Catching A Drink


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Scene Title Catching a Drink
Synopsis Liz stops off to check up on Niki and invite her for a girls' night.
Date January 5, 2009

Old Lucy's

It's not like she'd frequent a place like Old Lucy's. It's not exactly her scene generally — she's not much of a pub crawler, though she's been a few times in the past. But Elisabeth wants to check up on Niki and so down to the place she comes, dressed in a short denim skirt, knee-high boots with two-inch heels, and a leather jacket over a dark burgundy scoop-necked top. If the boys at hte precinct could see her now, that's for sure. With her blonde hair loose, she makes her way to the bar and settles onto a stool to wait for Niki to notice her. She called ahead to check that the other blonde was on duty.

Niki has been working as much as possible, and so she's here tonight. Once she catches sight of Liz, she grins and approaches. "Hey you! How've you been? And what can I get you?"

Elisabeth grins at Niki's expression. "Hi there! Been okay. How about a beer? whatever's on draft is fine," she tells Niki. "How're things going for you around here?"

Niki pours Elisabeth a beer. "Same stuff, different day, mostly. Got my apartment, -almost- have enough for a little beater to get around town."

"Excellent!" Elisabeth is sincerely happy for Niki — she's not sure, but she kind of thinks Jessica may have money socked away, but well… that's not really accessible to Niki, is it? "So the job's working out for you, then," she says with a grin. "My friend Abby said it was a pretty decent place to work."

Oh, Jessica almost certainly has money put back. But then, that's another story. "It's not bad. I mean, fox in the chicken coop and all…plus my feet hurt at the end of a day. But it could be worse, and the tips are good."

Laughing, Elisabeth nods. "Yeah… waiting tables and bars is HELL on the feet. I did it a little in college, I remember that. I think the first WEEK, I couldn't move. Enjoyed it, though, for the time it lasted. I'm glad to see it's going well." She takes the beer in front of her and asks, "You been doing anything besides pulling extra shifts? I was thinking we might catch up on the weekend or something, if we're both not working."

Niki chuckles. "I can probably wrangle some time for you, sure. I feel like all I've been doing these days is work and sleep. I mean, it's nice for the pocketbook, but it does wear you right out."

Elisabeth nods at the blonde and smiles. "That's exactly what I was hoping you'd say. There are a couple movies coming out, if you wanna try to catch one. Or I could just invite you to dinner and we'll make it a potluck or something at my place with DVDs." She'll defer to Niki's wishes on this.. she's the one most concerned with income, and Liz doesn't want to strain the budget. "I figured you could just use a girls' night."

Niki smiles. "I can do a movie. You have something in mind you want to go see?"

Elisabeth shrugs easily. "aw, heck, I dunno. There's a couple girl-ish comedies that are coming out. Figured we might as well do something totally girly and see something no one in their right minds would see. 'Bride Wars' or something." She grins. "'27 Dresses'?"

Niki chuckles. "I haven't even heard of the other one. I still need to get a TV. But the first sounded funny. We could check that out."

Elisabeth grins. "The second is about a girl who's been a bridesmaid 27 times, owns all the dresses, and meets a guy who makes her see how dumb that is. It's supposed to be somewhat funny, but more girly. 'Bride Wars' definitely has the edge in comedy, to my mind."

Niki nods. "I'm good with it. I remember the whole frantic wedding insanity. I think it's funnier once you've done it and you can empathize with exactly how insane you get.

Elisabeth smirks at Niki. "I wouldn't know. Been engaged once, he cheated on me. I kicked his ass to the curb right fast. Haven't been close since." She shrugs easily. "But I do think the wedding nonsense is hilarious. I've been there from a bridesmaid perspective, so I can appreciate some of it."

Niki laughs. "I never had to worry about that part. D.L. was great. Not that all our families were thrilled, but hey."

Elisabeth tilts her head. "Why were they not thrilled?" she asks. "tell me to mind my business as much as you like," she says with a smile.

Niki doesn't seem to mind talking about it. "D.L. was black." She figures that answers the whole issue right there.

Elisabeth ohs, and looks thoughtful. "Well…. how very racist of all of them," she comments. "In this day and age? That's pretty disgraceful. But then again…. look at everything else going on in this world right now. I guess we've never really grown up in some ways, hmm?" She grimaces and sips the beer.

Niki laughs. "Oh, some people looked past it. But others, especially the older generations…" she shrugs. "You know how it goes."

"yeah…. yeah, I guess I do," Liz replies with a sigh. "As if we don't have far, far more problematic issues in this lifetime, right?" She smiles at Niki. "AH well…. a movie about Bridezillas! Sounds like a plan. Sunday, you think?"

Niki grins at that. "Sure. Sunday works. We just doing the movie, or do you want to make a day out of it?" She hopes the latter. It's not like she has a surplus of friends.

Liz considers and then smiles. "I would love to make a whole day of it, presuming I don't get called in. I got a new partner this week, so it's always a possibility, you know? Not the regular hours kind of job."

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