Cassandra and Liz's Grand Day Out


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Scene Title Cassandra and Liz's Grand Day Out
Synopsis A lunch in the park with Aurora
Date July 6, 2012

New York always has a thing for parties, for people being out and having fun, and for days off. This fourth of July is no exception. The party mood has been building since the weekend prior - 4th of July is on a Wednesday - and for those who weren’t able to get the two days prior off, the urge to have a little fun has been building. That mood culminated in a giant party that overtook the whole city and, once it was over and done with, the cleaning crews got to work and started gathering the trash, grooming the parks, and making it like nothing had ever happened.

Cleaning up from parties was a thing that New Yorkers were good at.

Cassie had spent the 4th in Louisiana with her family, shooting fireworks off the back porch of their house, having a crawfish boil and some fresh oysters from the coast, and generally making a pig of herself, but today she was back in the big apple. Her flight had arrived early in the morning, and elisabeth - the one person she really cares about here in the City, was the first person who got a message. “Hey, i’m back. Need some adult time? I can bring dinner if you’re hungry. Meet in the park somewhere for picnic?” It was general friendship stuff, and it was one of the most unexpected things to happen to Cassandra. The fact that Cassandra, now just 18, had fallen in so closely with Elisabeth. It just seemed like they got along, even through the pregnancy. This must be what it’s like to have a close girlfriend, Cassie found herself thinking from time to time.

It's a welcome offer. With Ygraine working, Elisabeth spends a lot of time with just her and the newborn. But she's moving more easily and thinks she has enough energy for that much of an outing.

As she walks through the park to the grassy area they're using for dinner, she's grateful that it's not hideously muggy today. The stroller rolls along the path without a hitch and it feels really good to be out in the sunshine. It definitely helps her mood immensely. She's let her hair grow out some, and although it's not long enough to pull up yet, five months and pregnancy hormones make for GREAT hair growth. The blonde hair brushes her jawline already.

When she spots the teen — whose parents she's also now had occasion to at least talk to several times, what with their concern about their daughter's new friend — Elisabeth grins. She alters her path off into the grass and calls easily in greeting, "Hey, Cass!"

The park, despite being in the middle of one of the the largest cities in the nation, still has a sense of being outside of it all. Grass and trees have recovered and, thanks to the summer sun and frequent rains that make the humidity rocket north of 80%, it’s almost too much for the groundskeepers - volunteers, mostly - to keep up. The main paths are kept nice but, if you do a little walking, like Cassie and Elisabeth had, you’ll find these little out-of-the-way glades that seem to be separate from the rest of the park. Little dots of wilderness in the midst of the city.

A blanket has been spread out on the grass in the shade of one of the massive trees that call the park home, a heavy cooler mounted on a child’s wagon resting there. Cassandra is busy with a small charcoal grill, tending the coals near a spot that’s been cleared for just such an occasion, yellow flames flickering as the wood catches, good smoke starting to blow on the wind. “Lizzie!” the girl chirps, bouncing to her feet, jogging over to greet her friend and friend’s baby with a smile. “I was afraid you weren’t going to make it. I mean…It’s not like you have anything to do.” She’s teasing, of course, crouching down to smile at the baby, now only a few weeks old. “Hey there, muppet. Mommy brought you out to see Auntie Cassie, didn’t she? Well, we’ve got some things for you to try if you’re a brave girl. Some bread with blackberry jam.” She glances up to Liz. “No seeds, homemade. /wonderful/ stuff.” before she looks back to the baby. “She’s so adorable….can I pick her up?”

She knows she can…she just likes to be sure.

It's easy enough to park the stroller with its occupant in the shade and put the brakes on before she hugs the younger woman. "Of course you can pick her up," Elisabeth replies immediately. "And we'll be happy to try homemade blackberry jam — so far, nothing I eat seems to bother her."

She waves to the picnic. "When you said picnic, I thought you meant like sandwiches and stuff. You went all-out! Are you settling in okay?" She asks as she moves to lower herself a bit gingerly to the ground. Moving more easily still doesn't mean quite fully recovered..

