Candy Delivery


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Scene Title Candy Delivery
Synopsis Abigail visits Cassidy in Bellevue Hospital. She brings goodies!
Date September 17, 2009

Bellevue Hospital Center

For several days she's been back in town at Bellvue Hospital. And at the moment Cassidy's alone in the hospital room and she is hating it. Her hospital bed is inclined, the covers are shoved to the bottom of the bed, leaving her exposed to the world in only her hospital gown. Anything not covered is a collage of bandaged large cuts and healing smaller cuts, her left foot heavily bandaged. Her anxiety level is high making her good foot shake quickly practically vibrating the bed. Hands clutch at the edges and her eyes watch the door, her breathing is deliberately slow.

There's nothing at the door, the odd person walking by, orderly, nurse, visitor for some other patient in the hospital. Until silent footsteps bring a blonde to the door, bearing sudoko books and a bag that seems to be from a candy store. The blonde not being Elisabeth but actually someone that Cassidy hasn't seen in a bit. Calm, collected, lacking the vibrancy in her eyes that she's had in the past. And as in the past when here and visiting one of this pair, said blonde defunct healer stands at the door offering a weak smile but not taking a step further in quite yet.


Obviously her thoughts are turned inward cause when someone fills the doorway, Cassidy gives a small jump. It takes her a moment to recognize the woman, "Abigail." She sounds surprised. Fingers slowly uncurl from the edges of the bed and she forces herself to relax, though the foot still shakes lightly. "Um.. Hello.. Come in. No reason to stand out there." Glancing at the hall beyond, she continues, "You can keep me company till Coren gets back." One arm, the wrist bandaged, motions to the empty chairs, one with a pillow and blanket draped over it.

"I don't know if I quite want to stay that long" She's still under the impression that she's on the shit list with him. "But Liz came back, she texted me that you were found. I called around, found you were here. I thought that I should check in, see how you were hanging in there" Judge for herself whether to beg flint again and risk siberia in bed for the cop. Somehow, she didn't think that was going to happen.

Unlike with Coren though, she makes her way in to lay the book down on the moving table and the bag. "I got a little of everything from the sugar factory. We're talking fireballs, swedish fish, taffy, shoelaces, big lollipop, some gummy frogs, even little black ni- Black licorice men. It's not healthy, but that's what hospital food is supposed to be right?"

"He'd be very happy to see you." Cassidy states truthfully. "You know much he worries about you and all." She gives a knowing smirk, both women have had to deal with that protective side. "I'm… hanging in there." She swallows and glances at the door, as if willing her partner to show up. "Helps knowing the bastards brains are fair nonexistent." Her eyes go to the bag and she smiles, a real one. "Thank you, Abigail. I'm tired of hospital food anyhow. Even if I'm off the bland diet." She hadn't done much eating during her time with…. well… "I complained enough, though, that Coren decided to get us real food. It's why he's not here. He… hasn't left here since I was found really." She didn't realize how stressed she'd feel.

Happy is debatable. Really. It's also a perpetually fleeting state of mind. "Well, you're back and you have LIz and Coren and I'm sure the the precinct has many a different psychologist to plop you in front of" She offers up a smile to the bedded woman as Abigail mosey's to the chair will pillow and blanket. Both of which get put up or folded and then put up.

"Don't remind me." Cassidy says blandly as she watches the blonde. "I'm sure they will have a field day.. the pychologists." She'd be happy if she never has to see them. "I'll be lucky if they think I'm fit to be on the force anymore." She takes a deep breath and fingers curl into the edges of the bed again. "So.. how have you been? I haven't seen you in a rather long time. Life has just been too busy."
"I inherited a bar. Keeps me busy. Well no, a holding company inherited a bar and I own the holding company. Cause I got a few months till I can legally 'own' it per se. But I still work in it. Then I have school, that keeps me busy. Though that's at night. Teaching myself italian. try to do a bit every two days" Then there's the ferryman, but she won't be bringing that up. "Four months, I'll be a qualified EMT. Then i'll be looking for a job with someone"

"Busy woman." Cassidy says sounding impressed. "Good to see you getting all your ducks in a row.. Or at least that's how it sounds." She moves her hands to press into the bed so that she can shift herself into a more comfortable position, the pull of stitches and burned wounds makes her hiss softly. Carefully, settling back she sighs heavily. "So you inherited a bar? Old Lucy's?" A brow arches curiously, as her lace together to set on her lap. "Since you were working there… and the owner…." she trials off, licking her lips. "We'll have to make sure to start coming by again once I'm back on my feet and able too."

