Casper's Revenge


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Scene Title Casper's Revenge
Synopsis After dragging Kendall shopping, Melissa drags him to Raquelle's salon for a haircut and some revenge.
Date September 24, 2010

Cambria Salon and Day Spa

"Mmm…smells like spiced peaches." Raquelle wears a pair of fitted black jeans, docs with green laces and a green and black stripped fitted t-shirt under a black blazer, his fedora has a band of green around it…there's a color theme as usual. He lingers near his front desk sniffing candles as he unpacks them from a new box and passes them to certain women as they take them off to start lighting them. "…no seriously, it smells like spiced peaches…doesn't make me feel sexy, makes me feel /hungry/…gawd…" Typical 4 PM highjinks.

Melissa walking into the salon is hardly an uncommon accurance. She did say that no one else does her hair these days, and with a big fancy to-do tonight, she's gotta look good. She looks much like she has the past month, but manages a smile for her favorite stylist. "Hey Raquelle. Got a chair open for me?"

Also through the open door comes… 'something' else. Maybe Melissa is in such bad shape because she's been haunted the past month, and just doesn't know it? Armed with pencil and paper, and making sure to get the current room for a reference, suddenly there appears to be a faint outline of someone familiar. Certainly, he's very transparent and almost isn't visible at all. He's right beside Melissa, and looking annoyed.

Raquelle looks up from candle sniffling, eyebrows lifting and he holds out the candle for Melissa. "Smell this, doesn't it smell like thanksgiving pie?" He laughs softly. "Of course I have a chair open for you baby, what are we doing…got something special to go to or anything like that? Or just wanna feel even more sex-what the fuck…" He squints at something, eyeing the area beside Melissa before quickly shaking his head and looking back to the woman and blinking. "…I mean, sexy, yes I…sorry. Eyes a bit strained. Bikini wax, I think it blinded me. Lady had a rain forest and I think the Toucans were still swinging through the trees…" Blink Blink.

Melissa leans forward to sniff at the candle, then she follows his gaze, pretending not to see anything. "Uh…okay?" She looks back to Raquelle. "Got a fancy shindig tonight. Wanna look my best, even if I am dateless." Because adopted brothers do not count as dates, dammit.

With a little more sketching, Kendall becomes clearer to see, more visible… but still transparent. He's a ghost! And he's headed Raquellewards, still looking annoyed. Well, being forced to go clothes shopping does that to him, not that he's annoyed at anyone specific. But hey, aren't there stories about vengeful ghosts? Maybe he's after Raquelle for that thong incident?

"Oh-oh okay, so we'll just get you a wavy sorta polished thing going on then, nothing /too/ drastic." Raquelle starts to re-pack the candle box, pointing towards the back office. "Go on and get situation at my sta-" He stares at the space beside the woman and the 'ghost' coming towards him and just closes his mouth. He's quiet for a few moments before he purses his lips. "Melissa baby…I'ma need you to be real honest with me. You seein' anything beside you?"

"Polished. Sounds good," Melissa says, nodding and starting to head towards his station. Then she pauses and listens to Raquelle. Damn Kendall for making her promise to play along. She's feeling very agreeable to do most anything Kendall wants, but this is Raquelle! She looks around, giving Kendall a quick, but pointed look, before shrugging and looking back to Raquelle. "Just you. And the candles. Why?"

"…an you see me? Can you hear me?" just like Kendall himself, his voice fades in, and he waves a ghostly hand at Raquelle. "I'm right here… I have a message… from beyond the grave…" oh yeah, he's totally milking this for all it's worth.

Raquelle tilts his head from one side to the other, removing his hat and then putting it back on. He ahhs softly and offers a smile and shake of his head. "No uh, no reason." He eyes the figure for a few more minutes before he gestures back towards his office. "Sharin, I need you to see to Melissa's set…" Blink blink. "…I'm sorry, I /really/ really hated the movie casper…I loved Kendall to pieces but knowing that lil' boy he would've been an angel not a figment so obviously seeing as I'm having a nervous breakdown, just uh…1second." He slips out his cellphone and dials a number, holding the phone to his ear and his other hand is busy picking up a can of air Freshner to spray directly at the talking hallucination's face. "Hello? Baby? Baby yes I need you to come pick me up from wor-don't ask questi-you remember when I told you I experimented a lot with drugs? Well that plus repression, yeah. Okay…no this isn't an excuse to have sex…I need to go to the hospital…okay…"

Behind Raquelle, Melissa is looking at Kendall, making 'go ahead' motions. She even mouths, "Tell him before he locks himself in a rubber room!"

