Careers, Cravings, and Creme Brulee


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Scene Title Careers, Cravings, and Creme Brulee
Synopsis Harmony, Laina, and Warren converge at Oh So Sweet.
Date February 28, 2011

Oh So Sweet

The interior of the dessert bar is lit enough to see the drink menus and the tables but dim enough to preserve the intimate atmosphere that is evident in small tables made for two populate the dessert bar that is Oh So Sweet. Here and there, espresso colored wooden tables are pushed together to seat larger groups, straight backed black chairs surrounding them. Single lights on long cords drop down just out of head bumping range, lighting up the darker regions of the bar.

A massive oak bar takes up one side of the main room, a part of the building from ages past when it was just a bar, mirrors lining behind it to give the illusion of more space and reflect what light there is available. Glasses of varying types and sizes hanging down in holders, stacked against the mirror or under the counter and waiting to be used. And old fashioned looking machine rests in it's copper gleaming glory, capable of producing a variety of drinks like coffee, espresso, latte's, the list is endless. Backless stools line the customer side of the bar, red fabric to match the red damask fabric that hangs down the walls to help dampen the sounds of customers when the place is busy.

Across from the bar runs a glass faced refrigerated counter, shoulder height, filled with just about every possible dessert that one could desire and want, lit up and with little placards dictating what they are. The offerings rotate daily, sometimes every few hours and a door to the kitchen behind them gives access to staff to fill the orders and fill the showcase. The back room opens up to the main area, a small raised area for live entertainment to be had when the times are right. A door marked staff only in the far back leads to the kitchens and another to the restroom's and a private area that can be rented out for private parties.

"I need two Creme Brulee's"

Brenda's voice is as unique as her person. Husky, smoke roughened and loud when she wants it to be. Like her flaming red hair pinned up in various directions, leopard print skirt and her raspberry pink t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up to expose tattoo's, Oh So Sweet imprinted on the fabric across her generous chest.

"Need another tray of turnovers, get your asses moving in there, does this look like and old age home? It's picking up" She turns away from the doorway that leads to the kitchen behind the glass display counter that shows an array of desserts that tempt all the visual and potentially the olfactory senses. She heads back to the long oak counter that serves as bar and coffee bar to the place, with it's dark paneling and more gothic feel that the building was originally.

Some nerds hang out in the back, attached to their wifi umbilicals, sipping down caffeine at a rate that might be considered mainlineing. Customers dot the place, this lazy Monday afternoon but the business rush hour is soon to hit and promises of picking up. Abigail was right when she opened it. It would be slow, but steady. She'd likely be in the red, but possibly skip into the black. But it wouldn't be busy. Not until the curfew was lifted.

But there's drink orders to fill, and the copper behemoth that speaks of traditional espresso's, latte's and the like starts to work, belching out steamed milk.

When Warren gets to the front of the line, he's wearing a long black trenchcoat with some blue jeans and light brown boots on. He slides a hundred across the counter, nodding. "I want to buy something for someone special to me. If you could put together some sort of basket, I'd be grateful. I'm willing to wait."

Laina walks into the dessert shop, and she can't help stopping in the doorway, a bright smile filling her face as she looks around. "This is heaven!" she says, perhaps a little louder than intended. Today her hair is black, and her coat is the exact shade of purple as her eyes. She's dressed in a blue long sleeved shirt, red skirt that comes down to her knees, and blue tights, with red ankle boots. Her purse is also bright red.

After her initial inspection, she strides straight up to the counter, waiting for the cashier to take notice of her.

Harmony is craving something sweet. That is all there is to it. Actually, no that isn't just it. Her cravings are currently strange enough to be very specific without being specific at all. It makes sense, honest. She didn't want something that she could go down to the convenience store to get, or a shake from a fast food place. No, she is in a picky mood at the time being, and the blonde girl doesn't even get too dressed up to go get it. She makes her way into the restaurant, wearing a casual pair of jeans and a rock and roll shirt of some sort, looking particularly agitated at something internal. Telepathy is currently being held back at bay for the travel into society.

