Canned Laughter


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Scene Title Canned Laughter
Synopsis Magnes helps Monica out of her bandages now that her burns are mostly healed, and there's talk of future hilarious hijinx.
Date June 06, 2011

Magnes' Apartment

"Alright, hold still…" Magnes has chosen Monday morning to remove Monica's final bandages, cutting down the side very carefully, then tossing them into a small trash bin. There's a bit of scarring that'll likely clear up in time, but otherwise she's healed. "Ah, uh, you can handle that one." He points to the side of her stomach, where the bandage is under her shirt.

Grabbing the bin, he's in a pair of jeans and his Green Lantern shirt that he often lounges around in, yawning.

Monica smiles crookedly up at the warning, nodding her head gently. "I'm used to it." She doesn't even seem too worried at seeing the left over scarring. It'll match the others making appearances here and there. Gun shots or stab wounds. She goes about pulling the other bandages off with a lot less ceremony, tossing them in the trash without a glance at the skin under them.

She's more concerned with testing her arm a bit, lifting it and circling it some. "Full range of motion. That's good." And she does seem relieved there, complete with a soft chuckle. "I'm not ready for my trick knee yet." Whatever that means.

"So, I guess it's back to freedom fighting, eh?" Magnes asks as if not too happy about it, but tries to at least be casual when he returns to the couch. "Or you could stay here, I mean you've been fine here so far, so why go back to hiding out by yourself?"

Catching that tone, Monica looks over at him with a hint of a smile. "I haven't been exactly hiding by myself. But I don't mind it, when it comes to that." She pushes herself up to her feet, letting out a bit of a sigh, "Freedom fighting is my thing, Mags. But don't worry. I'll come sneaking in your window plenty, even if I am in hiding."

"Just be careful, don't get killed by a robot, and… yeah, keep visiting." Magnes crosses his legs on the couch, hunching over to rest his elbows on his thighs. "Girls, guys, everyone involved in that. They always say that they avoid relationships so they don't make that person worry about their safety all the time, or so that person doesn't have to worry about them being taken away. What they don't realize is, well, that person is going to worry and go through those things anyway, just because two people aren't in a relationship doesn't mean that the one person can live any more dangerously than they did before, there's still someone waiting for them to come back."

"Hey, I haven't gotten killed yet, right? I'm way too stubborn for all that." Monica turns to look over at him curled there on the couch, her head tilted a bit as she listens. And there's a moment of silence before she comes over to sit next to him, a hand moving to rest on his back. That quiet stretches out as she tries to think of something clever or at least appropriate to say to all that.

"I'll always come back, Magnes," is what she ends up with, though.

Magnes scoots over a bit closer, reaching for her free hand to hold inbetween his. "The last few weeks have been pretty awesome, but you don't have to leave yet. Let's… watch a movie or something before you go, or play a video game, I don't know. Or just… talk."

"You make my whole… disappearing into the night, ninja thing a lot harder when you offer video games." Monica leans over a little, to give him a curious look there. "It isn't like this'll be the last time we'll be able to watch a movie and such. Promise!" She smiles there, like she might be trying to jolly him up a little.

"Yeah, I know, I guess it's just been fun lately, living with someone who likes doing everything that I do." Magnes releases her hand and walks around the table to crouch down and start setting up a game. "When this is all over, why don't we be roommates?"

"Because we'd end up being like some sitcom," Monica says, amusement in her tone. "How about we see… how things end up, when this is all over. The last thing I want to do is to get you in trouble for harboring a fugitive. I'm not sure we could get around that if we were roomies. But if things end up okay… I will need a new apartment. My last official one got eaten by a vortex."

"I think I missed that story somewhere along the line, but alright, we'll see. And sitcoms are fun!" Magnes tosses her a controller, then plops back on the couch with her. "Except the one about Hitler, but we'll talk about that later."

Monica snatches the controller smoothly, and she settles back onto the couch, legs folding under her and everything. "Let's not have Hitler in our sitcom. I've had enough nazis, really." She glances down at the controller, then over at him again, "One game, then I should really go."

But, of course, it is so hard to leave it at just one.

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