CEO Reacts To Praxis Hacker News



Scene Title CEO Reacts To Praxis Hacker News
Synopsis Warren posts a YouTube video.
Date June 11, 2019


Warren wears a tight, dark green shirt as he sits in a room full of things that have been covered in black bars in the background. Someone has clearly gone through and redacted a bunch of stuff in the video before actually uploading it to YouTube.

"Hello, I'm Warren Ray, from Raytech! Today I'm reacting to this radio show that talks about Praxis' hacking. PR told me not to do it, but I'm the CEO what are they gonna do?!" He starts the show up, and makes a point of pausing it whenever he needs to comment.

RADIO: {crackle} — ink what we're really looking at here is a clear-cut piece of evidence on the danger that Evolved— SLC-Expressives— whatever can pose to the larger world. It doesn't have to be nuclear. They can hold our financial institutions hostage.

"Are they attacking me for being good at making stuff?" Warren wonders, frowning. "I'm not holding any financial institutions hostage, my machines can't beat Kimiko Nakamura's business skills!"

RADIO: (Host): Sure, sure. But we've had to live through digital terror threats since before the war. Chinese hackers were—
RADIO: (Guest): Chinese hackers were backed by an entire sovereign nation, Phil.

"Wait when did this happen? What did I miss?" Warren tilts his head, confused.

RADIO: (Guest): This hacker? They're a single individual. One person taking down a multinational corporation.
RADIO: (Host): That's stretching. We don't know if this is a lone-wolf situation and defacing a website isn't really—
RADIO: (Guest): Defacing?
RADIO: (Guest): If we're to believe everything this hacker's done they've stolen data from company servers and posted it publically. What if this was our bank accounts?

"Why does Praxis put all of their data in the cloud?" Warren has to ask, holding his hands up as if this was simply ridiculous. "This doesn't sound like a hacker problem, this sounds like a Praxis security problem! Praxis if you give us money, I might be able to talk Richard into letting me loan you our security team for consulting purposes! He'll probably say no, but it makes me kind of sad that your IT guys are low on the Mountain Dew scale…"

RADIO: (Host): But… it isn't. I mean, if you look at what's being posted — if it's real — that looks like whistle blowing to me. This implicates Praxis in crimes against hum—
RADIO: (Guest): If. If. If.

"Whoa, crimes against <bleep>." Warren's mouth is also covered by a black box during the sound. "Okay, so maybe Praxis <bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep>. If we're being perfectly honest at least. I think I'm supposed to say allegedly? Allegedly."

RADIO: (Guest): The big picture here is a multi-trillion dollar company was just smacked flat on the ass by a single person. This is an extant threat, one that we need to develop countermeasures for.

"Not using the cloud for data storage." Warren is quick to repeat.

RADIO: (Host): Like tighter Registration?
RADIO: (Guest): No.
RADIO: (Guest): I'm talking anti-technopathic weapons. Technology designed to protect us against Expressive abilities. There's a european company working on non-chemical negation, did you know that?

"Baked goods. You just have to buy her freshly baked goods and it'll distract her long enough to slip some cool stuff into your designs!" Warren enthusiastically points out. "I admit that I developed the anti-technopathic weapon of buying expensive pastries. It is the primary weakness of technopaths."

RADIO: (Host): I didn't. I—

"It's okay, I don't know how this guy knew, so I don't expect you to know." Warren reassures the radio voice.

RADIO: (Guest): We need to level the playing field. Praxis is one of three major companies leading the way in the fields of cybernetics and biotech augmentations. What if this is a targeted attack against a means by which ordinary people can rise to the level of the extraordinary?

"Raytech fully supports the consensual transhumanism of mankind. For any technopaths out there who might be upset, DM me for a free cake voucher!" Warren says with a quick, knowing nod.

RADIO: (Host): Now didn't you just shout if at me a lot there?
RADIO: (Guest): I'm just trying to be realistic, Phil.

Warren looks briefly disgusted. "Realism is the murderer of creativity, Hal!"

RADIO: (Guest): And that's all the time we have for today. Our guest tonight was Hal Dearborne, CEO of Cyberpath Securities. Tomorrow on the show we'll have Amelia Karlslund talking with us about Norway's small but vocal Pro-Expressive movement. I'm Phil Whitley, and this has been Phil You In on NPR.

Warren suddenly looks very confused. "If he's the CEO of a security company, why is he mad at technopaths instead of the low Dorito levels of the Praxis IT department for putting their data in the cloud?"

RADIO: {music}
RADIO: (Announcer): You've been listening to Phil You in on New York Public Radio. Our show is sponsored in part by the Goodchild Foundation, seeking to reunite war orphans with their family members and The Tallest Tree Foundation, helping to identify the remains of those lost during the civil war, and the Deveaux Society, a philanthropic organization at the forefront of SLC-Expressive rights. You can catch Phil Me In weekdays at 2:30 pm and an encore broadcast weeknights at 9:45 pm.

"I'll donate a dollar to all of those organizations for every like on this video for the next month." Warren decides, seemingly on a whim.

RADIO: (Announcer): This is NPR.

"Oh, I thought Sam Roberts sounded weird." is the last thing Warren says before the video just kind of ends.

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