Carry That Weight


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Scene Title Carry That Weight
Synopsis Sable comes to see Quinn after she gets back from Boston, and intense discussion ensues.
Date July 23, 2010

Gun Hill: Quinn's Flat

Man, TV is really, really boring sometimes. Since when did Friday Night TV start sucking so bad? That was one of the many thoughts running through Quinn’s mind as she hangs upside down off the front of her couch, eyeing the episode of Food Network Challenge that was on. A year ago, she would have been gearing up to watch Dollhouse right about now. What the hell happened to that? Because while Food Network’s awesome, this show, however, totally was not.

What a drag.

Awkwardly, she reaches up to the coffee table that partially obstructs her upside down view and, after a few moments of grasping, finds the remote and starts clicking through. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Wow, total crap. TV is being a total letdown, and just when Quinn has things she already doesn’t want to think about. Her trip had been a vacation, but from what she’d heard, and seen in her email when she got back, things were back to par almost immediately.

After a moment, she eyes her DVD rack. Finally filled to capacity, there’s certainly plenty she could watch. Just… she feels far too lazy to actually put one in. Attention returned to TV, after what seems like an eternity of clicking, she finally finds something to watch – first a commercial for that new Scott Pilgrim movie that Elaine and her had decided everyone needed to see, and then Seinfeld. She could live with that. A sigh escapes her lips, and she settles in for a half an hour. Well, settles in upside down.

What exactly is par? Being menaced by a psycho possessive ex boyfriend? Retreating from the scene of a hero vs. villain battle, complete with costumes (White Knight vs. HOMELESS MAN!)? At least these things were concluded for the moment, so what state resembling normality, approaching 'par', can be expected has in fact been reestablished in time for Quinn's return.

But man, there is a lot to tell. And Sable, not so much a gossip as a plain old blabbermouth, feels as if she's the one to tell it. Even if it's already been told. And she really needs no excuse to call on Quinn. The yellow eyed girl comes a knockin', hollering through the door. "Quinngirl! Your time has fuckin' come! You hide from me no longer! Tribute's t' be paid!"

A grimace crosses Quinn’s face, her vision swirling a bit as her head tilts – all the blood rushing to one’s head will do that. There’s a moment of silence before she gives an awkward upside down shrug and shouts back. “It’s unlocked, come on in! Cause I’m not gettin’ up!” She chuckles to herself, for whatever reason. “You not feelin’ well or something? I’m not used t’ you asking.” Eyes stay mostly glued on the TV. She doesn’t sound unhappy, and she’s not, really, but she doesn’t exactly sound like her normal excitable self.

Sable shoulders in, using her foot to tip the door closed and sidling up to the couch, pushing off her shoes and clambering onto the arm. "…What the hell, girl?" she says, taking in Quinn's position, "How 'm I gonna hug you when yer like that?" She considers the problem carefully, trying to imagine the appropriate configuration. Ultimately, she decides to join Quinn by sliding over and exactly mirroring her position, hangig upside down as well. Her good arm loops awkwardly around Quinn and gives her a squeeze.

"Glad yer home, hon," she states, "Whatall have y' heard 'bout all that's gone on?" Her own wellness isn't addressed. She seems fine.

“What?” Quinn asks with a confused look as she looks up at Sable, then up at herself. “I dunno, just-“ When Sable mirrors her position and very awkwardly hugs her anyway, Quinn laughs, letting her arms carefully encircle Sable too. There’s a tight squeeze, but it only lasts a moment before it reflexively relaxes, Quinn again grimacing when Sable poses her question. She exhales sharply, leaning back as best as she can and shaking her head.

“So somethin’ did happen the other day, an’ I wasn’t seein’ things when I saw a video sittin’ in my email from a friend with James in it?” She slinks down a bit on the couch, her hair spilling out even more over the floor, head craning a bit awkwardly as she looks up at Sable. “Everyone better damn well be alright. Particularly that fellow dressed in white.” Quinn’s eyes narrow at Sable. She has her own suspicions about who that was, and knowing who she knew it seemed like a pretty logical jump. All she needed was confirmation from Sable.

"What a shitshow," Sable agrees, her cheeks pinking as blood pools in her head, "Didn't have time t' stick 'round f'r the whole thing. Elaine said split, so I split with 'er. Sorta killed our appetite though. She was fillin' in f'r you," she grins, "Comin' by f'r lunch." Her hand reaches up to rub her nose, "But hell," she says, eyes turning away from Quinn and to the TV, "Seems like everyone's a touch too fine. Didn't see that motherfucker put down yet, which mean's th' son of a bitch is still on th' loose. I'm tryin' to talk Magnes int' lettin' the Scary Ferry Folk step in on this. I'd do it m'self, 'n' might yet, but it don't feel like my place. I ain't Elaine's protector 'r nothin'. I'll protect her, sure, but I ain't the official protector."

“God damn it,” Quinn intones with a frown, sitting up and flipping herself so she’s sitting normally – it’s a very fast, awkward motion, and one that does involved accidentally kicking Sable in the cheek, an action that goes unnoticed by its perpetrator. “I mean, I didn’t expect this whole thing t’ just be feckin’ done when I got back, but I was hoping.” Her tone is exasperated, her face finding placement in her palm.

“This isn’t how people should be doin’ things,” Quinn says after a moment or two of silence. “I mean, Jesus, is it so hard t’ call the cops? And if you don’t want t’ do that, you still don’t handle this kinda thing fucking alone. Particularly not seein’ something like that! “As she speaks, she points back to her music room, and her computer. “Assumin’ I’m wrong about somethin’, an hopefully I’ll know about that soon, that just means there’s two crazy guys out there. One of ‘em just happens t’ be fighting James.” Another pause, and a rub of her temples. “If Magnes doesn’t start handling this better soon, I’m going t’ step in, Sable. I know no one’ll like it, but Christ, this needs to end.”

