Channel Surfing for May 17, 2009

Wherever you go, you can't escape the news.

We live our lives surrounded by so much information; it shapes perceptions and turns unfounded lies into truths.

So it goes…


" — think about just what it means to national security to have the FRONTLINE act passed. When you look at the global scale of things, this isn't that much different from the recently instated Mugai-ryu that the JSDF instated two months ago. While FRONTLINE is going to be a wider-spread pattern of defense, the notion of utilizing the specialized tools the Evolved present for the betterment of protecting our nation's internal defenses is pretty simple. I, for one, think that — "


" — in light of the press conference held by Secretary Hicks earlier today, many people are left wondering how many other shadow conspirators of the tragic decimation of New York City are still out there. With the revelation of Hiro Nakamura as a conspirator, I think it's time that we as citizens re-evaluate what we know of the Bomb, because if this was some part of a larger conspiracy a tragedy like that may repeat itself again in — "


" — thinks it's a bold move on behalf of the Petrelli administration to take a firm stance on the FRONTLINE issue. In fact, I don't think the issue is going far enough. These Evolved are one of America's greatest untapped natural resources. Each and everyone one of them that is an American citizen — I feel — should be required to serve mandatory enlistment time uon registration. Can you imagine how our country would be viewed by its enemies on both sides if we had a full-standing Evolved Army? This would be a return to the American superpower that — "


" — forgetting to look at the big picture, really. With the Initiative states laid out as they are, the probationary period before FRONTLINE's full instatement would be a sign to the world that America is progressively moving forward to take up a stance as the leading pro-evolved nation in the world. I think it's high-time that the global community recognize that we're all going to have to learn to live with this new world we're in; adapt or die as — "


" — he explores the origin of militias in the United States. The history of militia in this country dates from the colonial era, such as in the American Revolutionary War. Based on the British system, colonial militias were drawn from the body of adult male citizens of a community, town, or local region. Because there were usually few British regulars garrisoned in North America, colonial militia served a vital role in local conflicts, particularly in the French and Indian Wars. Before shooting began in the American War of Independence — "


" — and I think that, you know, there's a few really oddball things out there right now that the media just isn't focusing on. Publicists for the still-missing openly-evolved rapper Shard are still claiming to not know his whereabouts, months now after he disappeared just prior to the start of his "Brand New Shine" tour. When we look at the number of unexplained disappearances like his across the United States over the last two months, it's dropped by over half. Now all of the sudden the government is putting together this private army of super-soldiers? Am I the only one who's seeing that this may be an army of brainwashed abductees? If we go back and look at the US experiments like MKULTRA in the Cold War Era, we'll see — "

…and on and on into the cable channels. The world keeps spinning.

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