Changing Of The Guard


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Scene Title Changing Of The Guard
Synopsis Candy arrives at Pinehearst Headquarters to meet Roger Goodman, but instead finds that he's mysteriously no longer with the company.
Date May 20, 2009

Pinehearst Headquarters

The weather just can't make up its mind what to do this month. Vascillating between unseasonably cold and unseasonably warm, rain showers, thunderstorms and high winds that crop up out of nowhere. The weather has been just as difficult to predict as the actions of one particular woman — Candace Allard.

Perhaps it's that unpredictability that has her returning to the offices of the Pinehearst Company so soon after receiving her next assignment, perhaps it's that unpredictability that is why she was left waiting for a half an hour in the lobby after arriving. The Pinehearst building is quieter than it was the last time Candy had been here, fewer scientists in the lobby, only one secretary on staff for the day. It leaves the place seeming just a bit empty and just a bit too quiet.

"Miss Allard?" A woman's voice sneaking up behind the bench she's been waiting around on isn't exactly what Candy expected. It's not a secretary that's come for her, but an unfamiliar and older woman dressed in a charcoal gray suit. There's this difficult to read smile on her face, one that momentarially brings into question her sincerity.

"My name is Jennifer Chesterfield," Chesterfield? "I'll be handling your asignments from now on." There's no explanation to why, only this wavy-haired brunette in her forties staring down with that strange smile.

"If you would," she motions to the elevators, "we can head on up to my office?" Something about her feels corporate, feels stiff and unwelcoming despite the words she says that are designed for politeness. Her smile just doesn't reach her eyes.

Candy looks at the woman, "Alright," she says as she studies the woman while standing there. Now… whatever happened to Mr. Goodman. She shrugs her shoulders having the feeling that she'll eventually find out. Now, however, the woman has more pressing matters on her hand. She has to figure out a way to get things spinned into a direction that will look somewhat favourable on her. The key, is to act like everything was planned even as you improvise the entire time. A hand comes up to run through her hair as she watches the woman carefully. On the plus side, her powers aren't supressed so if she needs to, she can make the woman regret most anything. Then if they knew that and sent a throw away person. She sighs as she stands there, life suddenly having gotten much more complicated than she likes.

Deciding that now isn't the time to keep silent, she merely asks as they walk towards her office, "Might I inquire as to why Mr. Goodman is no longer handling my assignments? I had hoped to speak with him over this matter, as he knew more in depth as to what I was to be doing," she says. Time to start doing the dance and jig and see just what she needs to do to make it to the point where she can salvage herself from one little mistake.

There's a pause as Jennifer glances over her shoulder, offering that almost patronizing smile as she inclines her head to nod. "Oh, I'm fully up to speed on your assignment miss Allard." There's a slight tension at the corners of the woman's eyes, and she continues towards the elevator, talking now with her back to Candy. "However I wasn't expecting you to be here today, or to come in person given the nature of your assignment and your arrangement with Pinehearst." She stops at the doors, one hand lightly pressing the call button, followed by a soft chime and the doors sliding open.

"Roger Goodman is no longer with Pinehearst," she adds after a moment's consideration, staring blankly at the wall as she does, before walking into the open elevator. "That's about as much information you're going to get there as well, so I'd focus more on questions directly pertaining to your assignment." There's a motion of one hand in a beckoning gesture as Jennifer moves to the back of the elevator.

"Ahh," she murmurs as she steps into the elevator. She watches the woman for a moment as she says, "The situation has changed with my assignment. They are not watching me, but I have a task I must do to earn their trust, and I want to be sure that Pinehearst knows what happened as well as the reasons behind my latests news exposure before they decide to do something drastic against me."

Pressing the button for the second floor, Jennifer turns her focus towards Candy as the doors close. "Your appearance on television raised several eyebrows here," she admits with one raised brow of her own. The elevator lurches up and then begins its steady ascent to the next floor. "You do realize that you are a fugitive wanted by the United States government, and that public appearances like that — espescially ones on national television — may place you into a situation where you could potentially be re-apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security and returned to a deep, dark hole somewhere?"

Speaking in the manner a parent does to an unruly child, it's not so much Jennifer's tone as it is her withering stare that seems to carry that affection. "All I'm saying, is that if you continue to behave so recklessly, you're either going to put yourself into a position where we can no longer help you, or you're going to get yourself killed." Jennifer's head tips into a nod as she emphasizes that point, both brows rising. "Now…" the elevator chimes, doors sliding open to reveal the second floor hallway, "what incited that hypocritically political media spot?"