And then there’s a pause, and Quinn looks up with her eyes narrowed at Sable. “Scary Ferry Folk. Colette mentioned a Ferry once kinda oddly, made it sound like a place or somethin’. This a place we can get some help from for this? Cause I’m totally ready t’ go over Magnes’ head on this.”

Unnoticed, particularly, because Quinn's foot does not connect. Sable's head tilt to the side just in time, a split second reaction of a sort Sable had never thought much of until being informed that not everyone can do that. She spins about, tucking up her legs and hauling herself, on handed, to Quinn's level and position.

Sable's brow is furrowed heavy. "Fuckin' dipshits," she growls, "They haven't done y' the courtesy yet? I fuckin' thought…" this is mostly to herself, her eyes pointed over Quinn's shoulder at some invisible perpetrator. Her gaze snaps back to Quinn, "I wasn't s'posed t' say, 'n' still aren't, but fuck 'em. My first loyalty's t' comrades. Just don't you tell them I toldja, 'r else it'll be my ass, dig? They tell you, which they should fuckin' soon as I gave y' my vouch, you act all surprised or whatever, dig?"

She motions at the room with her arm, "Never seem funny t' you that ever damned fuckin' person in this buildin's Evo? Nor that there are tough lookin' fuckers, like, tryin' t' see all discreet 'n' shit as they watch over us? 'r' that everyone here seems 't know everybody else from somewhere, like they're all in some sorta big fuckin' club? Did y' never notice none 'f that, th' big ol' Mystery on Gun Hill?"

Quinn’s eyes narrow at Sable as she talks. “What? No. I don’t know everyone in the building, an’ I don’t think everyone here’s evo. I just figured, you know. Building mates get t’ know each other, for better or worse.” Quinn’s staring hard at Sable, sitting up straight as she eyes her. “Never really seemed discreet t’ me either. I mean… wait.” She pauses, and her eyes widen a bit. “You fucking called this a buildin’ owned by a secret society the other day…” Quinn trails off, realisation in her voice, and she’s not even remotely sure what to think.

"Yeah, but y' know us, eh?" Sable says, meaning herself and Magnes, "Who lived here first. 'n' we moved in with Colette 'n' Tasha, who know th' landlord fella with the puppets, who knows lots 'f other people that keep comin' by t' talk in private like…" she says, unraveling the tapestry bit by bit, "It's like y' don't get in without some sorta invite, dig? Y' gotta know someone who knows someone… 'n' think 'bout everyone y' know? Barrin' Tasha, who here ain't a fuckin' mutant that y've met? 'n' then how many have y' met that are mutants?" Sable wrinkles her nose, "It's an Evo, like, underground, Quinngirl. T' keep folks from out under th' government's nose 'n' all, seein' as they're gatherin' us up 'n' puttin' us in camps, from what I hear. Which is why we can't have fuckin' cops 'round here. 'cause if there's cops, lot's of folks here end up in van's with, like, tinted windows, 'n' never see th' light 'f day 'gain."

Quinn’s head tilt as she listens, eyes widening when Sable gets to the point of her mini monologue. An array of emotions pass over her face – confusion, surprise, anger, sadness. When her expression finally settles, it looks rather downcast, Quinn’s eyes moving to her lap. “I… Jesus feckin’ Christ, what am I doin’ here, then?” she questions quietly, blinking slowly as she speaks. “I-I-I…” she trails off again, shaking her head. “I mean, this… this isn’t the first time I’ve heard a’ something like this.” She very conveniently leaves out the fact that it was Ygraine who more or less told her of the Ferry, without naming it as such. “I, um… Jesus, I thought you an’ me, Magnes, Elaine, Tamara, an’ Colette were the only evos here…” Quinn speaks very quietly, her eyes half lidded as she stares downwards, still processing some of the information that had just been placed on her lap, so to speak.

"Look, I can't say nothin' bout who's what individually," Sable says, extrapolating her honesty and finding that it grows vexed in individuals cases, naming names, telling secrets that were not hers, "But it's a serious fuckin' deal. 'n' their serious fuckin' people. Lot of the old school, scary-ass Evo's c'n do shit y' don't even wanna know 'bout. 'n' I'm thinkin' we should sic 'em on James, 'n' I'm tryin' to get Magnes t' go along with me, but he doesn't want James t' just, like, disappear. He wants what he figures is justice under th' law. Jail. Which, like… I don't quite go along with in my own feelin's, but I can't but fuckin' respect."

James. In the moment, Quinn had entirely forgotten. She was still going over the fact that she was living in a building that was basically an evo hideout. Jesus, how many people here were, like, fugitives or something? But there’s a bit more pressing concern on her mind. “Jesus! Why didn’t anyone tell me this when I, like, moved in!” she exclaims suddenly. “I mean, it wouldn’t have stopped me, but Christ, then I wouldn’t be tryin’ to bring the cops here!” She tugs at her hair a bit, clearly frustrated. And then the mention of James sinks in. “M-Make him disappear, Sable? Like… um…” She trails off again, not quite sure what to say. She’s just kind of staring at Sable.

Sable rolls her eyes, "Yeah, fuckin' tell me 'bout it. I'm glad they moved y' in, but I dunno what th' fuck they were thinkin', takin' y' in without lettin' y' know. That was stupid cruel without even bein' stupid selfish. But they're just people, y'know? Not saints." She shrugs, "It fuckin' is what it fuckin' is." Her brow arches, "What did y' think I meant when I said 'in th' ground'?"

“’In the ground? I don’t fuckin’ know, Sable. I don’t even remember you sayin’ that.” Now she sounds a bit agitated. “God. I just- I have… no idea what t’ think of this.” She sighs, head returning to palm. “I mean, like… now I feel terrible about callin’ the cops the other night.” A pause, and Quinn actually jumps up, hands on her hips as she stares down at Sable. “Wait a fuckin’ minute. Are you tellin’ me that we live in a fuckin’ building of Evo folks, and Magnes hasn’t asked a single fucking soul for help?” Eyes scrunch close, hand raising to rub her temple. “God Damnit. I dunno if I can handle all this at the moment. This… Jesus, this is a fuckin’ lot.”

