Channel Surfing For June 2010

Wherever you go, you can't escape the news.

We live our lives surrounded by so much information; it shapes perceptions and turns unfounded lies into truths.

So it goes…


"…are stating that the death toll from the Great Storm is now estimated to be in the range of twenty-two thousand people in New York State. When we take into account the other affected states up and down the northeastern seacoast, that number jumps to over 150,000. In the wake of the storm, opinion polls questioning American citizens' approval of how President Petrelli has handled the crisis are resting at 64% negative and 36% positive. This is the lowest drop in the President's approval rating since…"


"…US May Retail Sales released just now saw a 3.5% drop, down 0.8 excluding autos and gasoline, one of the biggest declines in decades. With shopping in March and April distorted by the crippling storm, one wonders whether we are now establishing a new 'normal'. Cash tills ringing at a permanently lower rate would tally with a new era of thrift and high unemployment. Then add in this month's black-out event in New York City and it becomes clear why economic confidence is at an all-time low. Interesting to note that US non-financial companies are currently hoarding cash at the highest ever rate, also pointing to great uncertainty and ultra-cautious planning, likely to dampen spending too…"


"…covering the ongoing story of the blackout that struck much of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. We have with us today NBC's senior Evolved Analyst Timothy Fairbanks to try and help us understand exactly what may have happened just last week in New York. Before we bring Timothy on, we're going to cut to a live broadcast from the Capitol where we believe DHS operations director Matthew Parkman and Vice President Mitchell will be making a statement about the incident…"


"…and I was sitting here in my office going over the notes for today's broadcast after my radio show, and I turned to Pat and I said, 'Do you know how bad this is going to look come 2012?' Pat just laughed, he laughed and he turned to me and said, 'Glenn if we see another term of Petrelli I will move to Canada.' Now you people who watch my TV broadcast might not know Pat very well, but this man— he isn't a fan of the Canadian government and the very Communist laissez-faire way they do things! But if you look at what we were talking about, if you really get down and inspect it, you start to realize that maybe he's right. Because I'm telling you right now the Petrelli administration is going to need to find the golden goose that lays the golden egg that also happens to hatch into a competent advisory cabinet— because from where I sit— where I'm looking? We may as well pencil in a vote for old Adolf come 2012 for all the good it's…"


"…going to be hard to try and differentiate the chaff from the actual grains of truth in this matter. I think this is the situation we're all going to be facing when it comes to the myriad of alleged visions that the affected people in New York are having. They're describing events from— what was the estimate? Right, 2,5 million people. That many people all trying to explain what they saw from their own perspective, and then you have people who just want to throw gasoline on the fire and might not be entirely truthful. We just have no accurate way of measuring what we saw to what actually transpired. We know that researchers at MIT are…"


"…then, in February, 1831, there was an eclipse of the sun. Turner took this to be the sign he had been promised and confided his plan to the four men he trusted the most, Henry, Hark, Nelson, and Sam. They decided to hold the insurrection on the 4th of July and began planning a strategy that would eventually lead to his bloody rebellion against white slave owners. The aftermath of which resulted in severe repercussions for blacks across the south. In total, the state executed 55 people, banished many more, and acquitted a few. The state reimbursed the slaveholders for their slaves. But in the hysterical climate that followed the rebellion, close to 200 black people, many of whom had nothing to do with the rebellion, were murdered by white mobs. In addition, slaves as far away as North Carolina were accused of having a connection with the insurrection, and were subsequently tried and executed. The state legislature of Virginia considered abolishing slavery, but in a close vote decided to retain slavery and to support a repressive policy against black people, slave and free…"


"…which leads me to wonder where Rebel has gone. It's been over a month since his website has been updated and all of us, his loyal rebels, are wondering where the influx of news has gone. I know some of us have suggested that Rebel may have died in the storm that hit the northeast, but it's hard to imagine someone with connections as deep as his could have gone. Now we've had this email address up on our show before but if you know anything about Rebel and where he might be or have anything about the government you'd like to share on our show, you can email us at moc.liamg|noilleber.eynw#moc.liamg|noilleber.eynw and keep us in the loop. Now we take tonight's broadcast to take a closer look at the connections between the H5N10 outbreak and the storm that…"

…and on and on into the cable channels. The world keeps spinning.

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