Channel Surfing For January 2011

Wherever you go, you can't escape the news.

We live our lives surrounded by so much information; it shapes perceptions and turns unfounded lies into truths.

So it goes…


"…establishing a charity for victims of the Rage Blackout Syndrome. According to spokesperson Carla Dove, the Deveaux Society has donated three-hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars to this charity fund and is encouraging other charitable organizations to pool their resources. The Deveaux-Group — named for Simone Deveaux, a victim of the 2006 nuclear explosion in Midtown Manhattan — has been a forerunner in establishing a sense of community and attention around the victims of RBS, many of whom are undergoing psychiatric treatment for the psychological trauma inflicted by losing control of themselves as they did on November 8th of this year. The Deveaux-Society plans to…"


"…barrage of shells impacted the South Korean city of Pyongyang earlier today, following the emergence of the American aircraft carrier the USS George Washington into disputed waters. North Korean military leaders are calling for immediate action against the United States and Japan for violating their international sovereignty. US Defense Department analysts have noted concerns on the indeterminate number of Evolved currently operating within the North Korean military. Japan's Minister of Defense Hoshi Takanawa has called for the deployment of the JSDF's Mugai-Ryu should North Korea continue to antagonize Japan and their allies. Military analysts around the globe fear that any further aggression by the united States or Japan could lead to conflict on the Korean peninsula, the first international war in which Evolved abilities would be seen on the front lines. This news was…"


"…led to authorities in New York City re-examining cases handled by now fugitive former homicide detective Daniel Walsh. According to NYPD spokesperson Cynthia Rothchild, of the one-hundred and eleven homicide cases worked on by former detective Walsh, thirty-seven of them were believed to be related to incidents involving the anti-evolved terrorist organization Humanis First. Revelations of Walsh's involvement with this group has caused speculation to be placed on previously unrelated cases where accusations of evidence tampering and criminal activity are now being made. Police Commissioner Samuel Irons has vowed to cooperate fully with an internal investigation of…"


"…means that if you aren't in support of the current Martial Law being enforced in New York City, you're likely in league with terrorists. Have you heard what armchair pundits like Bradley Russo are saying on their show? You can't trust people like that to be objective to the needs of the American people. Russo is so far removed from reality it's amazing that he manages to stay topical on his broadcast. There needs to be this division between the SLC-Expressive and the non SLC-Expressive out of necessity. They're a people with different needs from ordinary humans, they have different likes and tastes, different ways of handling mundane situations depending on which dangerous or extreme superhuman ability they possess. Giving them their own communities is essential to the survival and adaptation of humans as a species. But if someone like Bradley Russo were in charge, well, we'd all be holding hands with someone who secretes highly contagious diseases from their pores or something. It's that sort of narrow-minded thinking that…"


"…With some calling relocation nothing more than a fascist attempt at social control—a panoptic method to change the risk gaze. Within this gaze, there are problems, issues we must consider if we're going to be informed voters. With Humanis First reentering the news, questions about evolved safety, particularly within Roosevelt Island must be addressed. On the Advocate we've always insisted that politicians own up to their mistakes, recognize their misgivings, and be accountable to the people. I implore this administration to be accountable to their constituents. Answer us. Tell us. How can SLC-Expressive people be reassured that their safety is even the government's concern? How can the public be reassured that their information won't be leaked, particularly when police are the very ones hunting them? Who will be held accountable…"


"…If you think of the Terminator movies, science-fiction has given us a really distorted view of the capabilities of robots. Those robots are able to identify specific individuals, but, in reality, robots have always had very limited senses of perception. Robots know nothing about their environment, and they can't think like humans, but they're really good at crunching numbers. Most rely on laser range finders to perceive the world. Inside, a beam of light bounces off a spinning mirror and sweeps the terrain ahead. By measuring the time it takes a beam to hit something and return, the range finder can measure its distance from the vehicle. Scanners are mounted in pairs to measure different things. Some look for smooth road ahead, others look for the road edge on each side. Some look for vertical objects, a rock or a fence post that can kill a robot. In the future, we're hoping that with the rise in visibility of the Evolved that a union of Evolved with computer or machine interface abilities can help science make leaps and bounds in the field of robotics, bringing us to a future that may not have otherwise been available to us without…"


"…which means that we're back on the air thanks to a donation from the Deveaux-Society and their attentive desire to keep public and independent broadcasting free. Programming at WNYE-TV will return in February thanks to charitable donations from viewers and fans of our broadcasts and proponents of freedom of speech. In the meantime, WNYE-TV will be re-broadcasting episodes of 'Ground Zero', our hour-long political talk and interview show in back-to-back marathon, covering the last four years of broadcasts. We look forward to seeing you with new programming in the new year, and a fresh perspective that…"

…and on, and on into the cable television channels it continues.

History marches forward, relentlessly.

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