Chaos at Mount Sinai Hospital

MANHATTAN — Just hours after injured victims from this morning's subway accident began to be treated at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York's Upper East Side, an incident within the hospital which remains so far unexplained forced the evacuation of thousands of patients from the hospital grounds.

Witnesses say a pair of female visitors to a room on the hospital's sixth floor became agitated, and one woman, a blonde in her early to mid thirties, allegedly tore a door off of its hinges and threw it through a shatterproof window, and then proceeded to threaten the nurse, a pair of orderlies, and hurl a chair through a nearby window.

The woman's accomplice, a brunette in her late tenties to early thirties was seen fleeing the scene shortly after fire alarms erupted across the hospital, prompting activation of the emergency sprinkler system and a full evacuation of one building of Mount Sinai Hospital.

The two women in question were not found on the scene, and security camera footage from the hospital has been unable to be retreived by the NYPD due to a massive system-wide computer failure at Mount Sinai's security center.

NYPD-Scout is currently investigating this incident.

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