"It was a necessary evil," Candy says as her arms fold behind her back. "I needed a way to earn their trust, so I did that. They found out about and I played the woman who just has anger issues and needs to learn to control them. They gave me a task to infiltrate Humanis First and bring them back some information," she states while the elevator continues its ascent. "My words, seem to have incited an outcry, however," she adds as she looks at the door. "After joining a website, I received several e-mails from like-minded individuals who want to answer my call to arms," she adds. She smirks, and it slowly turns into a grin as she says, "I am thinking that I can organize this attack, tip off those that I am wanting to gain their trust. I won't mention the obvious advantage of having leverage over the President and Ms. Strauss, they can figure it out on their own. I just don't think that they will be able to resist the meat I am putting in front of them. If all goes according to plan, their trust in me will be solidified."

Jennifer tilts her head to the side and assesses Candy for a moment, then closes her eyes and gives a slight shake of her head, stepping into the office. "I, personally, don't have much intelligence on Humanis First. It's a bit outside of my area of work, however I believe I might be able to get in touch with someone who does." Moving over to her desk, Jennifer simply comes to sit on one corner, crossing her legs as she reaches down for the phone, pressing a button for a direct line before bringing it to one ear.

Silently, she motions with her eyes to the chair in front of her, giving Candy a silent order to sit. A moment later, someone on the other line picks up. "Sorry to bother you, but I have Candace Allard in my office." There's a pause, and Jennifer's gaze levels on Candy, but it's clear she isn't talking to her, but rather about her. "Yes, yes she did and no, I didn't tell her. Of course," there's a feigned laugh. "Do you think you could forward some information on Humanis First she could use to help sweeten the pot with Phoenix?" One brow rises at something being said on the other line. "Oh, of course. You're a darling, Arthur, thank you."

Managing a smile only she can see, Jennifer lowers the phone back down to the receiver with a click, turning her eyes to Jennifer with an expectant expression on her face. "It'll just be a moment for that to be all put together, and I'm not sure how much we have… but…" dithering, Jennifer folds her hands and rests them on her lap. "Was there anything else you wanted to bring up? While you have my attention, of course."

Candy looks at her as she says, "No, I don't have anything else to ask you. I was merely making sure that my intentions with my public appearance were not taken a way that they were not ment." She offers something that could be a smile before she asks, "Though I wonder what it is that you haven't told me? I would rather like to be privy, especially if it may affect my assignment, Ma'am."

"Wouldn't you," Jennifer adds with that mischevious tone that indicates you're not going to. "Maybe once you've successfully completed your assignment and entrenched yourself with Phoenix, we can discuss more 'need to know' matters." One hand rises from her lap to wave in the air, "but for now, you most certainly don't need to know." Glancing side-long at her computer screen on the desk, Jennifer lounges back across the desktop and reaches for her mouse, clicking twice as a smile creeps up over her lips.

"Here we are," her gaze drifts back to Candy as the older woman sits up straight. "It seems that Humanis First has an operative named Samantha Tanner who is working out of New York City. She's been affiliated with the organization for some time now, and is a jagged little pill." Sliding off of the desk, Jennifer smooths out the front of her skirt and folds her arms. "Drop that name in Phoenix's ear, and see if that earns you any points with them. Also— If I were you I'd stay away from the television, and watch your back. No doubt DHS has people looking in the city for you now."

Candy says, "Samantha Tanner." She nods her head, her gaze looking out the window as she says, "I must admit, however, you're office has a much better view than Goodman's." She shrugs her shoulders before she stands and holds out her hand to the woman, "Was a pleasure working with you, and hopefully our future meetings can be as productive. Or less of me coming back with news you don't want to hear."

There's a pleased smile — or at least some approximation thereof — at Candy's compliment to the office. The older woman motions to the door to her office with one slow motion. "Productivity is rewarded here, miss Allard. I look forward to seeing your results, and hopefully your continued freedom." With a moment of hesitation, Jennifer wags one finger back and forth in the air. "Oh and, I'm not sure if Goodman was as explicit as I'm about to be, but under no circumstances are you to mention this meeting or our association to Phoenix. Espescially not to Catherine, understood?"

Candy nods her head faintly, before adding, "I don't plan to." She offers a wave to the woman, before she slips past the door, closing it on her way out as she makes her way out of the Pinehearst, calling a cab before she heads to an abandoned Super Eight that she knows of.

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