Catching Up Over Sushi


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Scene Title Catching Up Over Sushi
Synopsis Which is exactly what they do, as Thalia meets with Katherine for lunch.
Date October 14, 2009

West Side Sushi

It took a little wrangling to get through, but Katherine finally was able to get in touch with Thalia by phone. They spent a few minutes chatting before deciding on a place to meet. This place is not far from Veronica's apartment, so Katherine suggested it more a convenience than anything else. Sushi is one of those things she doesn't remember liking, though it doesn't necessarily mean that she doesn't like it.

So as she steps into the restaurant and she's taken to a seat, she notes to the server that she's expecting someone and would like to wait. Water is brought and she sips it as she turns her head to watch the chefs prepare the sushi, her eyes becoming curious as she watches with interest.

When Thalia walks in the restaurant, she asks for Katherine and then is pointed in her direction, as the woman walks she runs a hand through her hair, obviously a little nervous. Wearing a pair of black cargo shorts and a dark red tank top, the woman stops dead when she spots 'June'.

"June? Oh my god.." she says and begins to walk forward, the woman looks very different from when she use to live with Thalia in her motel room.

When Thalia walks up to her table, Katherine slides out of the booth and stands up, as she folds one hand into the other for a moment. "Hey, Thalia. And, it's Katherine. Or Kat." Though in her speech, 'June' isn't completely gone, she speaks with a little bit more fluidity than she had before thanks to some improvement in her memory. She motions for the table. "Lunch?" She slides into the booth and asks, "How have you been?"

"I'm sorry.. Kat." That will take some getting use too. Thalia nods and then she just reaches over and hugs Kat tight, I've been worried sick about you. Your friends came over and said that they were helping you.. Have they?" is the question as she slides into the booth. "All the boys at Antonio's miss the hell out of you. You had just really grew on them when you.. left." She says and places her hands on the table.

The question takes a moment to answer as Katherine has to consider it. "They're friends from my past, who I remember only in name for the most part. Except one. Her name is Veronica and we used to be lovers, and somewhere inside me I can sense that she was very important to me. I'm staying with her for now until I figure out what I'm going to do with my life. I mean, I don't even know all the details of what I used to do for a living. I get the feeling I'm not supposed to ask about it." Katherine glances up as the server comes to take their orders and Kat glances at the menu with a little bit of indecisiveness. "IF there's a special, I can take that. I've never eaten here before," she explains, then turns back to Thalia.

"Same." Thal says and looks back at the other woman. "So it's all secret, maybe government." She nods her head and the thinks about the Veronica bit. "So ex girl of yours is helping you out. I'm glad you have someone I'll have to meet her, make sure she's treating you right." She winks at Kat.

Kat makes a face, wrinkling up her nose in a rather June-like manner. "She's engaged. Though, they fight alot. I don't really think she's happy or knows what she wants." Kinda of like Kat herself. "I'm still trying to sort out how I feel about all of this. All I know is that I was locked up in a jail for about a week, then they just let me go."

"Ahh there is competition, well if you want her back.. I say fight for it. May the best person win." Thalia says and then looks down at the table. "Who gets married at times like these? Much too dangerous to be starting a family." Thal says and shrugs her shoulders. "Well you must not be a bad person or serial killer if they let you out."

Kat tilts her head and then nods. "Well, there's that I suppose." She picks at her sushi wondering what exactly some of the stuff is that's inside there before making eye contact again. "I am not certain what I'd be fighting for, is all. She said we weren't very serious, but we were close. Though I'm not entirely sure what that means. I feel.. badly for not knowing, but it's just not there. This probably doesn't make alot of sense. It doesn't make any sense to me." She takes a bite of her food and decides it's pretty good. "So, I dunno what I'm going to do. I've been helping out where that building collapsed. The one that's been on the news."

"Just trying to get your life back, huh?" she says and smiles softly at the woman, taking a bite of her sushi as well. It's ok, not the best but whatever. "I own a bar in the Village, called Old Lucy's.. well I co-own it." She says and takes another bite of her food.

"Come by sometime?" Thal says with a light smile. "It'll be fun. You can even bring Veronica."

"Old Lucy's.." the words ring familiar to Katherine, then her eyes light up as she recalls. "Someone else invited me to Old Lucy's to apply for a job. Her name was…" Kat clinks her chop stick against her plate, "Abigail, maybe? Something like that. She said she could use more help out there so invited me to come apply."

"Yes Abby, ahh she tried to recruit you eh?" Thalia snickers trying to imagine the other woman working there. "Well just drop on by, anytime." She says and then eats more of the food on her plate. "You like working at the building?" she tilts her head. "What kind of stuff you do?"

"Well, you know what I can do. My ability is great for making holes into the rubble and getting folks out of there." Even if her first attempt was a little too late in saving a life, she has continued to work there and help with rescues. "I really like it. I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. Like my life has some purpose again." Kat finishes the last of her meal and pushes her plate aside. "But I'll definitely come by sometime, though Veronica says there's alot of trouble around there, so I'll have to be careful, I guess."

"You'll need to be careful, that's for sure. People are crazy around here." She says and looks down at her plate, finished as well. "Well I must meet your friends one day, shall I?" Thalia grins widely and runs a hand through her hair. "We'll go and party sometime soon." The mechanic stretches her arms out and nods her head at Kat.

A brunette brow arches up as she chuckles a little at Thalia. "I don't think I've ever partied before." Of course, there is that memory loss going on that could have something to do with that. "But I could give it a try, I suppose. As long as I stay out of trouble." Katherine watches her friend for a moment. "Thank you for coming. I had wanted to call before now, but everything has been up in the air and hectic."

"It's understandable. I'm sorry, that you've had to go through all of this." Thalia says to the other woman and smiles softly. "Oh don't you worry, I'll keep you out of trouble." Though Thalia isn't sure she can keep herself out of trouble! "I was just really worried about you. Now that I know you're safe, I can relax."

"If you need me for anything, just call. I like to help. I kind of miss the island." Staten, of course. "But I've been told I should probably stay away from there for now. Too much trouble going on there, though I didn't really see anything when I was there. I'm not really sure I was looking for it either." Kat shrugs. "Be careful out there, okay?"

"Ok will do, you'll have to visit Antonio's soon." Thalia says and with a light smile and pats Kat's hand. "I'll see you soon and please be careful." She says and the young woman stands up, getting ready to leave. "Oh and one more thing.. it as so good seeing you." She says and then begins to walk away. Content with the meeting.

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