Sable gets to her feet and reaches out to take Quinn's upper arm, her grip firm, trying to catching Quinn's eyes with her own. "Y' hold on a minute, beautiful," she says, levelly, "I've been talkin' t' him 'n' he's gonna tell th' big fella with the puppets. He's pretty high up on th' ladder, I figure. He's doin' his best t' fight his damn fool instincts. But we gotta be kind with 'im 'bout this, dig? He's actin' out 'f love, 'n' y' know that love makes y' mad. But y' can't stop it. 'n' y' can't fight it. Y' gotta teach it a better way, dig?"

A hand pinches the bridge of Quinn’s nose, eyes scrunching. “I know. Trust me, I know. But Christ, I can only take so much a’ this crazy shit he does, Sable. I have half a mind t’ think he was the other guy I saw in that fuckin’ video, and now this?” Hand covers eyes, and she exhales sharply. “I can handle a lot, I really can. I’m just… not used t’ someone acting this irrationally. I mean, I’m exactly always the most grounded person either, but… come on, Sable, you can’t tell me this isn’t too much.” The subject of the Ferry will be returned to momentarily, Quinn tells herself, but this is more immediately important.

"What? Wantin' t' take care 'f his girl personal? Jesus, what has he even done yet, y'know? I'm th' one that made trouble, blame me if yer gonna blame someone!" Sable exclaims, "Nothin' irrational, as you know, girl, bein' private like 'bout some things, 'bout wantin' yer business t' stay yer business. Think Elaine wants everyone t' know 'bout her past troubles? T' fear them lookin' at her with pity, when she want's t' feel strong 'bout herself? Think 'f why he would choose t' do what he does out of love, hon, b'fore y' go blamin' 'im."

“Bein’ private’s one thing, but when this guy’s goin’ around breakin’ arms and fucking cutting people up, Sable, you don’t handle that shit by yourself! I mean, even with normal people that’s askin t’ get hurt or killed!” Quinn’s tone is in an odd place between annoyed and pissed off when she practically yells back at Sable. “I mean, feckin’ hell, Sable, judgin’ from that video, if this guys finds anyone again we might all be fucked!” Both hands rub her face, and she turns and begins to pace around the sofa.

“Particularly if this place is a fuckin’ evo hideout an’ you have people who don’t know better calling the fucking cops,” she says, pointing at herself. “He’s an’ idiot for not seeking help the moment Elaine got fucking attacked with a knife, police or not!” She stops when she gets behind the sofa, hands falling to her sides and head shaking. “I mean, I get doin’ shit out of love, Lord knows I try t’ do as much as I can out of love. But Christ, remember what I told you about how it doesn’t fucking help when you throw yourself int’ this shit? Same applies t’ Magnes too!”

"And what help'll it be, 't him or anyone, if we scream at th' boy?" Sable exclaims, a certain touch of plea, of appeal, mixed in with her indignation, "He already fears that so many don't trust 'im, don't respect 'im… y' think mebbe that doesn't push him t' do just what y' don't want him t' do? Y' don't use a stick on yer friends! Y' guide 'em with love 'n' with trust, 'n' you help 'em change themselves. Fuck, girl, what 'r' y' botherin' being pissed at him 'bout? What's he done t' you, t' anyone yet? If we love 'im, we show him a better way. But no one changes from bein' beat. I know that. It just makes y' more 'n' more what y' are, out of spite."

"Beatin' 'n' yellin' only convince a soul they're deservin' of punishment, if they teach them anythin'. 'n' that only makes 'em seek out sin, t' earn th' punishment they know is their due! We teach him t' know better by seein' how better things c'n be… he may grow straight 'n' tall, 'stead of wiltin' under yer fuckin' shadow."

“I’m pissed because this kinda shit is idiotic an’ he’s putting more people in danger by doin’ it!” Quinn shouts, though almost immediately, she tilts her head, blinking. Maybe she hadn’t remained as impartial when listening to other people as she’d liked. “God, why is talking to everyone lately like bein’ with a brick fuckin’ wall?!” She throws her hands up in the air before turning back around, walking away from the sofa. “And when once did I say we should do and start yellin’ at him? You’re not listenin’ t’ everything, Sable. Talk with him, sure. Let him know that he’s goin’ about this the wrong way, an’ mean. But I never said we should stand around yellin’ at him until it’s beaten in.” She pauses, looking back over her shoulder. “Though I think it might do him some good t’ have someone stand up t’ him and go over his head about it. It’ll piss him off, but maybe it’ll get the idea int’ his head.”

"No it fuckin' won't, Quinngirl!" Sable says, emphatically, "I am listenin' t' y', 'n' I ain't a brick fuckin' wall. Please let's both calm the fuck down 'n' talk 'bout how we're gonna handle this 'stead of either 'f us flyin' off th' handle? If I promise t' keep my temper after we take ten fuckin' seconds t' breath 'n' calm down, will y' please calm down with me? Please, I'm beggin' y' here, hon."

Quinn doesn’t really turn around. Her gaze simply wanders off to the side, only stopping once it lands on the closed door to her music room. “I know how I want t’ handle it, Sable.” It’s stated simply, the Irishwoman beginning towards the closed door. Hand takes the knob and turns, pushing it open afterwards. “Give me ten minutes. If I’m not out after that, I think you should head on.”

Sable looks to where Quinn is headed, and then just nods. "I dig," she says, and takes her seat. She understands. She's done this before.

Quinn disappears into the music room, and while quite unintentional, the door is slammed behind her. For nearly ten minutes, silence reigns from the spare room, though if that’s because of the soundproofing, or actual silence on Quinn’s part is debateable. But that silence finally is broken by the turning of a doorknob, and the creaking of a door, Quinn emerging back into the common room with a frown on her face, her cheeks red and her eyes half lidded. She stops in the doorframe, leaning against it while she eyes the couch.


