Cardinal Visitation


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Scene Title Cardinal Visitation
Synopsis Cardinal pays a visit to Abby to apologize.
Date june 3, 2010

Le Rivage - Abby's apartment

Day off tomorrow, day off tomorrow, day off tomorrow.

She'd do the day off dance, but she has a dog sprawled across her back and the apartment to herself while Peter's off being Peter and doing something. Day old pizza reheated in the oven is on the scuffed and old coffee table with only crusts remaining - she's not a crust girl and never has been - and the TV is turned on to a medical show, some cranky nurse with a drug problem and another nurse talking about skittles being in bloom. Rhett gnaws on a rawhide bone on her back after having settled there, and the pink haired woman is disinclined right now to disturb him.

"Jesus Christ this show is inane." Inane…

The voice in the shadows is — stronger than it's been, steady and unwavering, and soft as it is it's definately that of Richard Cardinal. A glance up will reveal an avian shadow 'perched' on the shadow of the television, head cocked as if to look down at it. "I'm really glad I don't own one of these." One of these…


The new voice has the puppy ceases his gnawing on the rawhide bone that's clasped over and under a paw, cocking his head to the side making ears flop. The voice doesn't startle the puppy cushion that she's been turned into, just lifts her eye's to the shadow bird above her television and breaks into a broad grin. "Richard" blowing out some directed air towards the shadow as if it would ruffle the feathers if it had any. "It's delightful. I like it. It's worth the ten extra bucks a month for this channel and HBO. Least they don't show sex"

The dog is a different story, and maybe if Richard had been corporeal things would be different. But he's not and that's a bird. Rhett hasn't been taught to not go near birds yet and he leaps for the floor before barreling towards the television and leaping towards the shadow with a bark on top of the expensive television.

A whispered little chuckle answers the dog's barking as it lands atop the television and barks and barks at the befeathered shadow; no signs of fraying or tattering, a solid silhouette. Those wings spread, and a gloved hand pushes out of the darkness as if the shadow were a literal hole in the wall, slowly shoving outwards and reaching down to ruffle the puppy's ears.

"If they don't show the sex, then what's the point?" The point…? The hand withdraws, vanishing back into the shadows, and that birdlike image twists across the wall, stretching to a man-sized blackness over the wall, the vaguest silhouette of what Richard actually looks like.

Rhett chases after the hand and only succeeds in toppling behind the television with a yelp and then renewed barking, getting tangled up in wires. WHat is this shadow and why did a hand come out of it and touch him.

"You know me, I love Wheel of Fortune, oh heavens, Richard, just come out already, you're scaring Rhett. He's got enough issues as it is" She's swinging her legs off the couch, hurrying over towards the television so she can croon softly to the brown ball of fur. "It's okay Rhett, he's good, he's nice, Richard is a friend" Richard will surely be called to dog sit at some point in the future. How easily to entertain the beast than by turning into a shadow and flickering around the wall.

He's pulled up into her arms, carting him off towards the kitchen so she can get him some food, keep him occupied with that. He never seems to get enough to eat. "Peter told me he succeeded, that you're whole again"

A quiet chuckle, and Cardinal pushes himself out of the shadows — two dimensions fading to three, monochrome bleeding through shades of grey and then colour as he steps into the room, draped in a Chicago Air flight jacket along with the rest of his clothes. "That he did," he admits, one hand lifting to rub against the side of his neck sheepishly, "Good to see you again, Abigail."

"And good to see you Richard. The real you" Kibble makes clinking sounds in the metal mixing bowl that serves as his bowl and Rhett is there in a flash and gobbling it down faster than one could imagine that the puppy could manage. She tosses the container back into the cupboard and turns so she can wrap her arms around the taller man and squeeze tight. "You must now go to Tahiti, make babies, drink pina colada's. I can even get you there without need of a plane"

As she steps over, Cardinal's arms spread to embrace her in return, wrapping around her shoulders and pulling her in against him firmly. A lean down, and he pecks a kiss to the top of her head, murmuring, "We can rest when we're done, Abs." A pause, then he leans back, "Oh? I thought you were, like, Mega-Izzy now, or something?"

"Not me. But, I have my own personal pocket teleporter who I ask ever so nicely and maybe if I let him know that you saved the world, you could get a trip from him" Another good squeeze, as if that alone could relay her sheer joy and peace of heart that he is alive.

"I am beyond grateful to the lord that things happened good enough to get you back to how you should be. Peter hasn't been the same since, but, he stopped by to tell me that you had been saved" Another squeeze. "And yes. Something like Mega-Izzy. Robert says I mimic fire, not a pyro, so no as well. I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be healing, really Richard, you can't imagine how much it tears me up that what we tried didn't give you what you needed"

"Anyone I know?" Richard brings a hand up to ruffle her hair gently, his head shaking as he murmurs quietly, "We knew it was a long shot. I'm sorry it — cost you the bar, and everything. I never should've asked you to take that risk."

"Richard, you didn't cost me the bar. It could have been anywhere, it could have been in a park, or at Francois's or at the hospital. I manifested and there was no control over it. So don't say your sorry and apologize for something out of your control. Just.. when I start to rebuild, come help me pick out barstools and stuff. We both know that I can't decorate a bar good enough and you're a guy and not a good guy" going by his words.

"I'd show you what I could do but, it gets pretty hot and I don't know how to turn it on and off on my own yet and I kinda, am negated for at least another few hours"

Away from the kitchen she draws him, towards the couch so he can sit.

