Channel Surfing for June 3, 2009

Wherever you go, you can't escape the news.

We live our lives surrounded by so much information; it shapes perceptions and turns unfounded lies into truths.

So it goes…


" — what we're looking at are two distinctly differing points of view. You have people like Morgan Deitrich, the CEO of Pinehearst who are looking to create a cure for the Evolved. On the other end of the spectrum there's research like the journal put out by Doctor Bao-Wei that paints the Evolved as the next step in human evolution. Eventually, it's obvious, these ideas are going to clash, and it's not going to be pretty when — "


" — estimate that the fires will continue to burn for the next few weeks until the remaining material to burn is simply exhausted. In other news, the media frenzy surrounding the iconic leader of the pro-evolved group Phoenix — Helena Dean — continues to grow to unparalleled levels. Members of the Republican Coalition for Evolved Understanding (RCEU), a group of young and vocal Republican Evolved supporters of the Linderman Act, have called for Miss Dean to turn herself in to authorities as a measure of good will towards the Evolved communities for her former self-admitted membership in the violent terrorist group PARIAH. A comment made by Secretary of State— "


" — you take a look at these pompous, self-important cult leaders like Helena Dean, and the whole anti-government movement starts to make sense. If you ask me, anyone who creates an organization to honor a man who murders police officers and firebombs government facilities like Cameron Spalding — and I hope he's still burning in hell for that — can't be taken seriously as a peaceful organization. Spalding is this generation's Timothy McVay, and anyone who honors someone like that is a sick, disturbed — "


" — possibly one of the most idiotic decisions that could have been made. By putting her face out there, and we're not even going to get into questioning the motivations of her organization, puts a bulls-eye on her forehead for every anti-evolved nut-job out there. If you ask me, I think Helena Dean might well be a fabricated entity, someone who was dreamt up by whoever the real leader of Phoenix is, and that poor girl who is playing decoy is going to wind up with herself dead if she's not — "


" — secrecy was essential for the maintenance of Auschwitz, for the continuation of Auschwitz as a killing factory. The moment it became known; then there would be revolts and riots at every railway station on the way to it. The deportations where the greatest confidence trick in history because we now know that it was a total deception; that the aim of the deportation was to murder these people. Among the many thousands of prisoners at the camp was Rudolf Vrba. Vrba was the son of a Jewish saw mill owner from Topolcany, Slovakia. In March of 1942, Vrba had fled Slovakia for Britain, but was captured and sent to Auschwitz. He was 17 years old. At the — "



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