Channel Surfing For March 3 2010

Wherever you go, you can't escape the news.

We live our lives surrounded by so much information; it shapes perceptions and turns unfounded lies into truths.

So it goes…


"…investigating the death of a 57-year-old homeless man found in an alley off of 34th street in Chelsea this morning, not far from the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. While no official statement on the discovery has been made by the department, an officer at the scene who asked not to be identified described the scene as grisly and went so far as to say that someone or something appears to have partially skinned and dissected portions of the man's right leg. An autopsy is expected to be conducted later today to determine cause of death, but it's hard to believe…"


" …and the reaction the market has had to the emergence of the H5N10 virus has been staggering. H5N10 continues to scare traders in nearly all world markets today. The prospect of a pandemic flu virus killing thousands of people and disrupting economies around the world is too scary to be ignored. We are going to hear all kinds of possible economic outcomes from analysts about this 'Evo Flu' but everybody is just guessing at this point…"


" …with what we're hearing about the upcoming weather patterns meaning nothing but snow, snow, snow in our future, it's a prime breeding ground for this virus. Lack of sunlight, cold temperatures and an already hard-hit flu season coupled with the emergence of this new sickness that has no inoculation and no cure just puts anyone on edge. I've been hearing from parents concerned about sending their children to school because they're worried that H5N10 is going to jump the genetic boundaries to infect people without the SLC. So now we're hearing talk of quarantine, and that makes me nervous… "


" …you've got these left-wing liberal pig-headed bleeding hearts that just want to fawn over the Evolved and let them roll in as the new master race of mankind. Meanwhile we have thousands of people homeless and this plague the Evolved are spreading among their own kind just fueling the fires. When is the Petrelli administration going to open its eyes and realize that these sick Evolved are a danger to us and need to be isolated. God knows what this disease would do to a normal person, we could be facing… "


" …have with us today controversial author Jeremy Patterson who's 2009 best-seller autobiography "New Urban Rebellion" highlighted the failings of American culture leading up to the revolution of Evolved youth and the formation of terrorist organizations like PARIAH. Patterson was kind enough to be with us today to talk about what he feels is the blossoming of a new era in humanism and the birth of a more socially conscientious youth of today that are formed not by the ideals of their parents, but by the ideals of their peers. Jeremy, thanks for… "


" …now return to: Inside the Nazi State, Dachau. "Dachau had been the first of the concentration camps established in March 1933 shortly after the fire in the Berlin Reichstag on February 27. At the beginning it functioned among other things, as a training camp for SS officers and as the special project of Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS. It was the place where psychological and bureaucratic techniques were perfected for use in other camps to create the most efficient circumstances for killing and controlling slaves. The invidious Arbeit Macht Frei (Work makes you free) decorated the entrance gate to the camp as it later would at Auschwitz. It was one of the places where political opposition leaders, communists, misfits and anyone else actively involved in opposing Hitler and his cronies, were sent. Jews were part of the focus, but getting rid of all political opposition of whatever stripe was tantamount… "


" …then what I'm really looking at is Rebel. You all have heard about him, you've seen the storms on the internet speculating about what he's been saying and all those weird encrypted messages. Well now we have our first payoff, we're finally hearing about big viral scares, and Rebel was warning us on his website months in advance. Now we're hearing Mayor Lockheart talking about quarantines, and we've got the emergency quarantine forms right here in our hands. This is big, big scary stuff. I mean, if all that pans out then how does this mesh with the news about the armored vans and the guys in biohazard suits? Rebel asked us all a big question in his last broadcast message: What are we missing? Well, New York? What do you think we're missing? I'm going to open the lines to our first caller of the night… "

…and on and on into the cable channels. The world keeps spinning.

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