Sable turns to Quinn, a tentative smile on her face. "Nice t' have y' back," she says, which could mean a couple things, and likely means both, "What should we do 'bout this? Suggestions, like? 'r' further inf'rmation y' need?"

“I don’t fuckin’ know,” Quinn says after several moments of silence. “I don’t think anythin’ I want t’ do is going to work, really.” She speaks quietly, eyes turned down towards the floor. “Like I said, I don’t think I can handle him. I don’t know what t’ do besides go around him, you know? But… I really worry if he keeps goin’ on like this more people are going t’ end up hurt, an’ I don’t just mean you, me, or Elaine.”

A pause at that, and her head tilts. “H-How much does Elaine know about any a’ this anyway?”

"Everythin'," Sable says, "What Magnes didn't say, was told her by those that work here when they heard 'bout that motherfucker 'n' what he was out t' do. 'n' you just let me handle Magnes. You just gotta hold back and not make him feel upset 'r angry, so his better sense, 'n' my suggestions, prevail, dig? Be a friend, imagine how fuckin' hard this is f'r him, 'n' how foolish we all get when what we love is in danger. Anyhow! Ain't nothin' he's done so far 'nless yer right in sayin' that him in th' costume. If so, that'd be the first, eh? There's nothin' crazy he's done yet, so nothin' t' be upset at him 'bout."

“The first?” Quinn says with a raised eyebrow. “Well. I guess you didn’t take exception t’ him takin’ a weapon. But I’ve already talked about that enough. She sighs, eyes dipping down again. “Don’t mess around on this, Sable. I’m serious on not bein’ sure how much a’ this I can handle before I take hold a’ this myself.”

"Hon, y' keep sayin' that, 'take hold' 'n' all," Sable says, "But whatall d' y' exactly mean by that? I wanna be clear 'bout what it is you'd do, driven t' yer brink?"

“I don’t know. Somethin’,” Quinn admits, shaking her head. “I’ll figure it out if it happens. If- you know, if there’s really someone I can go t’ that runs this place or somethin’. Assumin’ Magnes or you haven’t already. I don’t know.” She quirks her lips and shrugs. “I just… I don’t like this situation. I’m not even worried about, you know. Livin’ in a hideout. It’s weird, but if there’s no one, like, dangerous here than I figure it’s their business. But this whole thing with teh Ex an’ Elaine an’ Magnes, I just… I don’t like it.”

"Girl, please, if yer gonna do it, if it comes t' it, and y' know y' can't be persuaded otherwise…" Sable says, reaching out to place a hand on Quinn's shoulder, "Still come t' me, 'n' we c'n do it together, dig? Don't you ever go on this alone, arright?" She huffs, "It's a hell of a situation, but they all knew they gotta keep quiet. They're good folks, all, or tryin' t' turn t' the good. Ygraine's with 'em, real deep, saw her at meetin's and in the headquarters, so if y' trust her, y' c'n trust her, like, association."

Quinn’s eyes move up after a moment, to look at Sable, and then her gaze slowly moves of to the side. “I know,” Quinn says, though at first it’s not clear as to what she means. “About Ygraine. She told me, a few weeks back, that she was int’ this stuff. Didn’t call it by name, but once you brought it up… I knew.” She closes her eyes, sighing. “An’ I know. I’d see someone. Doin’ it myself be ignorin’ my own bitchin’. I hate that. I hate what I’ve been since this started.”

"Y' gotta find a new way t' take it, hon," Sable says. She lifts her hand to cup Quinn's cheek. It's a fairly light touch, but to a purpose. "Y' gotta cool yer jets a touch. I know I ain't th' best example t' follow, gettin' int' a fuckin' fight… but take it as learned, hon - we gotta keep our heads 'n' we gotta seek help, all 'f us, from th' ones we love."

Quinn doesn’t look up when she feels the touch on her cheek. She just nods, remaining silent for several moments before she lifts her arms around Sable, pulling her into a tight hug. “Just promise me, promise me, Sable, that you won’t fuckin’ coddle him. Please, Jesus, don’t let him be stupid. I mean no offense t’ anyone, but you an’ Elaine seem too willing t’ look the other way when we know he’s actin’ stupid, cause it’s who he is. That’s… silly. Keepin’ someone safe goes both ways.” She doesn’t speak with any demeaning or angry tone. If anything, she seems pleading.

Sable hugs Quinn back as tight as she can, setting her chin on the other girl's shoulder. "Don't you worry. I'm doin' my best, leadin' 'im down th' right path. He wants t' do good, he's just gotta be shown the best way t' go 'bout it. I don't coddle 'im, I swear, 'n' I won't start now. Boys is boys, is all. Y' gotta know how t' handle 'im, how t' avoid hurtin' their manly fuckin' pride. I'll keep 'im, 'n' all of us, safe 's I can."

“I just… I worry lately. I saw that, like… Shibuya stuff the other day. And then this video? I hope you can get him straight so I don’t have t’.” Quinn’s still quiet, holding Sable close. “I trust you, Sable. I think if anyone besides me can do it, it’s you. Just, like I said. Don’t end up blind t’ it like Elaine has. Nothin’ against the girl, I love her to death, but she’s so eager for someone to protect her that she kinda refuses t’ hear otherwise.”

Sable immediately scowls at the mention of Shibuya, though Quinn can't see it at this angle. "That was fuckin' then. Things've changed. I spent th' better part 'f an afternoon 'n' evenin' gettin' th' full story from Delilah. That boy's made some bad fuckin' mistakes, but if folks can't change, can't learn, what th' fuck's th' point of holdin' out hope f'r anyone, y'know?" She gives Quinn a squeeze, "I ain't liable t' be blind such as Elaine is. He 'n' I have a just slightly different sorta relationship… in case y' hadn't noticed."

Somehow, Quinn is able to bite back the first reply that comes to him mind, one very unlike her. The gritting of her teeth is likely audible at Sable’s proximity, despite how hard she tries to make it otherwise. It takes a few moments of silence before Quinn continues. “Right, right. It’d be right weird if you did, anyway. I can’t imagine you with a guy, Sable. I think you’d scare ‘em.” She chuckles, rubbing a hand up and down Sable’s back. “Just keep it in mind is all I’m askin’.”

