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Scene Title Challenging
Synopsis Elaine lets Sable know how things stand, and the definition of 'slow'.
Date July 2, 2010

Gun Hill - Sable's Apartment

Oh God… who lives like this?

To call this room sparse would be, if not unfair, then not precisely indicative. Yes, there is little in the way of furniture here. In fact, the only object that really qualifies is a salvaged mattress sitting on a salvaged box spring sitting on the floor. There are sheets, but they are almost always coming free of the mattress itself, crumpled and tangled up with the blanket, a ratty old quilt that must have been through several previous owners. But sparse does not convey the sense of general disorder, the //ad hocness of the resident's lifestyle. On either side of the bed is a pile of clothes, one for clean clothes, the other for dirty clothes, and neither pile is very large, nor sports anything like a variety. Tank tops (usually white), cargo pants (usually brown), and underwear (usually depicting cute cartoon characters who have been given eye patches, devil horns or fearsome scars using black fabric marker) dominate the selection. At the moment there are a variety of boxes and plastic pins lining the walls, though none of this belongs to the apartment's actual tenant - she's just letting her friend use the free space.//

Decoration has only been recently added in the form of many swaths to brightly colored, patterned cloth pinned in drapings upon the walls. The impressions is chaotic but enthusiastic, like the combined work of a hippie, an ADHD child, a crazy person. The last is true. The others… arguable. Other that than, there are only a few items that suggest the tenant's personality and interests: a CD player, a pile of CDs, an amplifier and two guitars, one black electric, one blue acoustic-electric. These alone, of all the (admittedly few) possessions in this place, look well cared for. Even the way they rest in the corner, arrayed with care, suggests something like love for them.

Sable has made a raid of some kind. Maybe she found a box of patterned bolts of cloths that weren't to specifications, and had to be thrown out. In any case… Sable has decorated her room.

Sort of.

It's somewhere between a hippy den, a medieval court and a crazy person's apartment. Which the last one it is. Swaths of cloth are pinned up, covering the walls in sweeps of often chaotically clashing patterns and colors. Sable has even attached some around the edge of her boxspring, livening up her one piece of furniture her work and rest place, the bed. She sits peering at her phone, and the text she has just sent Elaine. "can you make it?" The way she spells out the words is deliberate. She's afraid, as whenever she writes, that she'll come off as stupid, because she's not so well educated. She stares at her own message solemnly, though she occasionally glances up, hopefully, at the door.

The benefit of being just down the hall is that it doesn't take terribly long to get from one place to the next. Instead of just texting back, Elaine's headed down the hall, her response being a tapping at the door. It's not terribly loud, but she'd knock again if she discovered Sable was deep in her music, as usual.

She is listening to music, but it's on low, so that she can't miss a moment. It's banjo music, actually, but melodic and light, played with skill and sophistication. It's… artistic. It lifts Sable's spirits a bit to hear, but it's the knock that really makes her brighten. She tosses her phone aside and bounds to the door, cracking it open to peer out at Elaine. She grins. "Look who calls," she says, "I'm not prepared f'r company, but if y' don't mind the mess, please come in…" She draws open the door for her, dipping into a deferential little bow.

Elaine grins as the door opens, and she moves inside carefully in order to take a moment to inspect Sable's handywork. Matching fabric or not, she actually seems to like it. "This is really kinda cool. All patch-worky." She peers around. "I don't mind the mess anyways. I'm not picky."

Sable moves over to take a seat on the bed, patting a spot on it and then backing up to a conversational distance, her legs folded beneath her. She looks… pleased. Maybe a little fidgety, even. At moments, a look in her eye that might seem sort of… giddy. But she keeps her cool for the most part.

"Glad y' could make it. Wondered how things were with you, 'n' all. Any, like, things I should know 'bout, or, like, happenstances you think I'd be interested t' hear of?"

Heading over to sit down, Elaine eyes Sable curiously. "You look like you're the cat that got into the milk." She peers carefully at the other woman. "Well.." There's a long pause, as she's got a feeling Sable already knows what's coming. "I just might have gotten drunk with Quinn. And kissed her." Another pause, because she knows Sable's waiting for it. "And Quinn just needs a little warming up to get her less nervous. The alcohol helps."

Sable cannot but beam. She rocks back and forth a bit. "You are one lucky fuckin' girl, y'know that?" she says, with a rare sound - a giggle, "Man, I've never gotten so lucky in one day, 'n' that's not f'r lack of trying." But for a moment, she's serious. "'n' yer right. Gal needs some go get it. She doesn't seem a shyish type 't all, but some strange times she sure acts it."

