Catching Up With A Friend


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Scene Title Catching Up With A Friend
Synopsis Kaylee makes a stop at the Lighthouse to so that she can catchup with Doyle.
Date April 24, 2010

The Lighthouse

Her day started early today, slipping out of the apartment while Peter was still sleeping, after another of his long nights out. Kaylee had a lot to do today, after what she heard from one of the other operatives. She needed to get out to Staten Island and that would take some time since she didn't exactly have the same means of getting there like usual. While he ability was slowly coming back, it was still intermittent and unreliable… and completely frustrating.

Now she was approaching the first stop on her journey, the Lighthouse. There was someone she's been dying to see for awhile. To make sure he was okay, though the fact he was at the orphanage, gives hope he was at least staying out of trouble.

Taking a deep breath and let it out slowly her breath bright white in the freezing air, as it escapes the dark blue scarf around the lower half of her face. Slowly, Kaylee moves up the stairs, eyes lifting up to the looming building. The telepath is nervous about being there and nervous about seeing Doyle. It feels like forever. Gloved fingers curl and she knocks on the door to the Lighthouse, before taking a step back. Bundled up, it might be hard to recognize her at first, except for the long wavy blonde hair sticking out from under her knit cap, so her fingers tug the scarf off her face.

Of course, she was identified on her way up to the Lighthouse. Security's been tighter than usual lately, what with the recent incidents - first the wolves that led to the death of one child, then the intrusion of FRONTLINE that led to another child getting hurt.

As she knocks at the door, it's answered by Eric Doyle; he's grown a bit of a beard, and he's not quite as plump as he once was, but he'll always be a big man. A grin blossoms across his lips as he drops back a step, "Kaylee. Good to see you…" A couple small faces peek from behind him, peering at the newcomer.

"Hey, puppet master." Kaylee says softly, her own affectionate smile touching her lips, as she studies the big guy. "I… ah… can I come in?" She asks, looking a touch uncertain. Her gaze drops to the kids, and she wiggles fingers at them in greeting, offering them a bright smile, she's not a completely stranger at least, but not as familiar as some.

"I heard you where here, so I thought I'd stop in on my way to the Garden." Blue eyes lifting back to the Puppeteer, Kaylee adds. "I miss my friend and thought I'd make sure he's okay, now that I'm not sick."

"Sure, sure, come on in…" Eric drops back a step, gesturing for her to enter with a broad grin, "Kids, say hi."

"Hi." "Hello!" "Yeah, whatever." A chorus of greetings from the children that'd come to investigate the newcomer, one of whom perks up in a tiny voice, "Are you Eric's girl-friend?"

"No, Mala," the puppeteer chuckles deep in his throat as he steps along past, reaching over to ruffle her hair, "Go back to your game, kids—Kaylee, c'mon to the kitchen, I've got some coffee going.?"

The question gets a chuckle from Kaylee, hand coming up to cover her mouth. You have to love kids and their questions. "Coffee would be great and don't worry, I've been stuck with a thirteen year old for over a month, kind of use to all of that." Watching the kids for a moment, there is almost a wistful look. "Her name is Molly. Good kid, she use to live here and I think I convinced her to come back. She wants to live with me, but she needs other kids." A sideways glance for to Eric.

Moving towards the kitchen, Kaylee peels off her gloves. Stuffing them in her pockets, she huffs with a touch of frustration, "It feels like I've been locked away from the world forever. So much happened while I was down with that flu."

"Well, there's plenty've kids here," Doyle admits— a low chuckle rising from his belly as he walks along into the kitchen, moving over to draw the pot off the machine and pour two mugs, "I'm sure they'd be happy to have another friend. I wish I could say that they'd be safe, but…" He grimaces, his head ducking a bit, "…well. There've been some… problems lately."

"I got a briefing yesterday." Kaylee moves along side him, while he fills the mugs so that she can take one for herself, once he's done. "I hate that I wasn't able to be around." She sighs softly, glancing back over her shoulder, before looking back at Doyle with a soft smile. "How can they not be safe, tho? Your here." Her elbow nudges him in the side, teasing.

"But.. is it true that FRONTLINE attack this place?" Kaylee doesn't look happy about the thought of government goons attacking place full of kids.