"Already steerin' him right, I pledge," Sable assures Quinn, hearing the grit, but not inviting her to speak anyways - Sable knows, herself, how difficult restraint can be, and wants to honor Quinn's effort, "Already convince 'im t' go f'r help rather th'n t' start plottin' on his own. 'n' he knew t' speak t' me first, y' know? Things'll be okay. I'll handle it, you don't worry none," she bumps her head lightly against Quinn's, "Only thing I wanna trouble y' f'r is some fuckin' production-type software 'n' shit. Seein' as I've got only one arm 'n' Magnes got me a computer so…"

“And I convinced him t’ not do anything stupid again without talkin’ to people, particularly if it involved the band,” Quinn replies dryly. “I think sometimes he only hears us when we’re talkin’. Make sure he follows through if you’re gonna get him t’ do things better.” A moment of silence, and thens he sighs. “I wish you would trouble me for than that, you know. It helps keep m’ mind at ease. I like bein’ the person people come to with their trouble. Well, when it it doesn’t involve takin’ guns places and the like.”

"Honest, it seems t' me y've got troubles, Quinngirl," Sable says, "Or are feelin' troubled. Y' get upset real easy. Frustrated 'n' all. Now, I ain't the most even keeled of folk, but even I c'n tell yer tempered suffered f'r a while. So tell me, gal… what's goin' on with you?"

Quinn pulls back a bit, an eyebrow quirked as she looks down at Sable. “I… seem troubled?” she repeats, looking a bit confused. “Besides all a’ this an’ my uneasiness about, I can’t think of a single thing I have t’ be unhappy about.” She wrinkles her nose, gaze moving off to the side. “I guess… this just seems really poignant because I dunno how t’ react to it. I… Magnes actually scared me the other day when he brought out those weapons,” Quinn confess, eyes moving down and off to the side. “An’ I love the guy t’ death, but I keep hearin’ and seein’ all this stuff and it just makes me really worried, you know? I have nothin’ but love for him, but I worry he’s going t’ make some major misstep and it’s got me actin’ entirely like I don’t wanna…”

Sable nods, "Trouble often is in what y' don't see, darlin'. I c'n see th' trouble in th' way y' react. It's what's inside, screamin' 't get out…" whatever that means. "'n' I dig… y' don't come from a place where havin' guns 'n' shit seems entirely fuckin' normal, 'n' I ain't sayin' it ever is, but y' gotta understand th' life he's lived."

She's adamant on this point, "Fuckin' understand, th' boy has literally helped t' save th' world as we know it, dig? I ain't shittin' you. You ask Dee, she 'n' him go way back 'n' he's been in shit like you can't even start t' wrap yer head 'round. When he seems t' act crazy, sometimes it is a bit, but much 'f th' time it's entirely fuckin' reasonable, takin' int' account his experience," she bites her lip, "Yer bein' drawn int' somethin' y' didn't intend t' be part 'f, somethin' y' never meant t' be involved in, 'n' y' c'n keep mostly clear 'f it if y' want, but… hell…" she shakes her head, "This ain't fair t' y', droppin' it all at once. But anythin' y' wanna know that I know 'bout, which ain't much, I'm willin' t' tell."

Quinn blinks, tilting her head as she stares at Sable. “I… that’s not the first time I’ve heard somethin’ like that either…” She just stares for a moment in amazed silence as she processes all the information she’s learned about her new friends and companions in the last month. “I mean- I don’t think that’s somethin’ I can understand, you know? I mean, I can accept it, but…” she sighs, shaking her head. “Like, real savin’ the world like in his comic books bullshit?” Quinn asks with a quirked eyebrow. “Because, you know, that’s probably exactly the kind thing that doesn’t help these situations,” she says frankly, “an’ I don’t really think it makes for a good excuse.”

She falls silent again, blinking and quirking her lips. “But, like… don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m trying t’ hate on Magnes or anythin’. I just get worried, for him an’ everyone else. But mostly for him. If he’s really caught up in real world life savin’, I mean… that’s one thing. I’ve already given someone else a pass on that, an’ as long as Magnes is helping people I won’t hold it against. But Jesus, there’s a line there somewhere, I guess is what I want to say. Maybe…”

"Quinngirl, I ain't talking delusions here," Sable states, emphatic, "Not comic books or nothin'. Real world, real savin', real people. Now, I'm tryin' t' get him clear 'f it, keep him focused on th' band, like, but it ain't bullshit what he's done 'n' been through. You ask Dee, if y' need t'. Weapons he carts around, that ain't nothin' t' what I've seen some places," what places she won't say, "You think he's a lone fuckin' crazy only 'cause he don't hide it from y'. But Jesus, the folks Ygraine works with 'n' for? The folks that run this buildin'? The folks that, like, technically I'm one 'f, if way on down 't th' bottom of the ladder? Just as crazy, if crazy he is, but surely not lone."

“I-“ her reaches up, rubbing the bridge of ehr nose. “I said like in his comics. An’ movies. I know you don’t mean a delusion, Sable. Trust me, if he’s that kind a’ delusional, he’s not the only one I know.” And then Sable mentions being a lone crazy person and Ygraine, and Quinn’s gaze moves back up, narrowed. “I didn’t really want t’ bring Ygraine up, seein’ as that still seems t’ be a sore spot, but I can tell you right now that she at least know t’ keep that shit separate from, like-“ she pauses, wrinkling her nose. Her next choice of words felt really weird to bring forth, and yet totally fitting of this conversation. “From, like, the normal people. She told me she was into this kinda of thing. Pretty up front about it, even. But I don’t see her or anyone else here grabbin’ guns, much less chargin’ into public with them over a stalker boyfriend, regardless of who he is!”