“We missed the fourth together thanks to me being on a plane, so I figured we’d do something a little different.” Cassandra carefully unbuckles Aurora from her stroller and lifts her up, being sure to support the little girl’s head, getting a smile as she’s lifted up and turned around with a giggle, shifting her to the crook of her left arm where she can observe and not really be in the way of things. Cassie makes her way over to the little charcoal grill and, with a little study, decides that, yes, this is the right temperature to cook so two hamburgers are added, sizzling over the grill, a little salt and pepper added once they start to sear.

“I got some looks hauling this thing through the subway.” She must mean the wagon. “But it can’t be beat when you’ve got to get stuff somewhere. A picnic basket and sandwiches would be easier, sure, but this….this is a memory.” Aurora is given a fingertip to squeeze and worry about while the two grownups talk, Cassie sitting near the grill, keeping Aurora away while she tends the burgers with her other hand. “How’ve you been doing? I’m actually surprised Ygraine didn’t make it out. I did invite her, but I think she had plans or something.” Cassie shrugs, then taps Aurora’s nose. “I still get my Rory-time, though, so I think I can forgive her.”

"She got an extra shift," Elisabeth tells her easily. "With me out on maternity, she picks up some extra so we're not completely living off what little we put away over the past few months." Glancing worriedly toward where they're standing, Liz doesn't say anything about grill proximity — Cass clearly has the baby plenty far back.

"Between you, Ygraine, Kaylee, and Felix, that baby's gonna be the most spoiled girl around," Liz murmurs, mostly to herself. "Classes haven't started yet, but your internship has — what have they got you doing?" Her tone is merely as curious as it would be about anyone's new job, but the blonde does admit to herself that she doesn't want a nice kid like Cassandra drawn into her world and she'll do what she can to nudge her another direction.

That makes sense. Rent doesn’t pay itself, after all, and seeing as New York is expensive to rent in, it explains a lot about needing things like roommates and all bills paid places to make ends meet. Cassandra nods and flips the burgers, adding a little sprinkle of salt and pepper on the other side. “Hot.” she says to Aurora, making the sign for hot. “Hot.” The little girl’s blue eyes follow Cassie’s hand movements. It’s something that, even with Aurora only being a few weeks old, Cassie is doing to help with languages. Little things help, and she’s heard this would help.

She’s an auntie. She’s got to look out for the little girl.

“We’ll be good, I promise. At least, I will be. You’re mommy - I’m just the girl who comes in now and again to help out. Presents will be vetted by you, and don’t worry, i’m not planning on drums or anything like that until she’s well into college and in a place by herself. No noisy toys from me.” Cassie’s free hand strokes over the baby’s nose and forehead, then up through that little curl of whisper-soft hair. “You been good for mommy, hmm? Getting a lot of sleep and only waking up when you need to eat?” A question really for Elisabeth there, but directed to Aurora.

“Right now it’s a lot of feeling out, more than anything. Trying to quantify what I can do, figure out the limits of how far and how precise I can go back, teaching me to take notes if I’m doing a viewing myself.” Aurora is carefully laid on the blanket, on her belly, Cassie stroking the little girl’s back through her onesie gently. “Apparently my ability doesn’t broadcast widely, but to the minds of anyone in the vicinity of about a ten foot area, give or take. Just like your sound has a range, so does mine. Doesn’t work on film or anything like that, so pen and paper are required.” She rubs the back of her neck. “Other than Pinehearst, the natural history museum has asked if I can come in and do some readings on a few objects they’ve been curious about for a while. It’s…cool.” She bobs her head, flipping the burgers again. “Like I’m a real researcher.” There’s emphasis on ‘real’ there, and she sounds proud of that fact.

The infant seems pretty relaxed at the moment, mostly just staring at the face above her. Clearly she couldn't care less about what it's doing, just the view is fascinating. Elisabeth simply grins when she hears Cassandra doing the same thing she and Ygraine do — talk to the child like she actually understands a damn thing. When Cass joins her to sit on the blanket with Aurora comfortably on the ground, the blonde tips her head to listen to the teen's description of her job. "Mmm. My sound manipulation has a range," she agrees. "It took a while to sort out exactly what the range was when I first manifested it. Training it was a useful thing to do, and the guy I'm working with on music has a lot of skill with acoustics, so I'm learning a lot I didn't know about my ability. Just.. be careful about stretching it too far. Any ability can be blown out if pushed too far — I've done it. It took a year before it was anything approaching back to normal levels."

