Adel Raven Darrow-Diego

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Name Adel Raven Darrow-Diego Aliases Adel Lane, Adel Starkey
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate September 9 Age 23
Height 5'6" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence SoHo Loft
Employment College Dropout Musician, Currently Performing With Mad Muse and Robyn Quinn
Parents Elaine Darrow (bio momma)
Raven "Sable" Diego (second momma)
Magnes Varlane (bio-dad)
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Seen Last Seen
Profile A newcomer to New York City who has dropped out of school and is a self-proclaimed musician. She plays the drums quite well and auditioned for a spot as the drummer of a band known as Mad Muse. She seems a little too cheerful sometimes and often seems excited about many things. Also from the future. Apparently.
Adel Raven Darrow-Diego
portrayed by

Nina Dobrev


Adel Lane Starkey is a staff-controlled NPC. Please contact Queens for details.

Log Timeline
11/16/2010 Unicorns Are People Too Magnes auditions a new drummer for Mad Muse.
11/19/2010 The Rise Of Mad Muse Sable and Quinn meet this drummer of Magnes'.
11/20/2010 Secret Identities Magnes reveals his, and Adel shows the first hints of her ability.
11/21/2010 BATTLE Sable takes the drummer out to let her know she's in, and also challanges her to a round of epic videogames or five.
12/08/2010 Chicken Wings and Wingwomen Quinn and Adel bond over chicken wings.
12/15/2010 Violin Cover Adel catches Elaine with a violin and the two of them have a mutual appreciation for the instrument, though Adel is less good at it.
12/24/2010 Latecomer Adel arrives to a Christmas Eve party both late, and very unconventionally. Ygraine finally gets to meet the new drummer.
01/02/2011 Finally Legal Sable invites Adel to come along to Tess' twenty-first birthday bash.
01/03/2011 Almost Famous Quinn asks for assistance in becoming just that from Adel and Elaine.
01/11/2011 Less Dialogue A late Santa Elf stops by Adel's place, and certain things held in for too long start coming out.
01/17/2011 Different Kinds of Cats Where Adel is the over-affectionate, playful and proud kind, Howard is the kind that hisses at everything, and they've just become roommates.
01/25/2011 His Jacket Elle stops by Adel's place to find out where Howard is, and comes with somethingone up her sleeve.
02/01/2011 Day Off Lene stops by to help Adel feel better after J.J. gets stuck in the Dome, and Howard goes missing, and is with her when she meets up with Quinn.
02/03/2011 Not All There Adel tries to break into the Dome, and meets Eve instead.
02/04/2011 The Start Of Something Big Quinn and her friends go to retrieve the first print of her CD.
02/04/2011 Like Burning Money Adel walks in on an awkward moment when she's visiting Elaine and Quinn.
02/04/2011 Burn The Symbol After the above, Magnes is given some advice from Adel, while she finally has her own little breakdown.
02/10/2011 Glass Wonderland Robyn Quinn's new band makes their debute.
02/12/2011 Nothing Of Value Was Lost Adel and old pal Joshua fight the government!
How Do You Feel About The Government And they save Alia in the process.
02/14/2011 Daisies Instead A dome doesn't keep Adel apart from her new boyfriend on Valentine's Day!
02/21/2011 Silver Black Phantom Bike Cat Chesterfield makes a meeting with a rescuer of a friend.
03/02/2011 Bedtime Stories In the aftermath of being shot, Elaine gets a surprise visit from Adel.
03/07/2011 Infectious Cheer At the gym, Adel meets Monica.
03/11/2011 Practice, Practice, Practice That's how Mozart learned! That's how Monica will too.
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