She exhales sharply, shaking her head. “I keep harpin’ on that, an’ I’m sorry but… I dunno, that really stood out t’ me. An’, you know, I…” She quirks her lips, staring down at sable. “I really think that was him the other day. I don’t pretend t’ know everyone ever, but he’s the only person I can imagine that would do somethin’ like that. Much less be doin’ it for Elaine. I’m gonna ask him about it later, an’ he better damn well be honest with me if it is him.”

"Hey now, hey now!" Sable says, lifting her hand, "My bone t' pick with Ygraine's strictly fuckin' personal, havin' t' do with how she can't seem t' mind her fuckin' manners 'round me, 'n', like, clearly misunderstands m' nature. As t' her 'n' th' Ferry, all I meant by that is t' say that we're all 'f us part 'f this t'gether, 'n' that even if she ain't th' one with th' gun in hand, she rolls with folks just bristlin'. 'n' yer right, she does keep it separate, but that's just t' show that it can be kept so. 'n' Magnes can 's well, given reason t'. But you 'magine what Ygraine might do if it was her wife in trouble, 'magine what she might do in th' heat 'f th' moment, driven by love 'n' by passion. Don't think th' levelest 'f heads haven't been tilted wild-wise by the right fuckin' weight on th' mind. 's our duty t' be level f'r him, 'n' help him level out in turn."

“If we’re talkin’ Ygraine, I trust that if someone she loved was in danger, she’d be more discreet about it. She’s told me as much, an’ I trust her about that. I’d trust a lot a’ people I know t’ be able to keep their cool more than that. Or, if they can’t, at least be more discreet about it, you know?” Quinn releases her grip on Sable, attempting to slip back towards the couch. “I just- I don’t think this is somethin’ we’re going t’ agree on, Sable. We keep goin’ around in circles.”

"What circles, hon?" Sable inquires, a brow raised, "I dunno what it is y' think I don't agree with y' on. Tell me straight what y' think I think."

“You’re kiddin’, right? All we’ve done with this conversation is go in circles,” Quinn turns back with an eyebrow arched. “Just, you know. With different words an’ such.” She shrugs, moving back towards her kitchen. “We’re not goin’ to agree on Magnes. On this situation. An’ on the nature of those around us, I guess.”

"That ain't an answer t' my question, hon," Sable says, "I asked y' what y' think I think, 'bout Magnes 'n' 'bout… whatever else yer talkin' 'bout. Just so we're clear, dig, 'n' not misunderstandin' each other."

“I-“ Quinn tilts her head at Sable, wrinkling her nose. ‘I… don’t really know how t’ put that, you know? It just seems… I dunno. Like you assume that everyone’s a bit crazy an’ that Magnes is jsut expressin’ it more or something. An’ I don’t think that’s the case at all, an’ if it is that’s not really any kinda excuse.” She pauses and shakes her head. “See? I just, like… said this. We’re goin’ in circles.”

Sable tilts her head, "That ain't what I'm sayin'," she says, "Or not what I meant t'. Not precisely. And it hurts me, Quinngirl, that y' seem t' think we can't move t'wards some understandin' on things. So you tell me, if I was t' agree with y', what would be thinkin' instead? If y' could persuade me entirely, what would I be thinkin', 'n' what would I be doin'?"

“As much as I’d like t’ hope we can, Sable, I do realise that some people just don’t agree on things. I’m not that silly, you know?” Quinn makes her way around to the front of the sofa, plopping down hard on it. “I don’t know, sable. I kinda do things on the fly, you know? I’m not really a plannin’ kinda person. If we agreed, I’d do somethin’. I just really think that we need t’ keep an eye on Magnes. Not, like, a mean or critical eye. Just something t’ make sure he doesn’t do somethin’ really stupid. That things like this aren’t normal, even if he has been out savin’ the world before. I mean- none of this is normal from the sounds of it, but like I said, everyone else at least seems more restrained.” She wrinkles her nose,s taring at the TV. “Do other people in the buildin’ know yet? An’ are they doin’ – or talkin’ about doin’ – the things Magnes does?”

"With respect, girl, please don't be tellin' me what I do and don't do, eh?" Sable states, "Nothin' silly 'bout people comin' t'gether, seein' things each other's ways, dig? You gotta give me th' chance, please? I'm pigheaded, gal, but I'm adaptable." She turns towards Quinn on the couch, folding her legs, "'n' sounds like I'm doin' just as y' say we should right now. Keepin' an eye on 'im, guidin' him right. So on that matter, hon, we agree one hundred fuckin' percent." She sniffs, "Folks know. I told 'em soon as I busted m' arm. What I couldn't tell 'em, Elaine did. 'n' they're ready t' take care 'f things. Like I said, they wanna keep this place safe 'n' sound f'r all the Evos on the run they got here. I spoke with Magnes just a little while 'go, 'n' sent him t' talk t' th' big man. What they'll do…" she pauses, "I dunno. They don't fuck around, from what I c'n tell. But bein' discreet's their first fuckin' purpose, so as far as that's what yer after, that's what y'll get."

"Anythin' y' take issue with, hon? Anythin' y' want done different, 'r better? I wanna make y' happy. I want things t' be okay, dig?"

“I dunno, it just… doesn’t seem like it when you talk about it, I guess. Like you’re lettin’ him keep on as is, even if you don’t mean t’. I know Elaine was all worried about not wantin’ to get in the way of who he is, an’ wasn’t really willing t’ say anything about it, and that was kinda how you sounded. It doesn’t sound like we agree how t’ do things, not what needs t’ be done.” Quinn isn’t looking at Sable, instead she’s staring ahead. “I guess this is just one a’ those things I’d feel more comfortable about bein’ the one handlin’ it with. Because then I could be sure.”

