Channel 4 Newscast August 26th 2010

A sunny blonde news anchor glances down at her screen then back up to the camera. "In other news today, preparations in Atlanta Georgia were finally finished for Dragoncon two thousand and ten. One of the largest science fiction genre conventions in North America, it starts a week early this year. This thirty thousand plus member convention takes up four of the hotels in downtown Atlanta, staffed by over fifteen hundred volunteers who turn up every year to partake in the festivities."

Footage of previous years flashes on a smaller section of the screen that doesn't interfere with the woman's hair. "The convention first started in nineteen eighty-seven and has been going strong, thousands flocking in costume and not, to participate in the festivities. Money is also raised for many charities, showing that beneath the costumes that plenty of attendee's wear, there beats hearts of gold! Many celebrities show up as well, this years guest list for autographs and panels include Morena Baccarin, Jim Butcher, Jonathan Frakes, Stan Lee and many many more."

A picture of two tickets held in someone's hand replace the images in the corner. "WRCK is holding a last minute contest on their website for tickets to Dragoncon. Entries to be drawn in just an hour. Good luck to all who entered, and you can still get in on by hopping over to" The blonde smiles as the camera switches over to her male co-anchor. "Sure would love to be there. I hear it's a sight to see. Another site to see was at the Bronx zoo today as the ti…"

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