Channel 4 Broadcast

*On the second spot of the evening newscast, behind the Columbia 14 story.*

The female newscaster looks at the prompter and then towards the camera, a serious expression on her face. "A week ago, we brought you the story of the socialite Peyton Whitney kidnapping by Humanis First and their demand for the closing down of the new Suresh Center or they would execute her on the 20th. *Flash to a clip of the video that was released* For the last few days the public have waited eagerly to hear what has become of Ms. Whitney and her companion who was taken outside a popular New York hangout.

The newcaster breaks out into a smile.

"It seems the ordeal is finally over and with a happy ending. Peyton Whitney and Wendy Hunter appeared at the Crown Heights police station in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon. The police report seems to be that the girls managed to escape their captors and make their way to freedom and sustained only minor injuries. Ms. Hunter was taken to the hospital but was released a few hours later while Ms. Whitney remained at the station. Both women have been unavailable for comments so far. It is expected that the Crown Height Police Station and the Hunter Family will release statements in the coming days with regards to this incident.

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