Channel Four Under Fire

MANHATTAN — Channel Four, property of a leading local media company, came under fire Thursday morning following a broadcast that detailed the events of a miraculous transformation at Central Park in which an injured man was saved from the brink of death by an Evolved healer. Footage of the incident was played across numerous stations Wednesday evening, but Channel Four took its coverage a step further by releasing the healer's name to the general public.

In accordance with the Linderman Act, the identities of healers and other individuals categorized as Tier-0 are safeguarded by law enforcement agencies. Access to the registry is tightly restricted and it isn't yet clear how Channel Four was able to obtain this information, or if it was obtained legally.

During a news conference held this morning outside the Linderman Building, a spokesperson for the Linderman Group identifying himself as Robert Caliban condemned Channel Four's actions, calling them "thoughtless and irresponsible", and demanded there be an immediate investigation into its activities. "The New York Police Department has an obligation, not only to Ms. Beauchamp, but to everyone who has lawfully registered themselves with the government of the United States," Caliban said. "Every time the media releases the name of someone who has chosen not to publicly identify themselves as Evolved, it endangers that person's livelihood and puts their very life at risk. I speak for everyone with our organization when I say that I abhor Channel Four's lack of discretion and sincerely hope the people responsible have the decency to issue Ms. Beauchamp a public apology after everything she's done for the patients of St. Luke's."

No criminal charges have been filed.

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