"She was thinking too hard about it and so I just kinda… figured I'd go for it. You can't just talk about it for that long." Elaine laughs a little as she looks over. "I talked to Magnes, so he knows… told me to slow down, though." She's grinning. "I think it's mostly cause he didn't expect it about as much as I didn't expect it. That and I think he was really bummed I didn't spend the whole day worrying about him. But he told me I didn't have to stop, he just wanted some kinda warning beforehand. Kinda expected that." Another pause as she returns to speaking about Quinn. "She's funny like that. Dunno why she gets all nervous. She's just fine when we're teasing each other but the second it starts getting serious she gets a bit caught up in details."

"She's a gal that knows how t' walk th' walk, who knows what she wants, too… but has a hard time takin' that last step," Sable says, and gives a chuckles, "Which is about exactly opposite to the fuckin' problem I have." She edges a bit closer. "When yer boy, my just 'n' noble comrade, said slower… whatall did he mean …by slower?" There's a little anxiety in her tone, but she's being so round about because she wants to be willing to be let down easy.

Elaine laughs. "I think he means he was worried about me running off and going for any girl that came along. I think his point was that it was all at once and sudden and he just didn't have a lot of warning and all. I admit, there was a little eagerness on my part when I was drinkin' with Quinn, so.. y'know. I coulda waited a day or two." She looks back over. "I was worried and all about him, but he really just wanted some warning, really. He's still cool about it and told me I didn't have to stop or anything."

Sable has to pause to doublecheck what Elaine just said, not because she didn't hear it, but because she wanted to make sure she didn't hear just what she wanted to hear. This is her version of restraint. All part of the 'better her' campaign. Her smile flickers on like a old lightbulb, shivering up into full brightness. "Y' mind if I…?" she begins, and continues through action. She prowls, without aggression this time, across the bed and slides right up to Elaine, touching a hand to her hip, and the other brushing over and then settling on Elaine's own hand. There's still a question in her eyes. This is an offer, to be taken or left.

The prowl sparks a smile on Elaine's features that grows into a full on grin at the offer. She stares back in response, enjoying just the look of the other woman's eyes before she reaches a hand over to rest on Sable's hip in response, her eyes clearly indicating a very mirthful yes.

Sable's hands touch her comfortably, knowingly. Their touch shows they appreciate, and that appreciation seems to make them think they can be excused a certain familiarness. She runs her thumbnail lightly up Elaine's forearm, before drawing it back down in a slow, curving line. "Y' just remember, hon… nothin' that y' don't ask me for, or that I don't ask f'r myself, first. If y' want me to charge on ahead, y' gotta tell me first," her she bites her lip, just with one of her sharp canines, a lopsided, little gesture. "'course y' can always say, 'y' don't have t' ask'. That's a more th'n fuckin' acceptable thing t' say."

"You've got a lot of restraint." Elaine murmurs, noting the look carefully before she scans Sable entirely, as if assessing the situation. "But I think I'd rather say you don't have to ask. Even if it is fun to watch you holding back." She smiles coyly.

"Well, feel free t' tease me once 'n' a while," Sable says, her own grin as impish as her smile is coy, "just as long as y' ain't cruel 'bout it. I'd hate t' be made a fool, even by so clever a student," and that's when she kisses Elaine, quickly, firmly, but not yet lingering. "Not that y' ain't the finest pupil any could ask f'r." The hand on her hip slides inches further back, as her other hand rises to brush her thumb slowly across Elaine's lips.

"Teasing I can do. Don't get me started on teasing." Elaine murmurs, staring back at the other woman. "Though I doubt I could make any sort of fool of you. Maybe I'm clever, but you still know all the tricks. I just make mine up and see if they work." She kisses the thumb for a second as it brushes her lips, smile still turning the corners of her mouth up.

"Now… y' sure yer goin' in with eyes open. I'd hate t' think I was in any way…" Sable's hand touches against Elaine's jaw, tipping it up and back slightly so she can lean in and kiss Elaine's neck, once, twice, higher, "cloudin' yer judgment."

Elaine's eyes drift shut for a moment as she relaxes before she opens them back up again. "You can try and cloud all you want, but I'm fully intent on this. I like a challenge, and I expect you to be one. In a good way, of course." There's a soft, contented rumble, almost like a purr in her throat as she looks back intently.

Sable answers that purr with a growl of her own, looking ever so pleased with Elaine's answer… and with Elaine. Her hand slides around and she presses against Elaine, not moving her - urging her. "Then," she says, that same canine peeking out again in a bite of her lip, tenser this time, "Take on yer challenge."

Elaine takes the opportunity as soon as it's given, leaning forward to press her lips to Sable's, the kiss an intent one, but mostly a bit of a distraction. Her arm snakes around Sable and uses it's position to pull them both down towards the bed.

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