Catch the Wind


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Scene Title Catch the Wind
Synopsis First they try to make sense out of what Tamara says, and then they try to make her come down to the station. Needless to say, these are not the most successful of Aude or Rebecca's endeavors ever.
Date June 26, 2009

Essex Street Market

It's lovely Saturday morning and Rebecca finds herself yet again at Essex Street Market. She knows she lost her wallet her last weekend and perhaps has hopes of finding it. In this day and age of identity theft, she really doesn't want to take that chance. She also has zero expectations of finding it. Also cancelled are her credit cards, memberships and anything else she could recall that might have been in that wallet. Her pittance of under fifty dollars, also gone. She also considered coming down here, flashing back to see where she might have lost it and who might have picked it up, but its seems so selfish a thing to do with such a powerful gift, also including the fact that it hurts like a bitch when she's done.

Instead she leaves her purse at home, mirror and all, her new wallet tucked into the back pocket of her jeans, and she decides to see what's for offering at the market today. If she can use her keen sense for finding things that are out of place to spot her missing wallet, then so be it. It hasn't done her any good the last three times she was down here. Her long black hair is tucked back into a ponytail with a large black 'scrunchie' and she wears a white logo-emblazed t-shirt to go with her jeans. She was considering going to the office today to do a little labwork, but she hasn't fully committed to the idea just yet. So, a little shopping seemed to be in order.

Fridges need food, people need food. Markets are ideal for food. With no work on the horizon yet till she's cleared, but at least getting paid, it was Aude venturing out from her usual haunts to somewhere else. So this is how she comes to be at the Essex Market, laden with bags of fruits, vegetables, a fudgesicle in hand as she treated herself to from a street vendor. She's in a dress today, the purple sundress ending at her knees, canvas sneakers and a green cardigan. She's not tough cop all the time.

Then there's the last to arrive on the scene, cornflower-blue shirt almost the same shade as her eyes, slightly darker than the denim shorts that are showing signs of fraying at the hems. The girl's blond hair is in need of both a thorough brushing and probably a trim also, but she doesn't particularly mind that. Obviously.

She runs a string of different-sized wooden beads through her fingers, wanders through the throng of weekend market-goers without paying much attention at all to the offerings of the vendors; Tamara is the odd one out, in that respect. Instead, she spots Rebecca and smiles crookedly at the woman's profile, cutting across the flow of pedestrian traffic to fall into companionable stride beside the lab tech.

There are many milling about, though it's quite interesting when one spots a familiar face. Though, admittedly, when Rebecca spots Aude in a dress, she thinks she's mistaken at first. But as she gets closer, she realizes she's not mistaken and starts to lift her hand to offer a wave when she suddenly feels… 'stalked'. A chill runs down the length of her spine when she turns to her side, she is startled to see Tamara at her side.

Distracted, she nearly trips over something left on the ground, a small cardboard box or somesuch, and she catches her balance before she turns to look back at the offending inanimate object. She rights herself and continues onward, giving the girl another glance. "Hey there. You shouldn't sneak up on people that way. I nearly killed myself." she is still heading towards Aude at this point.

"Miss Nakano." Aude sees the other woman. God damnit. Evo. The woman is perfectly nice, heck, maybe if she wasn't Evo, she and Rebecca COULD be friends, good friends. But that difference in genetic structure dictates otherwise. Rebecca gets a wave from Aude that falters slightly at the sight of Tamara near her. There she is. The missing girl. Aude's had a ton of time, and through some angling of someone at the department, a chunk of that time has been her poring over missing persons files. The appearance of mirror girl as she had been called in Aude's mind make the sundress'd woman move forward toward the pair.

The sound of the sybil's laughter is familiar to Aude, vaguely at least; she heard its close cousin a couple of times earlier this week. "You didn't," Tamara disagrees, beaming over at Rebecca. They're almost of a height, though Tamara is decidedly younger. "It wasn't even close." She looks over at the approaching officer, head canting to one side. Not exactly a smile, her expression is something peculiar; Tamara opts to make herself useful by lightening the woman's load, appropriating one of the bags she carries. "Hello."

Rebecca is about to answer Tamera, explaining the process of exaggeration, which would be rather dry and long. The sybil is spared the diatribe when Aude approaches.

Though Rebecca got that negative-towards-evolved vibe from Aude last time they met, this time she doesn't either seem all that concerned about it, or has forgotten it. She blinks at Tamara moves to take one of Aude's bags and asks. "Do you two know each other?"

"We met in the park," Aude offers up simply as she gets close. There's surprise that the younger girl takes the bag from her but the petite officer opts not to argue. They were heavy and she planned on more. "Rebecca, meet… Tamara." She'd had to go back three years and change, but she'd found the missing persons file. She also noted that there'd been no updates or inquiries past the date of the bomb.

"And now we're…" Tamara glances past Rebecca as though getting her bearings. "…in the market!" She swings the bag back and forth in time with her strides. "That means you're here for… stuff," the girl continues, skipping forward a couple of steps and pivoting around to look at the other two, walking backwards down the way. "What're you here for?"

