Carmen Sandiego And The Awakening Technopath



Scene Title Carmen Sandiego and the Awakening Technopath
Synopsis Alia's day off leads to her realizing something is interesting
Date July 7, 2009

Fort Greene Room 101: Alia's Apartment

The simple apartment is kept oddly neat, almost showroom neat. The only signs that someone really lives here usually are the morning's dishes in the dishwasher, a TV near the very average couch, and a desktop computer hooked up to the TV much like some people would have a DVD player hooked to it. There are no pictures, no 'normal' touches of a person who has a past they want to keep.

Alia sighed. It was her day off and, as usual, she had not much to do. The freelance computer repair business wasn't as hopping as it once might have been. She leaned back against the chair and booted up an old copy of 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?' … and found herself typing in the answer to the 'copy check' question without thinking about it. She blinked… and hit enter, finding the passcode to be the one it was looking for.

'Lucky guess.' Alia thought to herself. It wasn't a halfhour later that the power browned out for a moment, causing her computer to reboot… She sighed, relaunching the game and… found herself answering a different question with identical ease and correctness. No, that isn't quite right, one would realize looking at her confused look at the question. She doesn't know the answer. But she answered it.

A few emulator glitches, a few more attempts later, and she was ten for ten. She was scared, confused, and not sure what was going on. Alia leaned back and tried to think about it logically. She sighed, then grabbed her skateboard and backpack, locking her door behind her. She felt the need to get out and think.

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