Chaos At Gala

NEW YORK — A black-tie gala hosted at The Metropolitan Museum of Art last night, and ended in chaos and destruction. At 8: 45 PM, the street-side wall was exploded with rocket propelled grenades, allowing for the invasion of an unidentified armored vehicle filled with armed, masked criminals that began firing into the crowd. Members of FRONTLINE as well as back up law enforcement support managed to neutralize the situation, but not before the vehicle, a modified armored ice cream truck, and the attackers managed to escape the scene. Three of the criminals were killed in the shoot out. Two members of the public were killed during the initial attack, and seven were injured and are said to be recovering. The vehicle was found bombed that evening in the Midtown ruins.

Eye-witness report confusion before the attack occurred. An apparent bomb scare as well as a scuffle between two gala guests took place mere moments before. There are also reports that one or two members of the public were either captured or participants of the raid when a few seemed to willingly participate in the escape or were forcibly captured, but no reports of kidnapping or suspects have yet been released to the public. The identities of the deceased have not yet been disclosed to the press.

The charity gala was held in honor of FRONTLINE NYC Unit-1, which were in attendance, along with FRONTLINE advocate General Sebastian Autumn. FRONTLINE soldiers Second-Lieutenant Michael Spalding and Corporal Tristan Bentley were both reportedly involved in the counter-attack. Spalding has been admitted to St. Luke Hospital's after suffering a gunshot wound and is expected to make a full recovery.

The nature of the attack is currently unknown. The last few months in New York City have seen numerous outbreaks of violence involving the movement known as Humanis First!, however, and some speculate that an attack on an evening celebrating the all Evolved FRONTLINE Unit is likely related.

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