She does grin, though. "You'll have to tell me what kind of cool stuff you see in the museum… I'm sure Pinehearst has you tied up in NDAs and what have you." At the look slanted her way, Elisabeth simply shrugs. "My father's a lawyer. I understand some of those weird things just from listening to my parents talk over the dinner table."

She may not understand things now, but the connections are being made as she hears words, so the better off she is hearing words now, the better she’ll be when things happen. “I’m trying to throw a little French and Creole in, now and again, so she’ll hear something other than English. I think my life has been pretty good, knowing how to speak a couple of languages, and it lets me pick stuff up a little faster, too, knowing how it’s all put together.” Cassie gives Aurora a little touch and then the burgers come off, cooked nicely - maybe a little overdone in places, but otherwise edible. She stands and rummages around in her cooler, getting out condiments, buns, and all the stuff one would need. No french fries, though. A fryer in the park is a little much, as far as things go.

“Tell me what you want on your burger and it’s yours. I’ve got lettuce, tomato, pickles, some cheese, mustard and mayo. Oh, and ketchup.” In case Elisabeth was one of those heathens who puts such a thing on her burger.

Cassie crouches next to the cooler, making her own burger as she talks. “The museum stuff, none of that has an NDA attached, so I can pretty much tell you what I’m doing and what I’ve seen. We’re sticking to America right now, but I’ve gotten word that an Israeli museum wants me to sit down with the Dead Sea Scrolls. And the British Museum has made reference to Jack the Ripper, but I don’t know if that’s a road I want to go down. At least…” She lays a bit of lettuce on her burger. “At least I’m starting to be able to tell when something might not be the best thing to look at. I’m able to get out of the visions quicker, instead of waiting to the end. I guess it’s like exercising a muscle - the more you use it, the better you get. As far as Pinehearst goes?” she shrugs. “The only NDA that’s hit there was basic ‘corporate secrets’ stuff. They’ve tested me with library books and children’s toys. Got to show one researcher his son’s first christmas all over again. Which was nice.”

While Cassandra keeps cooking, Elisabeth is amused at the baby staring up at the patterns of light coming through the leaves above them. As seems usually to be the case, the baby starts fussing to be fed just about the time the burgers are ready. The blonde has zero concern about the fact that she's sitting in the park, quickly settling herself and Aurora comfortably for nursing the baby — she's modest about it without tossing a hot blanket over the infant too! "How about lettuce, tomato, cheese, and some mayo?" she requests. "I'll eat it when I'm done with her." But she carries on the other conversation, too.

"Definitely the more you use it, the more facile you grow with it," Elisabeth agrees. "Like anything, practice makes perfect. I love it," she grins at the Christmas story. "I would highly recommend unless you really feel like you want to do it to stay away from the crime-related ones." She shrugs just a little. "I used to be a cop. I can tell you from experience it's really not something you want to see, even when you do have a passion for law enforcement much less for someone who really doesn't." Cass can take her advice, as always, for what it's worth — one person's experience. "The Dead Sea Scrolls could be really neat," she admits.

Part of the reason Cassie chose this out-of-the-way spot was specifically for Aurora’s regular demands for food and the privacy that this kind of place entails. It’s far enough back from the trail that passerby would just see Liz sitting and nothing amiss. Cassie gets to work on the burger as requested, a challah bun halved and slathered with mayo, the vegetables stacked on top of the cheese on top of the patty. She adds a handful of chips and places the plate within grabbing distance, adding a bottle of water, before sitting down with her plate and digging in. “I know. I’ve had to put a few filters on my school email already and get off of Myspace. Someone heard about what I could do, put it on Myspace, and I keep getting friend requests from people who…well….want help with disappearances and murders and stuff.” Cassandra takes a bite, blowing out a breath at the heat of the burger, setting it on the plate to cool a little more, fanning her mouth with one hand to try and dissipate the heat.

“The one thing I wish I could change about my ability.” She covers her eyes with one hand. “Doing this doesn’t work in my visions. I can look away, but I can’t block my sight or senses which for…a few things…is a little traumatic. Or can be.” Cassie glances away for a second or two, taking another drink of her water. “Forgetting is good, sometimes. When I can.”

The somber moment passes quickly, Cassie changing the subject from her visions to Elisabeth. “So, you’re working with an audio guy? How is that going? And when are you putting on a performance? I can put up flyers on campus to get you some more people to come watch, or pull a string or two with the choral department? They always like interesting performances.”