Watching the exchange between Aude and Tamara, Rebecca smiles as Tamara turns around and begins to be inquisitive. "Well, you're not always somewhere for stuff. Sometimes you just want to look. Maybe you'll see something you want to buy another time. Though, it's a good assumption." she nods. "Are you here for stuff, Tamara?" she asks as she spies a booth that sells scarves and stops to take a quick look, though not long as she really doesn't see anything she might like right off the bat, so she rejoins the other two, glancing at Aude momentarily before looking ahead to Tamara.

Girl has to be touched. "I think she's wandering. Tamara seems to like wandering, and walking backwards." She assumes that Tamara's question had been for Rebecca. Ohhh scarves. She should treat herself to something. "What Rebecca said, are you here for something though? Besides showing up again and talking." There's a glance to Rebecca. "Remember me asking you about Mirror Girl?" A jerk of her head to Tamara. "Meet Mirror Girl."

Anyone, everyone; at the moment, Tamara is being indiscriminant in her questioning. "But I didn't ask about me," the girl counters. "I asked about you. And you," she adds, nodding towards Aude. You don't get out of it that easily! She wrinkles her nose as Aude continues. "Wouldn't want to do the same thing all the time! That's boring. And people like being looked at when talking, don't they? It's polite and all." Besides, she can walk backwards without any problems. She doesn't have to see that trash can with her eyes to know it's there. And walk around it.

Another glance towards Aude, with a curiously raised eyebrow and Rebecca gives a soft chuckle. She nods her head to Tamara. "Actually, I lost my wallet last week and was hoping that I might see it here. Of course, it's been a week and surely someone has already picked it up, so I doubt I'd find it. Otherwise, I just thought I'd get out of my apartment for a bit and do a little shopping. I wasn't necessarily looking for anything specific when I left today." Except the wallet, of course.

"Food. Waste time, find something pretty, talk to you obviously, and run into Rebecca here" Rebecca's wallet was stolen? There's a pursing of Aude's lips and a flare of her broad nose in response to the situation. "Good luck finding it. Week later it's good as gone, you're not gonna find it again." A turquiose scarf with cream embroidery on it is picked up, examined and then dropped back down. Doesn't match anything she has.

Tamara tilts her head at Rebecca, then shakes her head. "No, no wallets." She peers at the scarf Aude picks up, her expression — perhaps more visible to Rebecca than the woman in question — clearly disapproving of that choice. The girl flits around to the other side of the stall, free hand picking out a woven band in black, cream, and accents of striking violet. "This one was better," she informs the woman matter-of-factly.

Not entirely sure what 'no wallets' might mean, Rebecca's attention is diverted as Tamara decides that Aude needs that scarf. "That's a pretty one." She nods.

More better for right now at least, but it would match other things. "Like you read my mind," spoken to Tamara. If Tamara hadn't had picked it up right then, she would have seen it and bought it regardless. There's a quiet haggling for a price, Aude raising brows and coming out with, in her mind, the better end of the deal and starting to stuff it into one of the bags. "You file a report on the wallet? Cancel your credit cards. Hey Tamara, where do you live?"

Tamara tilts her head, watching with mild curiosity as Aude argues down the vendor — the kind of curiosity that suggests this isn't something she ever does, or perhaps isn't something she sees often (if at all). It isn't until a bit later that she replies to Aude with the simple cheerful declaration of "Yes." Which question this applies to, though… she could even be answering on Rebecca's behalf, from the lack of context.

Rebecca also watches the officer barter down the price of the band and she gives a small chuckle. When Aude turns back to them and Tamara says 'yes', Rebecca has no clue at to what she might be answering. Perhaps in agreement as to the attractiveness of the band. She nods to Aude. "I filed a report, reported everything as missing. I think it just fell out of my purse. The snap didn't clasp correctly when I tucked it back in." At least that's how it looked when she got to the precinct. "Luckily, my badge is in an entirely different wallet." Of course, inquisitive eyes fall upon Tamara who doesn't answer where she lives.

"That sucks." Yup, that sucks. But, scarf is secured and attention is back on the seeress. You, yes you Tamara. Answer the question for one. Aude watches on expectantly, hoping to get an answer. Because it might be nice to be able to put 'closed' on that case.

The teen tilts her head as though listening, although Aude stopped speaking with no more than that single statement said. And she smiles slowly, the expression lopsided, wryly gentle. "Let it go anyway," Tamara advises the officer. "The box couldn't hold shadows. The rules aren't the same when you were between the lines."

If there's a method to the teen's apparent madness, then Rebecca hasn't figured out the code. Given enough time, perhaps, but only of there's a solvable pattern. She does take an interest however in each word that comes from Tamara's mouth. Not enough information as of yet to determine if there's any sort of commonality to her phrasing. "Didn't you say something about mirrors before?" she turns asking Aude that question.

"Yeah, Tamara here, she'd told me that sometimes she's herself, and then that sometimes, she's the mirror." There's a glance back to Tamara as once more the words that come burbling out of the woman's mouth just aren't quite making sense. Maybe Rebecca can make sense of them? The petite officer looks over to the forensic's expert with raised brows.