"Hon, y' know me well 'nuff, I hope, t' know I don't fuck around when it comes t' gettin' what I want, dig?" Sable says, "And what I want is t' keep our band t'gether, t' keep everyone safe 'n' sound, 'n' t' keep a roof over our head. I ain't gonna see that put t' risk, 'n' Magnes flyin' off th' handle is gonna risk just that. So where we part ways on th' matter seems t' be on how t' manage it. Now, so far I've been talkin' t' him regular, lettin' him vent steam at me, 'n' pushin' him t'wards goin' t' others f'r help, 'stead of runnin' off half-cocked. Now, if that ain't satisfactory, hon, you tell me what y' think we should be doin' more or otherwise. My ears 'r' open, 'n' my mind too, dig? Lay it on me."

“I…” Quinn looks off to the side again, frowning. “You’re going t’ hate me for sayin’ this, Sable, but I think people’s safety – particularly friends like you, an’ Elaine an’ Magnes, comes way before me worryin’ about the band.” She looks back over at Sable, a pleading expression on her face. “I don’t think anyone needs t’ go in yelling or pushing an’ shoving with Magnes. But I really do thing someone needs t’ be upfront and forthright with him. In his face, but calm an’ collected.”

"Jesus, 'course, hon. That goes without sayin'. Ain't no one I'm gonna sacrifice f'r my cause b'sides m'self, don't you go gettin' any other sort 'f impression!" Sable says, "Fierce I am, surely, when it comes t' music, but th' only soul I've got t' sell is my own, don't you worry…" she cricks her neck, "See, hon, I've done just that already. I mean, what about me doesn't seem upfront 'n' forthright, eh? But just in case I missed somethin' in what I said, tell me, what would y' say t' him, calm and collected, like?"

Quinn sighs. “I don’t know. Like I said, I kinda do these things off the top a’ my head. But, I mean… I’d at least express t’ him my distaste for how things have gone, an’ how he’s handling things, an’ if he freaks out on me, I’ll wait until he’s calm before offerin’ my two cents like. I think someone needs t’ be… forceful isn’t the right word, cause that makes it seem like there’ll be fighting, but…” She reaches up and rubs her forehead, exhaling loudly. “God, I give up.”

Sable arches her brow, "I ain't yellin', am I? I ain't disagreein' with y'. We're just talkin'. Why y' givin' up on me?"

After a moment, Quinn sniffles, a glint of a tear in the corner of her eye. “Because for the first fuckin’ time in, like, five years I really, really have no idea what the fuck else to do. And I can’t stand it.”

Sable stares at Quinn for a single shocked moment, before immediately scooting right up next to her and slipping her arm about her, pulling her into an uncompromising hug. She's getting hugged, dammit! No if's and's or but's about it. Sable's head tilts, her forehead pressing into Quinn's hair. She could say a lot of things. She usually does. At this moment, she chooses to say nothing at all.

Quinn accepts the hug with no resistance, awkward as it might be because of Sable’s broken arm, and her unwillingness to sit up from her hunched over position. She doesn’t mve, she doesn’t make another sound other than quiet sniffling for several moments. When she does finally speak up, her voice is quiet and restrained. “I just worry so much that something bad is going t’ happen, but I dont’t want t’ betray my friends, an’ I have no idea how t’ balance that. You an’ Elaine are the only things keepin’ me from going to him head on an’ doing… something. I’m not used t’ having to hold back when I think something like this needs t’ happen. Any of my other friends are willing t’ go with it.”

Sable presses a single kiss against Quinn's hair, and then speaks slowly and clearly. "We'll all three 'f us get t'gether, Elaine you 'n' me, arright? 'n' we'll talk 'bout what we're gonna say, 'n' when we figure out th' way t' go 'bout it… we'll all go t' him t'gether. Let 'im know what he's got t' lose if he does somethin' stupid… let 'im know how much we care, 'n' how much it matters."

Quinn is silent for several moments before she finally sits up, looking over to Sable with a frown. “That’s not too bad an’ idea, Sable,” she says through a sniffle. “Why can’t you think of rubbish like that all the time?” She cracks a half smile at her shorter friend. “God, why couldn’t I think a’ that? That’s… so feckin’ simple.”

Sable lift her hand to give a brush against Quinn's cheek, as if to wipe away a tear, just a comforting if slightly odd gesture, "Now, y' gotta give me some slack, darlin'. Mostly m' mind's busy thinkin' 'bout music," she grins slantedly, "that 'n' girls," she bites her lip, impish, then lets her hand fall from Quinn's cheek, "We do this t'gether, just as we're s'posed to."

“I-It’d probably be good if Elaine knew exactly how both a’ us feel anyway. Well mostly me,” Quinn says with a quick nod. “I dunno how well she’ll take t’ all of it, but I guess it would be best t’ do this together. So we’re all on the same page, an’ there’s no pissin’ anyone off.” She exhales sharply before shifting her position, wrapping her arms carefully around Sable. “Thank you,” she whispers, hesitating a moment before kissing her on her cheek.

Sable returns the hug, closing her eyes momentarily at the kiss. "Oh, hon," she says, "Think nothin' of it."

“Shut up and let me thank you,” Quinn says with a quiet chuckle, nuzzling her cheek against Sable’s. “I- really. Thank you. I think you just kept me from really freakin’ out. I mean, like… more. I don’t like feeling like this. At all. So, thank you.”

Sable bites her lip again. "…dammit," she says, with a tiny snicker, "I only know one thing t' do with the gratitude 'f a pretty girl…" Incapable of being serious. She gives a huff, purging herself of bad habits, before lightly kissing Quinn's cheek. "I'm always gonna be here f'r y', dig? Yer my comrade, one 'f my dearly beloved. Just… keep that in mind next time I'm a pain in yer ass, eh?"

Quinn laughs a bit louder at that, squeezing Sable when she kisses her cheek. “I wish, Sable,” she remarks, shaking her head. “But I get you, Sable. I do. I never doubted that, an’ I never will. I just… you know. Frustrated, like I told Elaine the other day. But hopefully a part a’ that can be done now.” She pauses for a moment, wrinkling her nose. “I still want t’ talk to Magnes myself, though. I want to know if it was him in that video.”