There's a guy, coming up to the oak counter and slipping a hundred dollar bill on the top. Brenda looks over her shoulder to the guy, down to the hundred then back to the drink she's creating at hand. "Yeah, no. Can't do that. We don't take hundred dollar bills. We take credit or cash in denominations no larger than twenty dollars" She looks over again. "Counterfeits you know. They like their hundred dollar bills. SO, five twenties, or some plastic there honey and we can fill that order for you"

Brenda seems to be the only one on staff, the others not in yet but soon to be, so when Laina sidles up to the oak counter too, she jerks her head to a table. "Take a seat chicky, I'll be with you when I'm done with handsome here and his base pastry urges" A bit of a chuckle at that, she finishes making the drink, the noise of the machine stopping before she's coming out from behind to deliver the tray of drinks to their appropriate tables, past Harmony and plops the drinks down one after the other with the skill of someone far used to this job.

Warren nods in understanding, then slips his wallet out, returning the hundred to it before taking out his Platinum card to offer it over. "Sorry about that. You have a hundred to work with, I just want to do something nice for a girl. Maybe throw in a get well card if you have any, but I can probably do that part myself."

Laina chuckles at the "base pastry urges" joke and amiably takes a seat at a table.

Harmony finds a seat well enough, sliding into it as if she were taking a huge burden off of her feet. It is gonna be one of those nights, and she is actually a little concerned with the bit of weight she has been putting on, but it is normal. Just her wacky wonked out mind working against her, it'll pass with time. She is checking for a menu a second later, wondering just what it is she came down here for. She still isn't a hundred percent sure. "'The heck do I want?" she wrinkles a brow, perusing the menu in front of her. "I don't even know.."

"We ain't no hallmark company here handsome. That, you'll have to deal with yourself, but Jeremy there can help with the box. Because that's all we got, is boxes, but you know, I think across the city there's this place that will make you a basket real pretty, like a bow and everything, but here, it's a pink box, and a sticker. That all right with you or you still wanna throw that card around to another place?"

Brenda's smiling so wickedly, moving to Laina's table, getting out her order pad. 'Whatcha want sugar? THe specials are on the board, and the coffee's hot and fresh" She looks over at Harmony, the telepath near enough too. "Two birds, one stone, order up girlies and lets see if we can't satisfy some sweet teeth"

"That works for me, she won't mind a box. And I'll get the card myself." Warren agrees easily enough, turning around to spot the women she's taking orders from. His eyes widen a bit at the sight of Harmony, simply nodding in acknowledgment.

"Actually, I'd like a job," Laina replies with a smile. "Magnes Varlane said you might be hiring, and to talk to Abby."

"Ugh. I don't even know." Harmony speaks up to the girl, "It's— it's crazy really. I wasn't even hungry. I was sitting at home, not even thinking about any kind of food, or anything else for that matter. Alone, curled on the couch, avoiding all outside disturbances, and then suddenly I felt sick to my stomach, which isn't anything out of the ordinary, so I had some crackers, right? And that sorta worked for a minute and then all of a sudden, I wanted something sweet. But not just anything randomly, no. I wanted something out of the ordinary sweet. No candy, no Hostess cakes, no normal chocolate, but yet I have no idea what I want." She shakes her head a little, closing her eyes at her rather stressful plight. She may cry if this continues. Yeah, it is really that big of a deal. "And a slushy. I want a slushy. Fruit punch. I want that too. And a smoothie, I would kill for a smoothie." She looks apologetic for her wild wants at the moment.

"Sure you're not knocked up?" This to Harmony from the punky looking woman, a glance to her stomach and a raised brow. But she scribbles anyways, pausing to gnaw on the end of her pen then nod, write down something else. "I gotcha covered sweetie, don't you worry, you and the little parasite" She's going with Harmony is pregnant.

