Care and Feeding of Your Fed


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Scene Title Care and Feeding of Your Fed
Synopsis Felix is settled into a hotel, drugged, and choosing his new name amoung other things
Date December 3, 2008

Best Western somewhere in the east side

Best Western, a spacious suite once it was decided the Federal Agent was coming back with her. Easy enough to to. Means there's one bed, but it's big, it's comfortable and just to make things funny, there's a jaccuzi offset in the corner. A pull out couch, champagne and chocolates. All of which are put away, as Minea spent the next while getting Felix situated, his medications sorted out and for her blackberry to warn her when he needs them. Doped up for the happy ride to haven, things might be getting a bit less foggy. Everything it seemed went off without a hitch, at least on Minea's behalf. So the lights are dim, in the one half of the room, though where desk and chair are located on the far side, the light has been concentrated around the desk. Minea works quietly, folder sout, pulling what she needs from each. A printer set up, laptop. Bottles of ink, pens, glasses perched on her nose. Gone is the cultured looking woman, and in it's place is a woman in a long sleeved white shirt, jeans, headband and simple slippers.

Chocolate. Ahahaha. Life is good, and Felix is stoned. He's conscious, but mostly grinning at the ceiling like an idiot. He watches TV, rather blankly, now and then, trying to tune in on some documentary about sharks.

"How's your pain?" The black berry is consulted, another ten minutes for some more drugs. "need anything agent Ivanov? I don't think we'll be seeing the sergeant for a while. I can have something ordered in for you to eat" The glasses are pulled off her nose and she looks over to the bedridden man.

Felix shakes his head. "I'm not hungry," he says, quietly. "Bored, forgive me, but not hungry. Thirsty, though. Thank you for all your help - the body, have they sent it to the FBI's morgue, yet?"

'The seargent called, it's on it's way, everythings working out as planned. i'm working on your Identities and then i'll be having them input into the system. Did you have a preferred name you wanted to use agent Ivanov? Something you wish you'd have been names instead of Felix? I do take requests" The glasses are folded, put up safe and Minea sets about to getting a cold bottle of water out of the fridge.

"I honestly don't know," says Felix, bemusedly. "Something obscure but literary. Edward Dantes?" he suggests. "Samuel Maturin?"

"Edward Dantes. Might be ideal, if you plan to bring the man down. Edward dantes it is. When your not looking so peaked I can take your picture. American or Canadian. I can even make you european, I think I have a blank somewhere in my stash?" The chilled water is uncapped and passed to to the man on the bed before she takes his free arm to check his pulse. 'Want to fill me in better than Christian might. I was supposed to be babysitting a 'sketch artist" and a "restorationist"

His pulse is steady, if a bit slow from the drugs. He laughs. "Nah. Make me an American. And Dantes it is. We'll see if anyone gets the joke, that novel's fairly obscure these days." IT amuses him, as he leans back on the pillows. Amazing what the drugs do for his good humor.

"I think you'll find a great many things amusing for the next few days. I did last time I was in that state. Christian or I will stay with you till we can get you mobile. Get these others that are needed squirreled away and new identities. Is there anyone else that you can think of that I should start working on things for? If you can't right now, that's fine, but it would help greatly into getting prepared and sending away for things I might not have. These things don't grow on tree's"

"I….honestly don't know," Felix says, lips in a moue of confusion. "I don't think you should contact Detective Demsky or his ward beyond what Christian's already done. My remaining family is down in Florida, and I don't think Sylar would go for them…."

"Should word be sent to the agency to keep an eye on them. Nothing obvious. Someone just in case. There will be a funeral held, they can pose as one of your friends" It makes sense, better safe than sorry. Minea releases his hand, adjusting the blanket and looking to the drip that's still attached to him. "Another few, you're supposed to be dosed up. want me to wait Edward Dantes, till you want it, or keep it on schedule?" There's a slight pause as she rises. "You should grow a beared"

Felix ponders that. "Yes," he says, quietly. "And keep it on schedule." He chuckles to himself at that, rather dreamily. "I look stupid with a beard, but I'll try."

Minea cocks her head, studying once again. 'Do you? No. I think you could pull off a vandyke. LIke the actor in the movie. VElvet suits, snappy dresser. I'm sure we can find a stylist, or I can try my hand" Minea's preparing the drugs, all premeasured, instructions for it all laid out for her. The nurse was adept, effecient. "If the killer doesn't fall for it. What's the plan. Before I send you off to la la land again. Or should I leave that up to Christian and let you sleep?"

Felix slants an uneasy look at her. "What movie? Austin Powers?" he asks, grinning a bit. "And I honestly don't know. I'll come out of hiding. But for now, let's hope it works."

"Let's hope. Okay, More happy drugs. Get some good sleep Agent Ivanov. Rest. Let your body heal. You'll get your man soon enough" The needles slid into the port, drugs dumped into the line, so it can flow into his body. "Sweet dreams Felix. Go chase some mice"

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