"I'm the one who asked you to take it," Richard points out with a shake of his head, walking along over towards the chair as she drags him along… not that he's exactly fighting it. As he drops down to the sofa, he twists towards her, one knee up on the cushion and his arm on the back as he chuckles, "I'll help out with the decorating, though. Anyway, how've you been, other than that?"

"I've been. Peter healed my foot, the bullet holes in my back" And for being in a tank top and yoga pants and socks, there's not a single black handprint anywhere. "Robert and I… dealt with what happened in the bar. There's other stuff now but, with time he think it will improve and I'm back to work. Not working, kinda sucks. Need to go pick out my new vehicle soon, before the insurance folks get twitchy. Death by firetruck…"

She sits down, drawing her own foot and leg up, wrapping arms around it.

"You.. haven't heard from Deckard at all have you? Flint? He… left a letter about a month ago. Said he'd either gone away or was dead…" And from the sound of her voice, Richard can guess which she is afraid that he has become.

"No…" Cardinal's brow furrows a little with concern, his head canting a bit to one side, "…no, I haven't. I'll have someone check on him to see if they can find out what's up with the old man. If he's dead, I'll know, if he's hiding out — well, I can probably get a general idea what's up with him." He sounds confident, if not quite certain of what he'll find. The last few times he talked to Deckard, after all, he wasn't doing that well psychologically.

"I got Robert looking in on it too, but more hands, will make it easier and everyone knows that the Linderman group is everywhere" She settles back into the couch, but not before reaching out to touch his knee, as if to make sure he really is there. "Just don't tell him that it's me asking. He doens't need to know that, but I need to make sure he's okay." With what had gone between them, it was little surprise. "And you asked me Richard, yes. But I could have said no, and if I hadn't been willing to risk this and we both knew the odds, I would have said no"

Hands tucked back to herself, she takes in what's sitting before her. "Just came for a visit?"

"I've got my ways," Cardinal replies with that cocky little half-grin of his when he knows something that someone else doesn't, and he's not trying to hide it. As her hand rests on his knee, he reaches out to cover hers, his nose wrinkling a bit as he admits, "Yeah. I know. Still, I… appreciate it, Abigail." More seriously, he meets her eyes for a moment, then leans back as well, "And yeah, figured I'd come check in on you…"

"Normally done by phone, but you needed to show off your body" She can understand that. Check in for himself to make sure that she's okay. "No moral dilemma's that need consultation? Because I'm good. I'm not perfect, but I'm good. Good as I can be. Snows going away so, it's keeping me busy with the Ambulance and Peter, then in a couple months, maybe sooner, the bar will be started again but that'll still be time till it's done. No side effects from being made real again?"

"Not really," admits Cardinal with a shake of his head, flashing a smile, "I'm fine. Seriously. Nothing to worry about." He glances across the room, then back, "So Peter's keeping up with the paramedic gig, I take it?"

"He is, we are. He's a good partner. I work really good with him, we mix real well. Better than Peter and the Vegan. Hence, I let him heal me, asked him to. Save him from Trevor before we lost a paramedic. Militant Vegan, really vocal about it." Another grin comes unbidden to the pink haired womans face. "you can't imagine how good it is to see you again Richard. So different than when you were in shadow. It really is. Just don't go sucking in anymore bombs okay?"

"No promises," laughs Cardinal, his head shaking slowly, "And good, good, glad to know I… can find him if I need to." A tilt of his head, and he quirks a smile, "S'good to see you too. Not quite the same, when I'm shadow, although— I mean, admittedly, I only knew you like that for awhile when we first met."

"Handing me a can of Monster as you peeling out of the shadow of you against the blanket across the shipping container" She remembers full well the first day he visited her in the flesh. "But yes, odds are, if I"m on shift, so is he. Unless he has stuff he has to do. But… lately, it's been shifts" She won't advertize that he's here and living with her right now.

"Good, good," Cardinal's chin tilts in a bit of a nod, "Think you could pass on a message? Well— a message to a message, there's a girl he knows that I want to chat with, name've Risa? He's got her digits, I don't." He grins, "Not exactly super secret spy shit, but it isn't always."

"playing messenger. Well, everyone wants me to do that of late. Risa. Want her phone number. Richard, Peter's not going to get upset at me for playing messenger is he?" She inquires cautiously.

"Alternately I could go invade his privacy and whisper in his ear," Cardinal replies with a shrug of one shoulder, "I figured it'd be a little less conspicuous if I just asked his partner to relay, though. It's not like he doesn't know we know each other, and I'm not sure where he's living right now."
"Yeah, lets not and say you did. I'll pass the message along."

Out from the kitchen, satisfied with his meal comes Rhett, scrabbly paws over the surface of the floor and towards the couch. Up he hops, settling between the two of them with a grunt, going back to his rawhide bone with a warning sound to Cardinal not to touch it.

"sticking around, or heading back to Liz or your bunch of folks?"

At the sight of the puppy, Cardinal flashes over a crook'd smile at him, making no moves for the bone. "Well, the library's uninhabitable still - and once the snow melts, the damage's gonna be pretty awful. We're going to need a new base of ops, thinking about a few ideas now. I'll be headed back to Liz's probably, although I don't need to go right now."

"Then anything in the fridge is fair game and you can watch Nurse Jackie with me. Try and make friends with Rhett too. He needs to learn to play nice with others" A hand reaches out, squeezing his shoulder. "Welcome back to the land of the living Richard"

Cardinal raises a hand to cover hers, squeezing firmly as he looks back to her with a fainter, but no less genuine smile. "Sounds good… and thanks. It's good to be back."

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