With a faint smile, Liz allows her burger to cool on its plate for now. "I don't know when I'll put on a performance that would be anything like that. I haven't even picked up club gigs yet. Right now, I'm just learning how my ability interacts with music and doing the piano bar thing for like hotels and whatever." She shakes her head. "I'm not ready to make a run at this yet." She looks down at the baby. "Creating a career is a full time thing. Right now, so is she. And I know which one is more important," she tells Cassandra as she looks back up. "When I do eventually take to the stage, I'm not doing it as myself. I'll want to take on a stage name to protect Aura." She looks startled at the diminutive that popped out. "Huh.. Rory, Aura. You're getting all kinds of nicknames, aren't you, peanut?"

Shaking her head slightly, Elisabeth notes the infant has dozed off there and a little clumsily detaches the baby, managing to retain her modesty all the way through. Not that Liz is all that modest, but she's definitely trying to have a care for other people's sensibilities. Putting the baby up on her shoulder to pat for burps, she says, "I don't want to see her get caught up in any kind of publicity at all, like ever. If for some reason I actually manage to make a bigger name for myself, that's just way too much pressure for a kid."

Rory, Aurora, Peanut. She'll get a dozen more if she goes the way of a normal baby. Cassie sets her burger aside and pulls the diaper bag from the stroller, divesting Liz from her daughter and quickly changing the dirty diaper, putting it in the trash bag letting the baby rest on the blanket, on her back in a puddle of shadow, little flickers of sunlight dancing over her skin.. “I swear these get worse every time she makes them.” She uses some hand sanitizer to clean up, going back to eating as if nothing has happened. Boobs and Poop? Part and parcel for the girl ever since she started hanging out with Liz and her little group.

“Let her do what she wants. Let her be her, outside of your shadow. I saw too many guys driven into things they didn't want to do, to live up to their father’s legacy or something. They were so unhappy. I don't see you doing that to Rory, and I think your friends would tell you if you were.” Cassie munches on her burger. “So, how're things with you, otherwise?”

Elisabeth takes advantage of the baby being plucked out of her hands — she learned a lot from watching Harmony!! — and picks up her burger to start shoveling in food while she has free hands. "That's definitely my intention," she replies around a bite. She's thoroughly grateful to the people who take the baby and give her time to eat.

"Uhm… I guess mostly all right," she replies. "I mean… as all right as it gets, right? Trying to learn what the new normal is with Aurora in the picture. Trying to get my raging hormones under control so I don't freak out and cry at every possible moment." Shrugging, Liz admits, "I had an idea what to expect and all, but knowing isn't the same as living it, you know?"

“I’m sure. The classes I had in high school didn’t mention any of the stuff you’re talking about aside from the line ‘there may be some discomfort.’ It’s all so clinical but, I guess, it’s because it’s the south and ‘girl problems’ are something not talked about in polite company.” Aurora makes a grab for a patch of sunlight, her little eyes focused on the movement, Cassie putting her hand down to stroke over the baby’s back, giving Liz some very needed personal time.

They sit there in the park for a little while in silence, just enjoying each other’s company. “Knowing what to expect and what actually comes is usually totally different. I came up to New York expecting the stereotypes. You know - lots of yelling, traffic, dirty streets and the like. And yes, there are those stereotypes here, but what I wasn’t expecting to find was a friend like you.”


“I mean, you’ve only known me a few months. We met in this park when I slipped on the ice and kind of took me under your wing.” She leans over to put a kiss on the back of Aurora’s head, the baby wiggling. “She must have been practicing for /you/.” There’s a giggle as she straightens. “Thanks for letting me be a part of your life, Liz. You and your friends. Makes the big city seem a lot more like home.

Elisabeth looks a little nonplussed. "It's… really not all that, Cass," she murmurs around another bite of hamburger. Setting it down to chew and finish the bite, she seems uncertain for a moment. "It was simple enough just to help you when you fell. Any decent person would have. And… I do have a few friends, but we've all been through some crap over the past year or two." That's kind of an understatement. "It makes it a little … strange, I guess. Because I was away for a good while. So I'm pretty much starting over." She shrugs a little and grins. "Honestly, you were one of the first people I really clicked with when I got back to the City. As strange as that might sound with the age gap and everything. But… I firmly believe that the people in your life are always there for a reason, whether they stay a long time or they only stay a little while. So… I guess I took meeting you as a good sign."

