Jesse Carter
Portrayed By Aleks Paunovic
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Telepathy
Age 40
Date of Birth ???
Date of Death N/A
Occupation ???
Family ???
Significant Other(s) ???
First Appearance Feedback
Last Appearance

Like so many, Carter has landed on Staten Island's shore in a fog of mystery. At least he's dressed a little bit better than some.

Character History:

  • At some point, Carter was involved in at least one bank robbery with the "let's pretend we're FDIC agents" M.O., courtesy of Carter's talents. He didn't "serve time," but that's only because he turned in the rest of his crew. The Wallace Brothers were the front-runners of an actual gang that tore up and down the east coast robbing banks. They were caught about a year ago, but no one knew how they actually did it, and the case was kept low profile to ensure conviction. The two Wallace boys and the rest of their gang are now serving fifty years. Except Jesse Carter. Jesse Carter testified and walked away as clean as a whistle, but with a shiny new Registration Card in his wallet. There's info out there on him regarding his record, driver's license (The Garden State of New Jersey), birth certificate, etc. and it all looks legit.

Evolved Human Ability:

Main Ability – Telepathy
Carter is telepathic. That is, he has the ability to hear people’s thoughts. Carter can concentrate to listen to an individual’s thoughts, but he is also able to tune out thoughts when in large crowds of people. Months have doing the latter have made it somewhat second nature, or Carter’s “default” setting. However, strong or “loud” thoughts, or thoughts from people in his immediate vicinity are harder to ignore. If he doesn’t tune out the constant barrage of thoughts, Carter can suffer from severe headaches.

Thought Invasion
With an effort, Carter can tune out the thoughts of others around him in order to focus on those of one individual. That person can try to resist Carter's invasion by either clearing their mind or thinking of something else.

Thought Projection
Once Carter has successfully invaded someone's thoughts, he can concentrate harder to try and inject his own thoughts into that person's head. These thoughts are in a voice that is not the same as Carter's verbal one, and it is essentially like having a conversation without anyone needing to move their mouths.

Robot Master
Once Carter has successfully invaded someone's thoughts, he can attempt to act as puppeteer in that person's brain, injecting thoughts disguised as belonging to that person rather than himself. Highly perceptive individuals may be able to recognize the command as having a foreign source, but it takes a great deal of effort to resist.

Without distractions to counter his concentration, Carter can use a mental connection with a person to induce hallucinations. By tapping directly into all of the senses, a whole new reality can be created to fool a subject. The intensity of the hallucination will depend on how much Carter concentrates and how many distractions, external and internal, he faces while constructing it. Carter can continual reinforce the hallucination, fighting against the willpowers of any trying to resist it, but if he becomes too distracted or moves away, the hallucination will fade when the captive stops believing in it.


2/20: Feedback - Guy meets Girl. Girl propositions Guy. Guy gets girl's number. Who ever said guys can't play hard to get? (Stella)
2/21: Seedy Folk - The uptown girl is walking in the not so white collar world, she met a back street guy, and a hooker told her why… to get off staten island and do her research elsewhere. (Zoey, Minea, Felix)
2/22: [[It's Hard Out Here]]] - Lessons in "how to treat a lady" are held as needed in the Rookery, facilitated by Konga and witnessed by bystanders, Carter included. (Konga)
2/23: Trust Her - Cardinal tells Jezebel where to find Abby and Sergei, while Carter eavesdrops like mad. (Cardinal, Jezebel)
2/23: Whispers in the Dark - Carter plays Mental tag with Abigail from a dark alley. (Abby)
2/24: Help Wanted - Carter comes looking for a job at Tuck's pawn shop. (Tuck)

Trivia and Notes:

  • Sample.

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