Ada Kross

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Name Ada Josephine Kross Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Lie Detection
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate January 12, 1957 Age 51
Height 5'3" Build Slim
Eyes Brown Hair Strawberry Blonde
Residence Unknown
Employment ER Attending, Painter
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Married (Jacob Brent) Children
First Seen Last Seen
Profile Ada is a cheery, middle-aged ER doctor with an affinity for the arts. She works in the emergency room of St. Luke's Hospital, and spends much of her spare time painting. Her work is probably at least moderately known to those on the art scene, and those who follow politics would recognize hers as the name of the wife of criminal defense attorney Jacob Brent.
Ada Kross
portrayed by

Bernadette Peters
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  • Medicine Having completed three years of pre-med, four years of med school, and four years of residency, Ada has been a board-certified attending with an M.D. in Emergency Medicine since the age of 34. She has never failed to keep up with her Continuing Medical Education courses, and can perform emergency first aid in the field as well as in an emergency room.
  • Painter Between multiple art courses throughout her secondary education and a four-year educational career at Pratt Institute, Ada has become extremely skilled as a painter. She holds a BA in fine art with a specialization in painting, and her work has been featured in art shows and galleries in both the state of Georgia and New York City.


  • Heritage Ada is first-generation American, born a citizen of the U.S. to very German parents. Probably not difficult to figure out from the timeline surrounding Liesel and Reinhold's emigration: Reinhold was enlisted in the German military during WWII, though he was never a member of the Nazi party.
  • Languages Through a combination of her parents' heritage and her school studies, Ada learned to speak German as fluently as English, and French with nearly as much affluence.
  • Hippie Although she was only twelve when Woodstock blew New York away, Ada considered herself a "flower child" from the moment she heard the term, and was active in the culture through middle, high and part of art school.
  • Feminist Partly thanks to the opposition she received while trying to earn her degree in medicine, Ada was very active in the feminist and equal rights movements of the '80s and '90s, and still considers herself very much a feminist.
  • Books Ada is an avid and rabid reader. She adores books of all kinds and from all genres, from Old English classics to modern, gooey romance novels. A large part of her collection was lost in the Kirby Plaza disaster, though the villa in Spain still contains about a dozen first-edition printings of various favorites.
  • Dog Blitzen is a ten-year-old mutt, a mix between Border Collie and German Shepherd. He is very lazy, and extremely loyal and affectionate toward Ada, who has had him since he was a puppy.
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