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Name Abigail Marie Beauchamp Aliases Abigail Caliban, Martha Ranier
Status Registered Evolved Ability Currently: Fire Mimicry
Formerly: Touch Healing
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate January 18th, 1989 Age 22
Height 5'7" Build 126lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Bannerman Castle
Employment None
Parents Dean and Doreen Beauchamp Siblings None
Marital Status Separated: Robert Caliban Children Kasha Beauchamp (1)
First Seen Side Jobs Last Seen N/A
Profile Abigail is an EMT, former owner of Oh So Sweet dessert bar and a council member in the Ferryman organization. She's a fire mimic after a willing run in with a syringe full of formula from the future and a woman on the run in the city of New York.
Abby Beauchamp
portrayed by

Alona Tal

I got a basket full of lemons and they all taste the same
A window and a pigeon with a broken wing
You can spend your whole life working for something
Just to have it taken away

Ain't No Reason - Brett Dennon



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Dean Beauchamp is like his daughter in some ways. A god fearing family man. A millworker in Louisiana, he firmly believes in earning what you're given. You don't take charity, and if you do, you make sure to pay it back the first moment that you can. He's no stranger to hard work and it's early to rise and early to bed for them. You say your prayers at meals, church and before you go to bed and you thank the Lord for all that you have. He may not like that his daughter is so far away, but he's proud that she's doing what her heart and what God is calling her to do. her friends may be a big questionable but, this too shall pass. By far, she is more closer to him, than her mother and tells him things that she can't tell her.

Important Scenes: The Parental Gauntlet, God Has Plans and A Red With A Grudge
Music: My Fault. Your Mistake - Lex Land
Doreen Beauchamp If you want to see what Abigail will eventually be, look no further than her mother. A strong southern woman who works from the home and takes care of her family. God fearing as well, and strong in will, she is the stereotypical southern baptist woman who like to snap her pea's out on the front porch with a cup of sweet tea. She more than Dean doesn't care that her daughter is so far up north and away from them and looks forward to the calls home more than she lets on. She's a firm believer that Abigail's place is here at home with a good church boy and that some day, she'll get some sense into her. For now, she'll wait for every phone call.

Important Scenes: The Parental Gauntlet, Ladybugs And Ice Cream
Portrayed By: Portrayed by Kira Sedgewick
Robert Caliban is tall, blonde and British. The metropolitan Ken to her backwoods Barbie and twice her age more than likely. PR rep for the Linderman Group. He came into her life when she'd been outed to the world as a healer and let things get a bit personal instead of observing from afar. He's extended the umbrella of protection afforded to some by the Linderman Group, came when she called and on one occasion even smuggled weapons into Russia after a phone call. One person out of a handful that she has been willing to trade her life for and trusts implicitly.

She discovered he was evolved when he came down and around with the H5N10, and he in turn discovered her re-altered genetic status in a volatile way that left things a little up in the air between them for a period of time. His attempts to show her his circle in society and share the things that he enjoys with her have left her at times feeling like she has no business dipping her toes in it and like her own place in life doesn't quite satisfy him but still plunges forth to find the middle ground in mutual assured happiness. They married, September 23rd, 2010 and she took his name after a night in the hospital and revealed fears. She's separated from him right now (not in the divorce sense), urged to run by him so that she won't disappear with the promise that when it's safe, he'll return for her.

Important Scenes: A Personal Interest, Tango, Rainchecks, Something Good in Our Lives and Morning After Dark
Music: Big Bad Handsome Man - Imelda May
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Through studies at Columbia and LaGuardia Community college, Abigail's completed her EMT basic program. Much more than simple first aid, she can ride in am ambulance, assist a qualified paramedic, intubate, stabilize and provide the basics of emergency medical care till a paramedic arrives or until a patient can be transported to a hospital. This includes intubation, stabilization, starting IV lines and dispensing medications previously prescribed, or dictated to her by a paramedic or higher and evaluating/triaging patients.

Note: LaGuardia teaches a 4 month course, that is called EMT- Basic which is what Abby's been doing IC (Taking into account time in Russia as well). It appears to teach everything that one would learn from basic to intermediate and you have to spend 10 hours in a hospital or an ambulance to graduate, and approx 100+ hours of training/schooling. After 6 months post graduation, you can then start education to become a Paramedic. Every year, will require a refresher to keep up to date on skills and testing. Basically is that while working, she's Peter's/paramedic's lackey and doing what instructed, driving the ambulance. I've gone the middle ground between basic and intermediate because of how vague it's listed on the school website, but have access to the state curriculum for basic/intermediate. It just varies from school to school how the courses are offered.

She knows a bit more because of Megan and her time patching folks up with ferryman lately, but that's moot until she takes her paramedic course and will not be trying to stitch people up or other more advanced things while on the job. Not when she's not cleared/certified to legally do so.

Music, Trivia, Quotes & Preferences

  • Relationship page
  • Raised a devout Baptist.
  • Want to know what she sounds like with her southern accent? Take a peek Here. Click any of the video's on that page.
  • Was a registered evolved healer but no longer possesses that ability and was subsequently un-registered.
  • Is an EMT but runs a dessert bar called Oh So Sweet in Soho.
  • Has a cat named Scarlett, dog named Rhett, a turtle named Ashley and is taking care of Teo's Budgie, Pila.
  • While naturally blonde with blue eyes, Abigail's situation means she's brown haired, with brown eyes - Contacts.
  • Has a pseudo-tattoo of a palm sized stylized cross on her right shoulder blade and running from the side of her ribcage from shoulder blade to hip a string of Latin words (Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness). She also has a set of angel wings running from the top of her shoulder blades and down to her hips and on the bottom of her foot, a Lotus flower.
  • Abigail's Journal.
  • Twitter - Yes, she's got a twitter!
  • Has a weakness for "The Price Is Right" and "Oprah/Dr.Phil" and anything sweet.
  • Was married to Robert Caliban September 23rd, 2010 in (mostly) secret. The ring on her necklace, as well as a plain gold wedding band which stays on her finger.


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