"Aw, well," Sable says, with a grin, "Stranger things under heaven, eh?" She runs her hand up and down Quinn's back, "You go 'head 'n' ask 'im, then. 'n' if he doesn't tell y' th' truth, whichever way it lies, I'll smack 'im upside th' head, personal-like."

Quinn nods. “That’s kinda why I’m hesitant. If he doesn’t tel me straight up, an’ I find out… I don’t know what I’ll do, Sable. But it’s one a’ those things where I feel I need t’ ask. Because I see that thing and I just can’t imagine it bein’ anyone else.” She lets her chin rest gently on Sable’s shoulder, chuckling after a moment. “It’s kinda nice t’ be on the other end a’ this for once. Is that weird?”

"Hardly, hon," Sable says, letting her eyes close, unable to see Quinn and since Quinn is her sole focus, judging vision superfluous, "Y' don't wanna have t' carry that weight all yerself. Now, see, what's fuckin' weird is me tryin' t' council anyone t' restraint 'n' level fuckin' thinkin'. That's fuckin' weird."

“Feckin’ Twilight Zone,” Quinn quips with a laugh and a squeeze. “Maybe this is all just a dream, then?” A pause, and she shakes her head, laughing. “Only you could say somethin’ totally serious an’ get a Beatles song playin’ in my head, Sable.”

"Think that ain't on purpose, hon?" Sable says, fingertips running up and down Quinn's spine, "I invoke their holy words whenever I get th' chance." Her fingers pause at the small of Quinn's back. "Y' c'n go ahead 'n' pinch me, darlin', if y' wanna check 'n' be sure we ain't dreamin'."

Quinn’s not going to pass up that chance, particularly not when given permission. Quietly, she raises one hand to Sable’s opposite cheek, laying it flat for moment – and then pinching, laughing almost right into Sable’s ear all the while. “You’re better at cheerin’ people up than you might realise, Sable.”

Sable dignifies the pinch with an 'Ow!' and wrinkles her nose, "Well, I ain't dreamin'," she says, "Which just leaves you. Now… where 'm I gonna pinch you?" Coasting over the compliment. Sable has a slight sentiment allergy.

“Somewhere dignified, I do hope,” Quinn replies, still laughing. “An’ you never know, that might just be part a’ the dream! Those old Twilight Zones episodes are quite strange. I wish I had some of ‘em on DVD , now that I think about it…”

"I consider yer derriere very dignified!" Sable declares, hand slipping down a couple inches - but it's just a feint. She lifts her hand up to the nape of Quinn's neck and gives it a light pinch. "…we're still here. Guess this is f'r real, eh? Or we're really deep in th' dream. Jesus… I gotta say… all this is somethin' like a dream. I'd like t' keep it so."

“Oh, come on! The neck? That hurt!” Quinn can’t help but blush, even if Sable can’t see it, chuckling quietly and shaking her head. She bites her lip again at the first thing comes to mind, simply letting out a sigh. “Yeah,” she states simply, shrugging. “I guess it is.” She lets the silence sit for a moment, before her head tilts a bit. “Right then. So, uh… We talk t’ Elaine, an’ the three of us come up with something. Together. That sounds like a right good solution, at least t’ start with. AN’ now that that’s done, an’ I’m done freakin’ out for the moment, what do you want t’ do?”

"Sorry, hon! Want me t' redo it?" Sable inquires, a tease in her voice. But she pushes it no further. The envelope must remain where it is. "Um… Jesus… I dunno. I'm done with havin' good ideas f'r the day. Tapped th' fuck out."

“Well, shit. That sucks, cause I haven’t got anythin’ besides tv. Or music, if you wanna go play. That’s about all my place is good for besides drinkin’.” Quinn leans back a bit, another grateful peck to Sable’s check as she passes, this one lingering a bit longer than the rest. “Which reminds me, the cute bartender at work helped me come up with a new drink I should make for you sometime.”

"Cute bartender? Aw, this is someone I gotta meet!" Sable says, with a grin, leaning back as well, tilting into the back of the couch, arm going about to cradle her injured one. "Y' know, let's watch somethin' easy on th' brain. Somethin' low fuckin' stress. Somethin' that always turns out okay in th' end. I wanna believe in somethin' like that."

“She’s Egyptian,” Quinn remarks with a grin, “an’ I think she was flirtin’ with me. One a’ the few times in my life I’ve regretted havinn’ a girlfriend a’ sorts when I met someone,” she admits with a blush, turning to face the TV. “An’ don’t you ever tell Ygraine I said that.” Quinn smirks as Sable tells ehr what she wants, nodding as she leans forward a bit in her seat. “Doctor Who it is. Makes me really wish I had the new season on DVD, but noooo, America has t’ be so feckin’ slow about gettin’ anything out on DVD. I could ahve most a’ that season by now if I still had my stupid DVD player form back home! What a buncha rubbish!” Quinn proclaims, jokingly throwing her arms up into the air, before looking over at Sable, smiling. “Sound good t’ you, dear?”

Sable does not forge the connection between the cute Egyptian she met at the zoo, and the cute Egyptian Quinn speaks of. She comments only: "Egyptian chicks 'r fine. Bumped int' one sorta recent-like. If she was th' model, then… Jesus… y' can't be blamed f'r lettin' yer eye wander just a little." Sable gives Quinn a light cuff in the arm, "What's b'tween us is b'tween us, don't you worry none." She turns towards the TV and, after a glance and a moment's thought, motions for Quinn to slide up next to her, her arm offered to slip around the taller girl. "You come on over here, 'n' I'm prepared t' say it sounds divine."

Quinn nods, chuckling. “I guess not.” A glance to the TV – thankfully, she didn’t have to get up, her DVD from before she left was still in the player, and it’s not like she’d mind watching The Girl In The Fireplace again. Then, a glance over to Sable and her outstretched arm, and for a moment, there’s a pretty clear look of hesitation. A smile wins out, Quinn looking up with at Sable. “I guess you’ve earned that much,” she says dryly, sliding over to her friend.

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