Chaos in New York City

NEW YORK — Chaos has erupted in the city of New York seemingly overnight. At noon today violence all across New York, surrounding the island of Manhattan resulted in the Department of Homeland Security setting up emergency roadblocks and traffic screenings for those coming in and out of the city.

The Consolidated Edison power plant, situated on the north shore of Queens is reported to have been the victim of an Evolved terrorist attack, which caused a localized low-magnitude earthquake that reduced the generations-old reserve power plant to nothing more than a crater. As a result, half of Queens and a large portion of Manhattan are without electricity, and this is expected to continue for an indefinite period.

Nearby, the long-abandoned Eagle Electric plant in Long Island City was the target of what we are hearing was a thermobaric bomb, a detonation so large and so loud that it could be heard as far away as Jersey City. There are also unconfirmed reports of fires scattered around Staten Island, as well as a police raid on a presumed terrorist hideout in the still un-reclaimed portions of Jersey City, which resulted in the deaths of seven NJPD police officers before Homeland Security was able to respond to the call.

Lastly, just after noon a freak explosion at the Verrazano-Narrows bridge that connects Staten Island and Brooklyn caused the upper deck of the middle span to collapse, cutting off Staten Island from all land routes that do not pass through the irradiated regions of Jersey City.

In the aftermath, President Nathan Petrelli mobilized the national guard and has declared New York City a disaster area, calling for immediate federal relief and assistance. It is unconfirmed who exactly is responsible for these events, though it is believed that agents of the department Homeland Security has already made several arrests.

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