Jonathan Carmichael
Portrayed By Wayne Pygram
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Telepathic Concussion Blast
Age 41
Date of Birth April 8th, 1967
Date of Death March 18th, 2009
Occupation Field Operative, Department of Homeland Security
Family Estranged
Significant Other(s) Complicated
First Appearance ...worse
Last Appearance Made Broken

Field-Operative for the Department of Homeland Security and former Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Marine Corps, Jonathan Carmichael was a devoted servant of the United States with a decorated record of service. Outwardly he presented himself as a strong and dilligent man, but others often saw him as too involved in his work and unable to "turn off."

Character History

"I will serve and protect my country from threats both foreign and domestic. The events of 2006 have not changed that, they have only ensured my job security."

Jonathan Carmichael, a dutiful operative for Homeland Security serves as a liason between his office of placement and the elusive organization known as The Comany. Known by his peers as a pragmatic and ruthless man, Carmichael puts nothing but his assignment first — not his family, not his personal life.

Public history recounts the decorated service of Jonathan Carmichael in the United States Marine Corps, serving his country dutifully until 2001, where Jonathan moved from active military duty to the Department of Homeland Security, after which point his public record becomes muddled.

Evolved Human Ability — Telepathic Concussion Blast

"I do what I do, Sir, to the best of my ability. There is no substitute for performing a task correctly, and no excuse for failure."

Agent Carmichael is able to generate a field of dissonant telepathic energy with a maximum effective range of 50 feet. This burst of telepathic energy disrupts neural functions and causes short-term paralysis and immobilization, and in instances of particularly weak minds unconsciousness. The closer the target is to Carmichael, the longer the paralysis lasts and the more profound the effect is. At 10 feet the effect is instantaneous, causing immediate immobilization for roughly 1 minute. From 10 to 30 feet the effect sets in within 30 seconds, initially numbness in extremities, eventually leading to collapse. From 30 feet to the edge of his effective range, paralysis cannot be guaranteed, but instead sluggishness and unresponsive muscles are likely, as well as a brief sensation of headache.


January, 2009
Date Assignment Targets
13th ...Worse Carmichael, Eve, Gillian, Kent, Peter
28th Endgame - Tripwire Alexander, Brian, Carmichael, Cat, Ellinka
29th Endgame - ...And All That Could Have Been Abby, Anne, Brian, Carmichael, Eileen, Eve, Gillian, Helena, Kazimir, Lucrezia, Rafe, Sylar and Trask
30th Negotiations Carmichael and Goodman
February, 2009
Date Assignment Targets
11th Backswing Carmichael and Goodman
Cat and Mouse Carmichael
15th A Mark Carmichael and Julian
16th Red Herring Carmichael and Goodman
17th Failsafe Carmichael, Edward and Goodman
23rd Hunter and Hunter Carmichael and Hana
Who's Side Are You On? Carmichael, Cat, Elisabeth, Goodman, Hiro, Kinson
March, 2009
9th Once The Spider, Now The Fly Carmichael and Lucrezia
17th Pay Up Carmichael, Felix, Tavisha and Victor
18th Made Broken Carmichael, Tavisha/Sylar, and Verse


Public Relations Director of Biomere Research, Roger Goodman was a long-time friend of Johnathan Carmichael. Having served in the first Gulf War together, Carmichael was the sole individual who was aware of Roger's secret ability, and the pair vowed to work together following this revelation, discovering in each other someone to confide in, and a brother in arms to work towards a brighter future. Carmichael would stay on as a soldier in the military, while Roger would accept the offer of the Company and join their quest to protect people like Roger and Johnathan. In the end, the two would come to follow Arthur Petrelli's version of the truth, and Johnathan would die to follow Roger's dream.
Matthew Parkman is an agent of Homeland Security with a higher paygrade and better connections that Jonathan; both with his association with Nathan Petrelli and with DHS in general. There is a strong level of professional repsect for Matt's dedication to his job, but a critical eye leveled to him for any mis-steps.
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