Central Park Zoo Escape

MANHATTAN — Due to rapidly rising snow and dangerous winter weather conditions, an unexpected escape attempt happened at the Central Park Zoo earlier today. The zoo's two famous polar bears, Gus and Ida were able to climb out of their cage and slip away into the park. Animal control had been contacted, but by the time they arrived, high winds had already disguised the polar bears tracks. Additionally it was discovered and eight of the sixteen penguins within the Central Park Zoo had also escaped from their enclosures by climbing the rising snow drifts. Three were discovered wandering the park, but the remaining penguins are still at large.

Residents of Manhattan are warned to not approach the bears if they are spotted and to call 911 immediately. Residents are urged to keep small children and pets indoors and supervised. New York City animal control and the NYPD will be working around the clock to attempt to discern the location of the bears, though park officials have noted that the bears radio tracking tags that they were outfitted with nearly six years ago are not properly functioning, compounding the difficulty in tracking the animals.

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