But someone wants a job. "Nun isn't here, doesn't run or own the place, that's me, if you got a resume, drop it at the counter, and fill out an application, we'll get back to you, call you in and throw you in the deep end and see how you do, if you got any experience"

Elsewhere, Jeremy is getting three pink boxes, disappearing into the back to try and fulfill Warren's requests.

Warren heads to one of the tables to take a seat within earshot of the three, but he seems more intent on just waiting for his order instead of actually butting in, lightly tapping his fingers against the table.

Laina grins. She has to agree with Brenda's pregnancy theory, with respect to the other woman. Those cravings don't sound like anything else. However, when she speaks, it's about the job. "I've got experience, but my resume's a bit eclectic and my references are from all over. I've been traveling the last few years. They'll all say good things, though!" She takes a resume out of the folder in her purse. "And while I'm filling out that application, could I get a slice of whatever's your favorite? Everything here looks wonderful! And a hot herbal tea, if you've got it."

"Actually, yeah. That's the problem." Harmony's brows raise a little, and her eyes roll a little while she sighs. She isn't wearing her usual tight clothing, it is more loose fitting, and just looking at her without looking for it like Brenda is, it isn't that noticeable, but since she is checking, yeah, she kinda looks it in the early stages. "I was reading up on it, and I'm hitting those craving stages pretty early. And my brother is driving me nuts, shoving food down my face every 15 minutes. I'm not hungry every 15 minutes! I'm never hungry when someone else wants me to eat. Why don't people understand this?"

"Can do sugar" This to Laina's request, scribbling it down, still eyeballing harmony's midriff. Scribbles down more again and turns away, off ot fill orders, get applications and cater to the rest of the people who are trickling in for the afternoon crowd. Leave the two women to talk to each other even as someone comes out with Warren's boxes of treats for his lady friends and the monetary transaction is performed.

As the waitress/owner walks away, Laina turns to Harmony. "Congratulations!" she says with a smile.

"Thanks." Harmony resigns to leave it to the waitress, dropping her menu and flopping back into her seat and then letting her arms go limp at her side. She halfway hopes that the girl brings her whatever she is going to bring her before her stomach changes it's mind yet again. "Oh. Don't congratulate me yet." she mentions to Laina, "I'm not married, not engaged, not even in a relationship, so that'll bring all sorts of problems later. Woman with existing children, single mom, raising a baby. It's not gonna be easy, I can assure you. The father said he'd be there to help, but still.. It's mostly gonna be just me, yanno? S'mixed blessing to be honest. Congratulate me when I get through it."

Laina grins. "I'm sure you'll take the 'mixed' out of those 'blessings' when you see your baby."

"Mm. Probably." Harmony smirks with a lazy lift of her shoulders. "Until the late nights of having to fit to the baby's schedule. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning to crying. And the postpartum depression. Then I'll really have something to say. I suppose in the long run, it'll be worth it. I just kinda wish it were a more legit situation. Yanno?"

Laina nods. "The father isn't interested in marriage? Or you're interested in marriage, just not to him?" She isn't pressing, but it seems like Harmony wants to talk about it.

"Complicated situation." Harmony wrinkles her nose. "One of those things to where he really isn't the marrying type, I think. Or there are other girls or one other girl and I was just another addition or something like that. Honestly, I haven't quite figured it all out yet, but then again I haven't really tried." She doesn't look too bothered by it.

"Well, I'm sure you'll be a great mother," Laina says. "I almost married a guy who I thought was perfect, but … it didn't work out. Don't settle for someone who doesn't understand you, or who doesn't put you first." Laina's smile has turned a little sad.

Harmony laughs a little at the comment, "A great mother? Me? I wouldn't go that far. I mean, I'm sure I'll be fine, but I doubt I'll be great, but thanks for the vote of confidence."

Laina shakes herself out of her reverie and grins at Harmony. "Just think positive," she advises.

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