Adam Monroe

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Name Adam Monroe Aliases Takezo Kensei
Richard Sanders
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Rapid Cell Regeneration
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate ~1641 Age 368
Height 6' Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blond
Residence Various
Employment Self-employed
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unmarried Children Unknown
First Seen Philosophy and Popsicles Last Seen

Adam isn't a man who is easy to describe. For the most part, people will find him charming, affable, polite and direct. He often appears a man who is unafraid to take dangerous risks, mostly because he is. He might also be called a psychopath, it's easy to dismiss his disregard for human life this way. He is numb to most of the human condition due to his long life and often seeks out pearls of sanctuary to remind him that he is still human. There was a time, a long time, where he believed the best way to deal with the world is to end it. Put an end to humanity and put an end to all the problems, but recent events have dissuaded him of this plan. It's not so much that he has gained a new conscience, but rather he sees that such plans always appear to fail. Humans are such roaches.

Instead, he has begun to consider the option of taking the world and setting things right personally, but that isn't easily done. The first and most obvious obstacle to this plan is his previous creation 'the Company', not to mention all the other Founders, almost all of whom have garnered enough power of their own to remain thorns in his side. So this is his mission for the foreseeable future; destroy The Company, destroy all organizations that would take the place of The Company and kill all off the remaining Founders. After that will likely come political assassination and ridding himself of other Evolved who might be powerful enough to stop him. But that comes later. For now, he'll move the pieces along the board and see what shakes out.

So he has reinvented himself as a freedom fighter on the side of right. He must destroy The Company because of its oppressive tactics. The question is, will he come to believe his own hype?

For now, he gathers men and women for his cause and plucks the strings of others, all to make sure he gets the result that he wants.

Adam Monroe
portrayed by

David Anders



  • Adam is a skilled sword fighter. In Adam's own thoughts, there never has been or is a better swordsman than he. Now the truth of the statement may be an exaggeration, but he is extremely skilled in sword play. While his sword of choice is a katana, he is skilled in all manner of bladed death.
  • Adam is classically educated. It is likely he was born into a privileged family in England, particularly considering the expense it must have taken to transplant himself to Japan. He would be quite well read in pre-Enlightenment philosophy and perhaps a few of the early Enlightenment theorists. He's kept up with philosophy now and again, but could hardly be considered an expert in anything too modern to him. He is quite familiar with the Bible, the central book to be learned in his time, and had to learn in it both Greek and Latin. He is quite familiar with formal courtly manners, which translates somewhat to modern understandings of politeness. He has likely forgotten quite a bit about early scientific and botanical theory. For most the part, one can imagine the sorts of things a lower class noble English boy would have been taught and you have what Adam has learned.
  • Polyglot - Through the years, Adam has had to learn to read and write several languages. He is most familiar with English, Japanese and French. However, he is also capable in German and Italian. With some effort, he could likely read Latin and ancient Greek, but his abilities in these dead languages has waned over the years. While he has likely been able to pick up more modern slang and usage in English, Japanese and French, he would be terribly unprepared in this respect in his German and Italian. He has recently learned some Mandarin and Swahili.
  • Adam has actually been a soldier for most of his life. He has also been in officer during some of his tenures. He is quite practiced and studied in the art of warfare. While newer, modern warfare would be less familiar to him, he understands the base tactics and strategies that are utilized during wartime. He is familiar with famous battles of the past and has likely fought in a few of them. He is a skilled marksman in most weaponry that has been utilized before 1970. While he has only recently been reintroduced to modern firearms, he has taken to them quite well. He may not be able to strip a high tech rifle, but he can certainly point and shoot it the same as a musket.
  • Adam is wealthy. Adam has lived through the introduction and advent of capitalism and took to it quite well. Through every of his incarnations, he has been able to amass and extend his wealth. He has also been able to keep hereditary accounts that he has recently been accessing to give him an impressive amount of purchasing capacity. He could, were he to so choose, play in the stock market. Unfortunately, he would not be familiar with a lot of the modern laws and regulations and would likely need to undertake a lot of training to become so. He knows more about financial markets than most lay people, but your average stock broker is more familiar with the way the market works 'now' than he is.
  • Hand to hand fighting - Adam is a capable dirty fighter. However, he has received little formal training in unarmed combat aside from Judo (some four hundred years ago) and other techniques that he might have gone through under certain basic trainings. For the most part, Adam has relied on weapons, particularly swords, so he hasn't found the need to be highly skilled in different martial arts styles. So, if he found himself in a dojo, he might be a match for some experienced students, but would be no match for the instructor. However, in times when improvised and dirty fighting would be necessary, for instance a bar or a brawl on the street, he is highly capable at defending himself. However, his goal during such a time would be to find some sort of improvised weapon.
  • Adam is a liar. He has always been a bit of a liar. He has become quite practiced in it. He litters his lying with half truths so that it's harder to tell what is and what isn't false. And he's more than capable of telling a lie without showing any physical or physiological tells. A telepath could wrench most, if not all, of the truth from him if he doesn't know he's being 'listened in on' though his experience with Evolved would make this unpreparedness less likely. An Evolved lie detector would likely find the mix of truth and lies hard to detect likely leading to everything Adam says to being a bit 'wierd'. It's also the case, that after centuries of lying and reinventing the past, that many times Adam himself may be incapable of remembering the truth of certain events.
  • People don't change. Customs, language and attitudes may, but people generally stay the same. Adam is extremely capable in spotting lies and truthfulness as well as reading people. Adam is not a human lie detector or an empath, but he is quite practiced in noting those things that give people away when they try and tell a lie. He's no Daniel Lightman, but he could certainly be part of the Lightman group (If there weren't copyright issues). It also makes him extremely capable at poker.
  • From his travels and his life incarnations, Adam is very good at matching accents. If it is an accent of a region he has lived, he can likely be fairly accurate in it. So, he could probably tell most American southern accents apart and place their origins, however since he was never Russian, one Russian likely sounds the same as another. He is also able to capably mimic accents that he is most familiar with.
  • Adam is an extremely practiced gambler. While luck plays a part in all games of chance, Adam is familiar and skillful enough with most gambling games to at least do what he can to set those odds in his favor. For some games, with high levels of house advantage (such as roulette), this means little. But games with much lower levels of house advantage (such as Blackjack, poker and in some ways craps), Adam is more likely than not going to come away with profit.

Evolved Human Ability

Adam possesses rapid cell regeneration. Unlike other regenerators, his wounds heal almost instantaneously so long as the offending object is removed from his system. This is due to the sheer amount of time he has had with his power. Further, his body actually expels foreign objects, such as bullets, from his body so that it will heal. He has also stopped aging for many centuries.
The power is not without limitations. While it has never been proven, it is generally been accepted that taking his head would cause him to be unable to repair itself. This stands as a theory, since clearly no one has done so yet. Further, his body is so reliant upon its regeneration that if he is without his power for any significant amount of time, he will end up aging very quickly and possibly even turn to dust.

Memorable Quotes

  • "First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon, and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could." — To Hiro

Trivia and Notes

  • Adam's birth name is unknown. He has taken on "a few dozen names", most notably Takezo Kensei and Adam Monroe.
Significant Other(s)
Aliases Adam Monroe
Takezo Kensei
Richard Sanders
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