Kendall ducks when the air freshener is sprayed his way. "Just wanted to say…. WAZZAAAAAAP!" he beams at Raquelle and pulls off the ring he's wearing, becoming fully visible. "Hiya." he glances at Melissa. "Sheesh, how do I tell people this? I'm… alive?" he shrugs in her direction, then eyes Raquelle, sniggering.

*THUD* That was Raquelle, hitting the floor behind the desk after collapsing and bouncing off the chair.

"Oh Jesus Christ. Raquelle!" Melissa says, moving around the desk and crouching beside the poor man. She taps his cheek lightly. "Raquelle. Honey, wake up. Don't make me dump water on you and ruin your hair." She glances at Kendall. "Okay, no more doing it like this."

Kendall looks sheepish. "I… didn't think he'd faint. And I'm done." he shifts his feet awkwardly. "I guess… I went a little overboard? But…" fidget. "Now I got him back for the thong?" he follows Melissa to Raquelle and nudges the beautician. Hopefully seeing Kendall leaning over him won't make him faint again.

So he'll have a bump, no doubt, and maybe a scratch, but Raquelle seems more focussed on blinking blearily as he starts to come to, looking between Melissa and Kendall and just closing his eyes again. "Yeah…I'm getting to old and mundane for this shit…goord lord…"

Melissa gives Raquelle a sympathetic look. "Sorry honey. He wanted to get you back for the thong, and I couldn't really deny him since he's alive again and all that," she says, offering her hands to help Raquelle sit up.

Kendall backs away and lets Melissa haul Raquelle up to his feet, since she's right there and all. He's trying and failing to suppress an evil grin for Raquelle's reaction. "So Melissa thinks I need my hair cut again." glance. "I've been… gone, after all." apparently.

Raquelle takes a deep breath as he gets to his feet, waving off Melissa's hands, using the chair for support and he straightens up to his full height, exhaling slowly as he pinches the bridge of his nose. "Get me back for the…thong…" Buh-Link. He tilts his head to the side. "You've been /gone/. Fucking hell ya'll are acting like he's been locked up in the pokey or at vacation bible school camp or some shit like that! I ate heavily chocolatey ice cream and sweets and watched /300/ with you woman!" He takes a deep breath, strains a smile. "Welcome back Kendall, Melissa…I am ever so happy for you, this is a miracle. Will you excuse me for 2 seconds. I'll get you both ready for any potential special events." He heads for his office. Inhale, Exhale, Inhale…Exhale.

Another sympathetic smile and Melissa shakes her head. "It's not that easy, no, but I've had a full day to get used to this. And what's wrong with watching 300 anyway? Hot, scantily clad men. Even if one of them does look like this guy who drew me a picture of a dead dog, but that's beside the point. So yes, take all the time you need. The party isn't until seven."

"Well if it makes you feel better I actually was dead for a month?" Kendall replies awkwardly to Raquelle. "I mean, I didn't know it, because they went back in time and got me before I died and we did this whole Chrono Trigger slash Back To The Future thing to keep me from dying. Yesterday it was the 26th of August when I woke up, and the 23rd of September when I went to bed. Confusing as hell."

Raquelle stops just outside his office door and turns to stare between the two, buh-link. He just looks between the two and then two before the look and then more looking and blinking. "300 was horrible movie but wonderful to watch, I didn't mind." A long pause. "…yeah, just a little confusing. Actually? Really really really confusing." He laughs. "/Jesus/ I don't know how much more of this I can actually take…heh, I…just wow…" Then he turns to head into his office. "C'mon now, if I have to do you both it'll take a couple of hours, want you out of here on time to make your shindig."

"Could you keep your voice down?" Melissa mutters to Kendall before following Raquelle. "And yeah, we wanna be on time. I made Kendall get something fancy and formal to wear. He's mad at me for making him shop."

Kendall glowers at Melissa. "I don't see the point of spending four hours shopping for clothes!" he retorts. "Go in, see things you like, get them. That's all you need to do." typical male response. "What?" he adds to Melissa's mutter. "I'd say it's obvious something happened. Isn't it better to tell the truth?"

"Shopping can be handled in different ways, shopping with women is another way for us with dicks to tell them we love them." Raquelle sighs softly, starting to set up his station as he shrugs a shoulder. "Shut the door behind you." He lays out his blades with a small smile and shake of his head.

Kendall is grabbed and Melissa leans in to whisper to him. "If the Institute finds out, Kendall, you'll be worse than dead. We both will." Then she shuts the door, and moves forward to get busy with the hair stylin'!

"Oh." blinkblink. Shrugging back at Melissa, he follows for the hair styling thingamajig. Kendall isn't experienced with all this intrigue stuff!

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