An excerpt from the New York City evening news, November 25, 2008:

"I said, Robert, I know you're not sick, now get up and go to school, "says the sobbing woman on camera. "If I just would have let him stay home…" Her pain filled tone transfers into wordless blubber as the woman cries.

"She was honor roll. Perfect attendance. She was better at chores around the house than I was," says the pot bellied man with a mustache. "She was just so intent on becoming a doctor. That's all she ever wanted to do.. Ever since I can remember…"

"…took care of his younger brothers and sisters while I was working the night shift. He just had so much love. For everyone. He was just a good boy, such a very good boy."

"My dad loved being a teacher. He loved talking to the kids. Loved encouraging them…"

"I swear to God almighty, the Police better find these sick <censored> before I do. There's <censored> to pay. This is unforgivable. UNFORGIVABLE!"

"The only thing I want to say to these PARIAH… These terrorists is one simple question. What did my girls do to you? What do my girls have to do with politics? What do my girls have to do with Evolved. Nothing! Nothing!"

The stories are endless it seems, in the events following the Washington Irving bombing. What some call the greatest tragedy since the bomb — a malicious intent to take the lives of one hundred and thirty two children, and leaving over eighty injured. Four teachers were killed in the attack and in the ensuing cave in of the second floor. What's more is that a SWAT team sent to investigate one of the areas where the attack was propagated were also killed by bombs set as a booby trap. Ten of NYPD's finest were killed in this ruthless and unnecessary act. Today the giant PARIAH banner that hung from the building has been stripped and burned. Police are calling on anyone who has any information to come forward. This is one of New York's, and America's most trying times, and we need everyone cooperation and prayer to overcome these trials.

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