And if she occasionally worries for Cassandra and hopes that the girl eventually finds another job because Arthur Petrelli is akin to the AntiChrist? Well… that's her own thing to deal with. She reaches out and strokes Aurora's soft scalp. Tipping her head a little, she murmurs, "She makes this face sometimes that totally reminds me of her father. Narrows her eyes a little and scrunches her nose just a bit, trying to concentrate or focus on something. She looks positively ferocious about it. It cracks me up."

“Does her father know that Aurora’s around?” Cassandra asks quietly, finishing her food, the plate and empty bottle of water going into the trash bag set aside for that purpose. “I mean, I’ve wondered, and I know you and Ygraine didn’t just make this little bundle all by yourselves…if i’m prying, I’ll stop. Sorry.” Elisabeth had never talked about Aurora’s father in all the time that Cassie has known her, and the girl has wondered, and since Elisabeth kept that information close to her chest, Cassie has been forced to imagine. Spies, Princes with kilts and muscular chests from foreign lands, and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies with strange fetishes have been imagined as Aurora’s dad.

If Liz had a clue what imaginings the younger woman has, she would die laughing. And then maybe be caught for a moment on the 'well… wait a second…' on a few aspects of all of that. But she doesn't. When she glances up, her smile has a depth of sorrow that Cassandra has probably only seen in a few people in her young life. "We were … working together on a project in one of those hole-in-the-wall places no one ever talks about. It wasn't exactly the safest situation, and we got separated. I don't even know if he survived," she tells Cass quietly. "I didn't find out I was pregnant until several months later." She shrugs a little, clearing her throat. "If he wasn't killed… we'll find each other." Her tone has a certainty to it. And then she deliberately grins for Cassandra. "Ygraine and I aren't a couple… but I'll tell her what you just said, cuz I did once offer to have her baby! Totally in jest, of course," she chuckles.

Cassie scoots over to throw an arm around Liz’s shoulders, giving her a big hug. The girl’s a hugger, which in some cases, like this one, is a good thing. She thinks for a few moments before making this offer, her voice soft. “Well…” she says. “I normally don’t do this for people, but if you have anything of his from before, I could…um…show him to you and Aurora? Let her see what her daddy looks like sometime.”

Elisabeth blinks, caught off-guard by the hug but her smile is genuine. And when Cass makes the offer, the blonde shakes her head. "I don't. But I really appreciate the offer," she replies, having to not cry because well… hormones and hitting her right in the emotional weak point! She does hug back, but then she waves off the sudden surge of waterworks, leaning over to grab a napkin to wipe her eyes. "Thank you. I wish I did, but… we got split up so fast, it just wasn't something that I had the opportunity for."

She wishes that she could introduce Richard to Cass, her thoughts falling on the wedding ring that she still wears around her throat. They could let him see what his parents had together in those moments of getting married. She wonders if it makes her a bad person that it's not simply the thought of seeing that moment but perhaps hearing what the two of them talked about at some point… maybe even Michelle's device… that pops into her head. So selfish. She pushes the thought away and lets out a slow breath. "I might take you up on that offer for something else someday, though," Liz teases gently.

Cassandra nods, leaning back to watch Aurora, smiling up at Elisabeth from her relaxed position “Well, if you do end up taking me up on my offer, give me a little warning instead of just springing it on me. I’m still learning how things work with my ability and I’d like to be sure you get the full experience on whatever it is you’re wanting me to show. That, and I’ll remember to bring my blindfold.” She’s explained what happens to her eyes when she uses her powers. It’s not very pretty to look at and stains her clothes, thus the blindfold.

And, interestingly enough, Cassie doesn’t pry anymore. Elisabeth will tell her what she’s wanting an image of when she’s good and ready, and the more information Cassie has, the more she might try to adjust the vision. Whether or not that’s a thing she can do is unclear, but she’s very careful to not taint her visions with outside information.

Grateful not to have to explain any more than she has already — she's very careful with what she says about her daughter's father, generally — Liz moves on to other topics while finishing her hamburger. When Aurora fusses, she moves to stand up and tucks the baby not into the stroller but into a sling carrier where she's tucked in against Elisabeth's heartbeat. Then she simply does the Mom-shuffle — that shift from foot to foot that all moms appear to know how to do and always do when standing around.

