Causes And Effect


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Scene Title Causes and Effect
Synopsis Two Ferrymen discuss the causes and the lengths they go for them.
Date August 23, 2010

Gun Hill

Out in Ferryland, Lynette is out in the Gun Hill lobby hanging some art work to make the place look more pleasant. It may be a run down building in the Bronx, but it's home, damnit, and she's going to make it feel comfortable for everyone. They seem to be originals, these paintings, from a local artist, if the subject matter is anything to judge by. Currently, the woman seems to be hard at work… making sure they're hanging straight. Which means a lot of little adjustments… and then stepping back to eye them. Hmm.

Sable has just arrived back home from work, her untamed hair of late days having that newly-trimmed look, her eyes finally free from obstructing dark strands. She looks sort of tired, but otherwise seems quite cheerful, though she's still doing that thing where she ruffles her own pixie cut, still getting used to the new length.

Which is hopefully not the topic of conversation she will bring up with Lynette, who's surely had enough of that, thank you very much. As Sable sidles into the lobby and spots the woman that she met upon her arrival and then promptly never saw again, the yellow eyed girl pauses a moment, peering, remembering. She's been gone. It was something serious, serious Ferry stuff. Bad stuff. Details not forthcoming, despite her best eavesdropping.

"… fuck it, but I can't remember yer name, hon," Sable says, smiling sheepishly and sauntering over to Lynette, "but I sure as hell don't f'rget that lovely face 'f yers. Which, lemme say, is a real goddamn pleasure t' lay eyes on again."

Turning at the voice, Lynette can't help a small chuckle at the confession. "Well, normally I might be upset, but you're very good at the flattery. Lynette," she supplies, smirking just a little. "Sable, wasn't it?" She's much better at remembering names. "It's good to see you again, too, hunny. You haven't been making too much trouble in my building while I've been gone, have you?" Lifting an eyebrow, the woman puts a hand on a hip, mockingly serious.

"I speak only t' truth," Sable says, turning and leaning back against the wall, head hovering next to the picture Lynette has just put up, "if th' truth flatters, then so much th' better, eh?" She dips her head, "Sable it is, and," she grins, "are you sayin' that I look like trouble, gal? What gives y' that impression?" Maybe that smile, which might as well be a red-lettered sign to that effect?

"Oh, I know trouble when I see it." Lynette chuckles before she gestures to the painting, which is off a little girl climbing a tree in Central Park. "Does this look crooked to you or am I just crazy?" She looks back to the painting, tilting her head a bit to one side… and then the other.

"And do y' like what y' see?" Sable goads, arms crossing, angle of her lean the precise geometric index of insolence. She twists her head to try and get a look at the picture as Lynette asks the question, but she's at no proper perspective… so she is forced to abandon her ne'er-do-well's post and slip over next to Lynette, to get a better look. She tilts her head one way, then another, before arching a brow.

"Dunno if it's crooked, but it sure is square. Girl climbin' a tree? Reminds me…" she pauses, glancing up at Lynette, "sorry. Bein' a bitch. It's cute. And it looks fine. I just ain't happy 'nless it's rock 'n' roll, dig?"

"That entirely depends on how much the damages cost me." Lynette smiles crookedly at the pose, apparently amused by it all. "Square, huh? Too family friendly?" She frowns a little there, looking back at the painting again. "Well, maybe I can spice things up a bit. The thing about starving street artists, they love commissions. Extra money."

"Promise, hon," Sable says, grinning luridly up at Lynette, "I won't do you no harm. Not 'nless y' specifically ask f'r it. Y'll profit only, and profit in pleasure, I pledge…" But in all seriousness (which, Sable is not serious, at least as long as Lynette's not serious, which if she is well…) "Family friendly is exactly fuckin' it, yeah," she says, nodding, "but mebbe y' want that? Mebbe that's what folks here need. I dunno, I'd be putting Beatles posters every-fuckin'-where if I had th' choice. That's what I call 'inspirin''."

Lynette reaches over to pat Sable on the shoulder, a sort of wry expression on her face. "Oh hunny, you've got all the wrong parts for that sort of promise." But, her hands go to her hips a moment later and she looks at the painting for a while longer. "Well, I can compromise. If you care to, feel free to put up whatever rock and roll paraphernalia on the walls on your floor. We'll give the place an eclectic feel."

"What nature didn't supply, hon, we've ways 'f making ourselves," Sable replies, rolling her shoulders in a shrug, sounding remarkably matter-of-fact, "Just sayin', if y' ever get, like, curious. Or just bored 'f pricks bein' attached t' bigger pricks." And she leaves it at that. For now, at least. Both of Sable's brows are now lifted, "Y' serious? I got th' whole floor t' reign over?" She sounds quite excited at the prospect. "Jesus, where've you been all this time?" Oh… ouch. Bad question. Sable winces as soon as she says this. "Fuck, I'm sorry. That was a fuckin' stupid thing t' say. Wasn't thinkin'."