"I'll wheel chair you in. But I don't think you'll need the wheelchair. Besides, you know you're always welcome" There's a wince at the woman re-adjusting herself and Abigail rises, moving to help her, fluff pillows, do something to help the other woman. "How long ago did Detective Doctor Shelby leave?"

"You can probably drop the detective part, really," Coren says as he enters, a bag of Chinese food in either hand. So this is the so-called 'real food' Cassidy was talking about. "Such a mouthful." He pulls a chair and a small table aside and starts to unload the bags. "Abigail." There's a weary smile given, only because he just looks weary in general. "I'm glad to see you here."

Cassidy frowns a bit as she tries to remember, but then Coren walks in and she seems to relax. "Coren.." Her voice relieved. Can't tell you how glad I am your back. He's know anyhow. Her head turns back to Abigail and Cassidy seems almost different with her partner in the room. Very relaxed, enough so that her smile is a bit brighter, "I'll be on crutches for awhile. At least until my foot it fully healed, it's pretty torn up. The nerves were shredded. I have to relearn to walk on it with only partial feeling. Not overly crippling."

Crap. Crap it was worse than it looked. IT's writen alll across Abby's face as she looks from Coren to Cassidy at that news and the way she tightens her hands into a ball to keep from reaching out to touch the womans good foot. "Her name is Mrs. Hadley. She has this bakery, it's called Piece Of Cake" Said tightened hands unfurl and she digs in her bag for her wallet. She's got a business card with a number in it. "Just tell her that Abby sent you. I'll even call her when i'm out of here. But she can heal. I mean, she does better than I do.. did. Did. She'll come in and do it, or when you're out. She doesn't advertise but she's she will do it if asked."

Success, there it is. The little white rectangle is slid onto the bed. "I've been sending folks I know, to her. Ones that show up. But she'll make stuff better, everything, well almost everything better" Abigail licks her lips, looking between the two. "Oh uhh.. they got my paperwork finally. About you know, five pints of blood later, they were convinced. Half a day of questions and a warning that if I show any signs of being able to heal again, that I'm to go in and register but.." She lifts her shoulders. "You are looking at the first un-registered person"

There's an altogether different look on Coren's face. "They said might only have partial feeling." Look at Coren trying to be Mister Positive. But Abigail mentions this Mrs. Hadley. "We know the place. Cassidy sneaks eclairs from her while she thinks I'm not looking," he says with a playful smirk on his face. "Thank you, Abigail, we'll look into it. But I think the physical healing is the least of our worries." Not that he likes to verbalize that, but Cassidy knows it. The news of de-registration, however, makes him actually smile. "I'm glad to hear it. I have to admit that I had my doubts about them even considering it. It's good to hear I was mistaken."

Cassidy stiffens a bit as the card is slid onto the bed and she only reaches to take it when Abigail moves away from it. Holding the card, she glances past it to Coren, giving him an affectionate smile. "Oh please… You know I bring you scones when I do that." She sets the card on her lap and seems to almost consider it, before glancing at her partner again at the mention of the damage done, her cheeks color slightly and she looks embarrassed, but at least Abigail's news distracts her. "That's good. That'll leave them scratching their heads for a time and it'll give you a measure of peace."

"Not likely. I think they were still not quite beliving me, but the blood doens't lie" She can see the looks exchanged and feeling a little out of her element, now that she's only ever a visitor in a hospital or god forbid a patient, Abigail rises. "I should get going. I got to go pick up a new stethoscope. Johan was fooling around with mine and he sorta dropped in down and it yeah, don't ask, lets just say the crocodiles in the sewer are probably chewing on it. And I gotta get back to the bar" The shoulder of her purse is slung over her shoulder and she offers a smile to either person.

"It was nice seeing you again Abigail. Don't be a stranger," Coren says, and he lets Abby go as he sets all of the food up and gives Cassidy her favorite. "It'll be nice to get you out of this place. There's a Chinese place just down the street, no ten minute drive to get there, and ten minute drive to get back."

"That's true.. it doesn't." Cassidy says with a small smile. "Thank you, Abigail." She nods to the offerings. "For the goodies, if he lets me have them." Taking the food from Coren, giving him a wink, before she offers to the blonde. "You take care of yourself. We'll see you around, I'm sure."

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