"So tell me about who you've met since you got here. Any cute guys in your apartment building? Or are you too busy being all excited about being here to even look?" Elisabeth asks in a teasing tone.

While Elisabeth is busy soothing Aurora and doing the Mom shuffle, Cassie is busy putting things away - well everything but dessert, at least. The coals in the grill get a splash of water to cool, the ashes dumped into a hole in the ground and buried with a small camp shovel, more water dumped on top to make sure they’re really, really out. Then the entire pile is loaded into the little wagon, strapped down with rubber bungee cords, and then, voila. Aside from the blanket and the bundle of kites by the tree, Cassie is ready to head off whenever conversation demands it.

That opens up a whole different avenue of conversation. While Liz is mostly quiet and guarded with the details of her life - for good reason - Cassie is eager to share. She tells of her classmates, her teachers and TA’s. One very good looking one with blue eyes and brown hair gets a whole paragraph or two of description, including the little squeeze of hands when she talks about his butt. It seems that Cassie is a regular social butterfly, but is focused on her studies. No big parties, even while she’s interning. That’s not responsible. “And…well, that’s pretty much it since getting back. Social groups and everything. It’s crazy.” She giggles. “Present company and associated members excluded, of course…” Cassie retakes her seat with a smile, watching the quiet dance between mother and daughter.

Elisabeth finds all of the information both fascinating and amusing, she can't help it. "College sounds like a lot of fun," she comments randomly, laughing. When Cass looks at her strangely, the blonde finds herself admitting, "I had a head injury a couple years ago severe enough that it impacted my memory. Near as we could tell, I lost about 10 years or so." She shrugs slightly, as if this is no big deal. "So although I know I went to college and some of the things I learned there are still accessible — like pieces of music that I don't remember learning how to play but the muscle memory of playing it still exists — I think the only real regret I have on what was lost is the last few years of my mom's life. She was killed in Midtown." It's something she's clearly come to terms with in the years since, though just as clearly she still misses her mother.

And then she winks at the teen. "And you thought your life was crazy."

“Everyone’s life is crazy in their own way.” Cassandra winks back with a smile that wrinkles her nose cutely. “The trick is to make everyone else think you’ve got things under control and hide the craziness. I figure that’s why adults look like they know what’s going on. It took me until I was around nine to figure out that Adults really kind of just go with the flow and don’t know everything. That was a big moment in my childhood.” Well, that and being able to project the past.

“When I was down in Louisiana, we heard about the Midtown explosion and it just seemed so far away. Not real. TV kind of made it a story and it was easy to forget that the people who died during that time were really, really real.” She shrugs slightly. “I guess that goes with growing up in a sheltered place, more’re less. Coming up here and meeting people, seeing the destruction, even so long after…kind of cemented it for me. I’m sorry about your mom.” She doesn’t ask about the head injury - the hair tends to cover any scarring up and she hasn’t combed it enough to even look for the silvery evidence.

Liz simply nods. "I miss her. A lot, right now. She was a lawyer too. But I'm grateful to have had her and to not lose all memory of her. It could have been a lot worse," she observes mildly. No need to talk about torture and stuff like that.

She sways lightly and then nods toward the kites. "You planning on trying that today?" With a glance out into the park, she considers. "I don't think we have enough wind for it, really. But if you want to fly it, I'll hang out and watch for a while." She grins a little. "I'm starting to get a bit tired." Sleeping only a couple hours at a stretch means not very many spoons left for too terribly much activity.

“I was thinking about it.” Cassandra spreads the blanket out under the tree a little more, giving Elisabeth a clear view of the field in front. A place to sit and nap with Aurora cuddled to her chest. Or…

“Let me take her. I’ll keep an eye on her for a while so you can nap. She’s changed and fed, so she’s good for a few hours. She might like watching the kite, too. C’mon.” And kind of insistently, Aurora is transferred to Cassie, strapped on, and the kite is assembled and spooled out. She’s giving a mother some time to sleep and promised to watch over her. That’s got to be relaxing. Just a little.

“She’ll be fine.” Cassie says, shooing Elisabeth to curl up. “You sleep.”

And off the two go to fly a kite.

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