Tamara tilts her head as the older women change the subject, and she leans her elbows on the table of scarves, resting her chin atop folded hands. Blue gaze flicking between the two of them, listening with a peculiarly avid interest — as though the words spoken, the event discussed, is entirely unfamiliar. They haven't said anything to her, so she listens, letting them compare notes.

Since Tamara doesn't seem to inclined to respond when the topic is brought up, Rebecca smiles over at the teen and nods. "What is it you see in mirrors? Because I can see things in mirrors too," she explains after the question. Another glance to Aude is given before she turns back to Tamara, reaching behind her to tighten that scrunchie back up her ponytail as it seems to have come loose.

"She's Evolved. Something about seeing the past in mirrors. Literally." Aude hadn't seen it work yet, and she never wanted to see it work. But she was interested in Tamara and so she was standing beside Rebecca. Well, she wasn't standing right beside Rebecca.

Well, they weren't talking to her at the time. Now they are. The girl tips her head the other way, expression thoughtful. "…Me?" she finally answers, seeming to have struggled for the 'right' answer. "Or maybe you if you're holding it." Tamara glances to Aude, then back to Rebecca, straightening up from the table.

"Ghosts are harder to catch. That's good," the sybil adds, tone giving the sense that she's somehow approving of Rebecca even if the words on their own don't imply such. Her gaze flicks away for a moment, the girl falling silent; when she looks back at Rebecca, her eyes seem strangely darker, the angles of her expression wistful. "I'd ask but it didn't change anything. Wasn't worth the headache."

The gaze between Rebecca and Tamara will hold for as long as the teen lets it, as Rebecca watches her intently. Instead of listening to the words, she listens to the expressive voice of the teen. If only listening by tone, could express what they mean, perhaps that'll get her somewhere. "Perhaps one day you might need me to look back in time for you. You'll just need to come find me. I work at the SCOUT precinct." She says to the girl.

"Police Plaza One," Aude clarifies. SCOUT is in a couple scattered across the island. "You got a place to stay? Food? You're looking a little better kept than last time I saw you but… I saw your file. Missing persons one. You got someone we can notify that you're alive, well? Family somewhere?"

Tamara has no problem with being regarded by Rebecca, nor returning the woman's look; she smiles softly at the postcog's reply, and shakes her head. "No," she answers. "Never for me."

Her gaze flicks to Aude, and something seems to shift abruptly under figurative feet; the girl takes two sudden steps backwards, blue eyes wide. "Dark without the stars. I don't like boxes and the lines are rigid and stiff and all the cracks get deeper and nothing fits…" The words spill out so quickly they nearly trip over one another to reach the air; while Tamara's voice is quiet and becomes no louder, her agitation is decidedly clear to those nearby.

The shaking of the head seems to be a sincere response, perhaps unlike the actual verbage. Rebecca considers that maybe Tamara'll want her to look into the past for someone else. As Tamara backs up, Rebecca instictively moves to keep her from perhaps tripping over something, having forgotten the earlier demonstration of her maneuverability. Though, it's possible it could be taken as an attempt to grab, if it wasn't for the worried look on Rebecca's face. "Doesn't look like she wants you telling anyone she's alive…" is the assumption that Rebecca speaks aloud to Aude. "And it looks like she's going to run now."

Aude says, "No shit, Sherlock. Listen, maybe you should come down. So we can at least clear you off the missing persons. Or give us an address so we can put it in the file and that way if anyone comes looking for you, at least we can point them in that direction." Aude moves forward to try and take ahold of Tamara's wrist. "I have a duty as a cop to do it. There's a missing persons file on you."

It's not the look or even the action that suggests intent to Tamara — it's the possible outcomes of the action, and none of Rebecca's are a hazard to her. Still, at this stage, the seeress isn't willing to let the contact succeed, and so she twists her shoulder back just enough that Rebecca's hand finds nothing more than empty air.

Aude's intentions are made clear in Tamara's sight before the woman herself knows she's made a decision; the sybil's eyes flash dark instantly, dilated pupils masking all but the thinnest ring of blue. She draws her arm down, again just as much as is necessary for Aude's reaching fingers to miss their grasp. The teen breaks left, bolting past Rebecca and into the market with no more than the sound of sneakers slapping against concrete.

Rebecca certainly has no desire to chase after a young girl. To be honest, it isn't her job. The girl seems to be plenty happy on her own, and nearly old enough, if not yet, to take care of herself. She does turn to Aude to see if the officer is going to go after her or not. "You should let her go. Even if there is someone who is missing her, it'd be in the report, right? You can let them know she's alive at least. Which would be the important part, right?"

Crap, she was taking off. Thanks, Rebecca. "Way to scare her off." Aude grinds her teeth a fraction before shaking her head. "I'll have someone on duty mark it down, that way if anyone actually looks for her, they can know she's here. So far, though…" Aude looks over at Rebecca. "No one's inquired since the bomb" She watches the girl disappear off into the crowd with an unhappy look. God damnit, she ran off with her fruit! Great.

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