Kamber 'Kam' Abbot

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Name Kamber Abbot Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Welsh
Birthdate June 30, 1976 Age 36
Height 6'2" Build Slim
Eyes Blue-green Hair Brown (with a dash of red)
Residence Queens, New York City
Employment The Abbot Agency, New York City
Parents Darin Abbot (Father)
Alwen Abbot (Mother)
Siblings Morgaine Abbot (Younger Sister)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Profile Kamber (please call him 'Kam') is an ebullient Welsh literary agent, dealing primarily in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Come to him for authorial representation, setting up interviews for literary research, editing and general literary shenanigans.
Kamber 'Kam' Abbot
portrayed by

Ewan McGregor



Savannah Burton - Kam's crown jewel and golden goose, Savannah Burton is the author of the 'Amplified' trilogy, the mainstay of Kamber's entire business. His admiration for her is near limitless, and he considers himself her guide and protector. Artists are temperamental and troubled, and Savannah is no exception, and Kam considers it is sacred duty to foster her talent and give it to the world. Long days and shared burdens have resulted in a closeness and rapport that make doing business with Savannah a pleasure all its own.

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