The offer just gets a crooked smile for a moment, Lynette content to leave it at that, too, apparently. But when she goes on and starts apologizing, the landlady lifts a hand in an almost regal dismissal of the whole thing. "It's alright. You don't have to dance around your words for me, we'll all have a better time of it if we're just relaxed about it all." My, but she's very zen about it all. "But yes, decorate away. Anyone doesn't like it, they can move floors."

Relaxed, eh? Sable swivels just a little on her heel, to better face Lynette, frowning a little. "If that's so… mebbe I won't feel bad 'bout askin' whatall happened t' y'? I'm, like, Ferry 's well, but I've never been in on th' heavy shit 'n', like…" she quirks her lips, "figure mebbe I could learn somethin'. Somethin' to help me be a little more th'n a smartass fuckin' freeloader 'n' all."

"Well…" Lynette frowns there, forgetting the painting for the moment to look at Sable instead. "I'm not sure it had anything to do with the Ferry, at least until they organized the rescue. But as far as I could gather, someone is very curious about figuring out how Evolved manifestation works. But. The fallout from all that is probably going to need some Ferry work. I take it you haven't done much smuggling, have you, hun?"

"More just shopliftin', mebbe a small kinda con here and there," Sable answers, casually enough, "though I'm knockin' that off 'cause of a girl. Why?" she tilts her head, "Ferry needs somethin' smuggled? Or something done, like," she grins, "other than decoratin'? 'cause I'm probably better, like, generally at larceny-type shit than, like… interior design," her grin becomes a smirk, "wrong kinda gay f'r that."

"It's the whole reason the Ferry approached me. Help moving people out of the country. Discreetly. I used to work for a sort of… under the radar import/export organization in LA, that's were they found me. This place, it's not just for us all to come and live in. It's a stop over. Like the Underground Railroad. If you want to be involved, deeper than just upkeep on a safehouse, you can get in deeper. But. It doesn't come without its dangers. Take this rescue for instances. More people died than got rescued. People were hurt, seriously. Your friend Magnes, he almost died there in the field hospital. So. There are levels of involvement. You just have to decide… what you're willing to risk." Lynette seems to be serious about that, her hands planted firmly on her hips. "You kids, you want to get involved and I think that's wonderful. But give some thought to how much of your life you're willing to give up for the cause."

Sable listens to Lynette, her mouth a thin, thoughtful line, her expression not so much reserved (since Sable is never reserved) as withdrawn. This sounds suspiciously like a lecture, but Sable does not feel like it's target. She realizes, yes, that she's being talked to, but… it's the mention of Magnes, and then the implicit comparison between herself and him, his attitude, that makes her speak up, brows lifted.

"Hon," Sable says, "that's real fuckin' good 'f you t' try 'n' warn me, 'n' all, like… I hope you tell more young folks like that, 'cause I feel y', really I do. But don't you worry 'bout me 's far as that's concerned. Th' Ferry ain't my cause. Like… I wanna help, 'n' I care, 'n' I've done shit 'n' I'll do more in th' future, hell I've seen me doin' more in th' future, but," she flashes a wide smile, "I'm a musician. I'm destined f'r stardom. My cause is music, 'n' spreadin' love through rock 'n' roll."

"Alright then," Lynette says with a bit of a smile, "It's my advice to you, then, not to get in too deep. Just a little deep. I'll let you know if something comes up you can help in. Something better than interior decorating, but not so flamboyant as raiding the facilities of evil organizations, perhaps."

"Oh Jesus," Sable says, rolling her eyes, "Naw, yeah, I'll fuckin' skip that shit, thank you very much. That's all fuckin' craziness, and not th' sort I'm suited to. I mean, lookit me," she gestures down at herself, just over five feet of intransigent punkass, "I'd get swallowed up in one goddamn bite." She peers up at Lynette, "'course, someone's gotta do it, eh? Someone's gotta do the rescuin'? Else how are we gonna get our lovely blondes back?"

"There is that," Lynette says with a rather winning smile. "But don't you worry. There are all sorts of people to do the rescuing. You go get famous, hun." She pauses there, and steps back a moment to look her over. "And send me some sort of demo. You all are doing the band, right? I told Quinn and I'll tell you. I do have some contacts in the music business. If you all ever decide you want me to tap those contacts, let me know."

"That so?" Sable says, trying to play it cool, but clearly intrigued, even excited. Lynette is just full of good news for her. "Y' know… you come up t' my place sometime, arright? Five-oh-three. I'll show y' want I c'n do personal-like," she winks, "'n' I promise t' keep it just as professional as y' care. Though please, don't you hold back if y' find m' animal magnetism 'n' musical skills overcomin' yer better reason, dig?"

The yellow eyed girl dips in a low bow. "Been a pleasure m'lady Lynette," she rises from the flourish, "I'm gonna get started on my floor. You stay lovely, y' hear?"

This farewell given, she pads off towards the stairs, casting just one look and a last bidding over her shoulder. "'n' th' pictures straight as 'n' arrow. Don't fret 'bout it!"

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