"I guess there was a… fugitive here," says Eric, a sigh spilling from his lips as he offers a mug over, stepping to the table to sit down once he has, "I was out with a few of the kids at the time, so I don't know what - really happened. Probably for the best." He looks over ruefully, "I would've tried to stop them, and that could've gotten messy."

Taking the mug in her hands, Kaylee gives him a sympathetic look. "Yeah… I wouldn't want you in their hands again." She admits, moving to set down her mug on the table, so she can shrug out of her coat and rest it on the back of the chair, before settling into the seat. "I heard something about dogs, too? Attacking one of the kids." She grimaces at the thought.

"How have you been, though?" Kaylee finally asks, looking to the puppeteer, eyes narrowing as if pondering him. "I've been out of contact. About the time I realized you were not popping back up, Molly got me sick and I couldn't risk finding out what happened to you."

"Yeah. Wolves, or… wild dogs…" A bleak look crosses Eric's expression, "That's why I came here, when I heard, I… figured they might need the help. Someone to protect them. You know?" A faint smile over to her, and he gestures with the mug, "I've been all right. Just staying here, for the most part… uh, although there's a Ferry meeting tonight I heard about. Figured I might show up."

"Yeah. It's why I'm on Staten, so I can go and see what all of this is about."Kaylee admits with a crooked smile. "Peter wouldn't — " The telepath stops herself, teeth clicking softly as her mouth snaps shut. That wasn't something she was going to bring up around Eric just yet. "Um… I figured while I was out here I'd check in, two birds with one stone." She explains, her eyes eyes staring down at her mug, unable to look at her friend.

"Maybe I'll stick around, help you out here and then we can go to the Garden together." Her tone bright as it always is, though she hazards a nervous glance across the table.

At the mention of Peter, Eric's gaze lifts up to her with a wry sort of expression. "You'd probably be best not to mention him at the meeting," he points out with a wry curl of his lips, "The guy isn't exactly looked at as a friend around most've our crowd, you know?"

A slight nod, a faint smile, "Sure. Sure. Um. Hey. You— you seen your doctor lately?"

"I know. He's been burning bridges, not to mention who his mom is." Kaylee says with a heavy sigh, glancing at the doorway into the other room. "If I can help it, I don't plan anyone knowing… that… I know him." She doesn't says dating… living with… or any other damning things. "Just the fact I know his mom has made everything I've done for the Ferrymen mean almost nothing." There is sadness when she mentions that.

"My doctor?" Kaylee's brow lifts curiously, glancing back over at Doyle. "I — don't have a doctor? Oh wait. Doctor Brennan? Not since we were taking care of the people freed from those Refrain trials." Brows drop to furrow slightly. "Why?"

"No, no…" Doyle grimaces, his head shaking sharply as he waves one broad hand, "…not him. The— the doctor that Adam set you up with? Brooke. Odessa— I, I forget what name she was going by back then, it's been awhile. She has so damn many."

"Oh! Doctor Brooke?" Kaylee's head shakes slowly, her expression thoughtful. "I haven't seen her since that day she made me run." Brows lift a bit, her head tilting some, as she studies the big guy. "Sooo… Brooke wasn't her real name? Not — that I'm surprised. So many people do that." A smile tugging up the corner of her lips.

Hands warm around her mug, she lifts it to take a sip enjoying how it warms her as the liquid is swallowed. Something occurs to Kaylee suddenly and she looks over at him again, straightening some. "Oh… Not sure if Eileen got it out, but where I was staying was attacked. Not by FRONTLINE or anything. But some old guy, who had a large amount of abilities. He went after a woman named Melissa that was there, was trying to cut her head open. Badly hurt Peter by tossing him about." There is a shudder at the memory. "I tried to hit him with a fireplace poker, but he somehow knew I was there."

"I don't know what he was after, or doing… but just in case… keep an eye out for this guy. He came come through chimneys as smoke. Has telekinesis… Tried to make me fall asleep. I've never seen anyone with a lot of abilities at once." Then again she wasn't around Peter when he was a swiss army knife of abilities.

