wall, starting to push it towards the room. "There's the two guards," he whispers cautiously, then looks over at her, "You go ahead of me, use your tits, that'll make them ask less questions about what we're doing."

Candy shakes her head as she says, "Interesting plan." Regardless, she walks in the front, smiling at the two guards as she makes her way through, all cute and top-heavy nurse.

10 walks up to the guards while pushing the stretcher, saying, "We're gonna need you to strap him to this stretcher, we have to run some emergency scans." The two guards, a bit distracted by Candy's 'charms', nod a bit dismissively at 10. One takes the stretcher while the other starts unstrapping Mortimer so they can lift him.

Mortimer's eyes open in surprise, looking around to see what's going on. "What are you doing?" he asks, a bit worried due to their general dislike of him.

"Don't worry, nutjob, you're just gonna get some scans." After a few minutes, he's strapped on to the stretcher, and 10 gives Candy a nod.

Candy nods her head a little before she concentrates, her eyes closing. There is a couple of muffled cries, before the sound of two bodies hitting the floor, one slightly before the other. The woman gasps as she opens her eyes, clutching at the stretcher as a headache starts to overwhelm her.

Mortimer's eyes widen in surprise, having no idea what's going on, but he stays quiet now, unable to be sure what these people may do to him in his current sane mental state.

Meanwhile, 10 just tosses a blanket over Mortimer's entire body, then moves to place a hand on Candy's back. "You alright? We have to get out of here quick."

Candy nods her head as she stands there and says, "I'm fine, lets just get out of here so that this is done and over with. Busting someone out of a hospital is lunacy." She mutters under her breath, as she daintly makes sure to not walk in any of the blood that is now on the hospital floor.

10 is careful not to roll the wheels or step into any blood himself. He tries to stay casual, not rushing too much, but trying to keep a good pace. "Don't close the doors, it'll seem suspicious on the cameras. If the doors are open, they'll assume the guards might be doing something."

Candy nods her head as she says, "Whatever you say, lets just get out of here. I don't like staying around, and I already have a bad feeling about this." She looks around a little worriedly as she tries to stay cool.

After a while, they're wheeling the stretcher out the back exit, but not before another guard steps out from a corner and asks, "Hey, where are you two going?" very suspiciously. People taking a body outside in the middle of the night?

"We're just…" 10 looks to Candy, then back at the guard. "Run, now, go out the door." He reaches into his scrubs, then pulls out what's quite obviously a grenade and tosses it at the guard, causing the man to leap back into the hall he came from.

"Let's get the hell out of here, they'll be waiting in the van!"

The grenade was luckily not an explosive grenade, and by the time they run outside there's a loud explosion and the halls are filled with white powder. "Close…"

Candy does her running as they get to the van, her eyes looking behind her at the cloud of white powder, and she jumps into it, as she tries to drag Mortimer's body with her. Nope, she doesn't care about the stretcher, nor does she know how to operate it, she just wants to get out of there, now!

10 removes the straps on the stretcher so Candy can pull Mortimer off, though he can certainly walk, one of the men in the van grab his mouth and help her pull him in a bit quicker. With Mortimer and Candy in the van, 10 pulls the pin on another grenade, lays it in the bed, then jumps into the van and slams the doors as they speed off.

This grenade explodes, completely ripping that bed apart. But why did he blow up a bed? To eliminate fingerprints, of course.

Candy leans back into the seat as the van starts off again, the woman letting out a sigh as she says, "Right… never again." She shakes her head once more and then giggles faintly, remembering the feel of the two mens blood leaving their bodies.

Mortimer finally speaks up, looking around. "You, you're my men, and you're that woman…" he says in a confused tone, not his usual attitude or demeanor.

10 shakes his head in his seat as the van turns into alleys and cuts through small streets on a predetermined route. "So it's true, what some of the doctors said, something's wrong with his head."

Mortimer looks up, shooting 10 a look. "There's nothing wrong with me, I'm better now, my head is clear, I don't want this criminal life anymore…" he trails off, his words getting slower as he looks up at Cassidy. Needless to say, various thoughts go through his head, but he tries to shake it off and just focus. He's screwed.

Candy watches the man as she lays there. "Right well, I'll leave you in these mans very capable hands. I merely did this as a favour for providing me that entertainment. Don't think of it as something more permenant." She shakes her finger at him as she sits there in the van while they roll along.

A few of the men stand in front of Mortimer, blocking Candy's view of him as he starts to get dressed. May as well wear the change of clothes they brought, if he's absolutely screwed legally. His usual biker outfit.

"Alright." 10 speaks up in his commanding voice. "We're changing vehicles from here, we're going to the sewer hideout on Staten. We're burning the scrubs, and you, Miss, we're in debt to you. If you ever need anything, protection, weapons, someone dead, you come to us." he says in a sincerely thankful tone, nodding.

Candy nods her head as she says, "Right, I'll remember that in the future." She takes off the scrubs, having kept her regular clothes on underneath. She'll wait till the switch to take her mask off. "Glad I could help," she also adds, offhandedly.

Mortimer sits there with his legs crossed, rubbing the stomp of his blown up left arm. "Well, I don't know what we're gonna do, but I need to do something about my arm when we get there…" After that, no one really says much more, and the vehicle switches are made almost seamlessly.

Candy nods her head as she tosses them all a wave before she heads away as they switch vehicles, going back to where ever it is that she moves away from the van, ripping off the surgical mask and putting it in her pocket, she can burn it when she gets to where she is going.

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