Catch A Doctor By The Tail


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Scene Title Catch A Doctor By The Tail
Synopsis Megan pays a discreet visit to old friends — their safety paramount, but also in hopes of help.
Date Feb 25, 2011

Brennan Townhouse

There is chaos in the Brennan household. The sound of children unravaged by sickness float down the stairs into the kitchen, squeals of laughter and then chastisement from more adult female sources as packing commences. Harve made a promise and he's keeping it and they leave tonight on a redeye bound for France and eventually to the small estate that Michelle grew up on in Southern part. Away from the city and it's myriad of problems, even if only for a week.

Megans been here at least fifteen minutes by now, jacket taken, kids already swooping by to rattle off greetings before disappearing again. Michelle stopping by, exchanging kisses on cheeks before she's out the door to pick up Henri's passport and a promise to talk more soon. It would be hard to guess that this house was affected by the dome at all if you don't look closely. But the signs are there. In the way Brennan protects his left side unconsciously, the accumulated scruff that he hasn't deigned ot shave and doesn't look half bad on him.

And in Megan's arms, Henri is dressed and sleeping, sucking away on a pacifier with brown eyes closed, dreaming whatever it is that babies dream. For all that Megan worried over Michelle, in the end, Henri came out perfectly fine, hale, hearty - SLC negative like his eldest sister.

She made a very distinct point of stopping off before she came in here. Buying a spare outfit with some of the cash that she had put aside before the evacuation to the island, washing up with very hot water at the local Y before putting on the new clothes. Making sure her old ones are sealed tightly in a plastic bag inside her tote bag, both of which she insisted on leaving outside, just in case. She is taking no chances on spreading the flu to the Brennans.

Quick kisses to the bustling Michelle and hugs for all the girls later, she is seated snuggling the tiny boy in her lap. Megan for the first time in ages feels peaceful. Her smile is gentle as she watches all the children hustle about getting ready. "I wondered if you were caught at the Center, Harve," she admits quietly. "I'm sorry that you were."

"I'm out now, and that's what counts. A run in with some unsavory people. Center got damaged, but you know how it is, enough funding ot get it back up and running. Bad timing really on my part. Placement too, if I'd been a few feet over, I'd have been outside of it looking in"

Brennan sits on a couch, watching Megan and is son in the armchair. "I promised Mish france, when we got out. So we're pulling the kids from school and taking a bit, get away from it all. How are you?' Which he knows might be a loaded question.

Or cut in half like some of the poor bastards she heard about. But Megan does not say that aloud. She strokes the baby's soft skin gently. "Not great," the redhead admits. The weeks have wrought a number of changes in her too. The noticeable one being the dramatic streak of white that is beginning to lace her hair just above her left eye. She could color it… there's only several inches of it. But it's not like she has the time, nor is she really vain enough to bother with it in light of everything else.

"I'm glad you're all getting away," she tells him softly. "While you're gone, you should… see what you can do about innoculating against the H5N10 if you haven't already." Glancing up, Megan looks a bit sad. "We've already lost one child to it. It's one of the reasons I wanted to see you. To warn you that it's… bad. Worse than last year. Very virulent, fast-moving. Far more lethal. Just… be careful." She doesn't want to lose the Brennans.

Something they hadn't done yet. Something they would do when they got back. THere's a tightness to his lips and an understanding as tos ome of why Megan wanted to see Henri. "I can't get any vaccine for you, I'm sorry." Not that she's asked them for any, but he's just not in a position to filch even one much less bargain for some this year like he was last year.

"Twenty percent survival, and that's being optimistic"

Megan shakes her head. "I wouldn't ask you for the vaccine," she says softly. "In all brutal honesty, it's probably too late for it anyway, though… it won't stop them from trying." She pauses. "I was hoping I might be able to purchase some of the flu antivirals — if they will even work for this — just to ease some of the symptoms. But I don't know if that's workable either."

There's a faint grimace at the statistics. "I know," she replies quietly. "Believe me… I know." Her fingertips stroke his son's silky hair and her blue eyes on the baby are soft. "I had to make sure all of you were doing all right," she admits. Having helped Henri into this world, she has an even softer spot for the boy than for Harve's girls — and that's saying something, because she adores his girls. "So far it hasn't broken the SLC barrier, which I'm grateful for. Though I took every precaution before I came," she promises as she looks up.

"I imagine Megan, that you would have stayed ten feet away if you had any worry at all of infecting my family" He settles his gaze on his son nodding his head. "I can have a couple prescriptions written, Mish can write a couple too I think she's got a pad in her bag. We'll make sure you have at least a couple. You'll have to let us know if it helps at all" WHich he doesn't know either but it's something that can be looked into.

Megan smiles at him. "You know it," she replies to the staying ten feet away. "Thank you. If it helps the burgeoning cases, I'll make sure to get word to you immediately. If nothing else, it could mitigate some of the borderline cases and make it more survivable." It's all she can hope for.

"Now….. tell me about this trip," she invites. "The girls look beside themselves with glee, but you look like you're still hurting. You going to be okay to fly?" she asks with a smile. "I think the sun of the south of France will be very good for you."

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