"Oh." Is that a hint of disappointment from Eric as she admits to not having seen her? If so, he hides it with a swallow of coffee, gaze hooding a bit until he looks up, brow furrowing and skin paling as he straightens, "Wait— wait, he had a lot of abilities? He tried to— cut her— like Sylar?"

"Midtown man? He… did that too?" Kaylee gives Eric a confused look, but she lifts her hand two fingers out, making a cutting motions horizontally. "Like that? When he did that, a line started to show up on her head… or I think that's what I saw. I was.. distracted with trying to knock his block off." Brows furrow, frown pulling down the corners of her lips. "My ability cut out about then too." The downside of that flu."

Shaking her head, Kaylee adds, "I've seen pictures of Sylar, this wasn't him, way too old for one."

"Maybe he got— got some kind of disguise power? I don't know, I've never… heard of anyone else that could do that sort of thing," Doyle says, a little too quickly, clearly spooked by the idea, "If it's him, or someone like him, you— just stay the fuck away, is what I'm saying, he's dangerous." Yeah, as if she didn't know that.

Hands unwind from the coffee mug so that she can hold them up as she says with a shake of her head, "Oh, trust me, puppet man. I plan to not get close to him." Even if Kaylee went at the psycho with a fireplace poker, she doesn't plan to stick around if she's the only one. "I have no idea what he was going to do, but he was trying to open her head up." That much she knows.

"That is scary enough for me to try and stay away." Kaylee admits with a small smile. "I'm worried about him hitting others, I know Melissa didn't know him or anything like that. But this Federal agent that questioned me said there were others out there like him, but it's a rare ability."

"God. More of them…?" An uneasy look is shot towards the living room, Eric's tongue moistening his lips a little as he sets down the cup, "What if— what if he comes after the kids? I mean… there's a lot of Evolved here, and the kids can't defend themselves all that well…"

"He may never show up." Kaylee offers softly, trying to see some hope in the matter. "But I thought I better mention that something happened. You know… just in case." Her head turns to the door way again, with a look of concern. "I hope whoever it is, isn't that cold and heartless. I mean… " She motions in that direction, "…their just little kids."

Clearly, Kaylee can't easily fathom someone doing something do horrendous. "I can't even… I can't picture it."

"Heh." A half-chuckle, though there's no humor in it, Eric's gaze sweeping back to her, "You'd be surprised what people'll do sometimes… surprised you haven't realized that yet, Kaylee." He looks over to the living room, then back, his voice quiet, "I really like it here. They don't— judge me, or anything. They just see this big funny guy that plays with them. Not— not some pathetic coward that just runs from— from everything, and hurts people."

"Yeah… I guess your right." Kaylee gives him an embarrassed smile. "Guess somethings are still hard to imagine." Eyes drops to her mug and she takes a sip out of it.

When he talks about like there at the Lighthouse, she looks up at him, a smile playing on her lips, "Well, it's cause you are big kid, which helps you see on their level." Kaylee offers, shaking a finger at him. "You, sir, are fantastic with the kids. I'm sure Gillian realizes that."

"Speaking of which…" Kaylee twists in her seat and starts searching pockets. "…I wanted to drop off contact information, so she can contact me. I wanted to offer up my help when she needs extra hands." Pulling out a folded letter she adds as well, "And you know what my being all better means right?" She smiles brightly at Eric, brows waggling a bit. "I can help you with shows again." The smile fades a bit, eyes narrowing slightly as she points the paper at him, as she adds. "No fishnets still." She has to struggle not to break back out into a smile.

"I wouldn't want to make your boyfriend jealous," Doyle drawls out, hand flattening to the table as he pushes himself up, "…you can give it to her yourself, she'll probably be at the meeting. And if we want to make it, we should get going, the Garden's a hike." He jerks a thumb to the door, "I'll go let Brian know we're going."

"Yeah… don't spread that around, please?" Kaylee says softly. "My credibility within the group is shot as it is." It's sad that she has to think that way, but… she does. When he stands, she tucks the letter back in her coat, before standing as well. "You think Gillian will be there?" Leaning over to grab his mug, to take both to the sick she nods.

"It would be better to do that, then." Kaylee agrees, frowning a bit. "I'll be right there, I'll rinse the mugs and meet you at the door."

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