Agnes Tighe

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Name Agnes Tighe Aliases Aggie
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate 10/08/88 Age 20
Height 5'2" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence New York
Employment Old Lucy's
Parents Father (deceased)
Siblings Older brother
Older sister
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Seen A Strange Meeting Last Seen
Profile Aggie is a wannabe bad ass who is very prone to believing in the most recent compelling argument she's been told. A lapsed Catholic, she's looking for something new to have faith in.
Agnes Tighe
portrayed by

Alison Lohman



  • [Cooking/Baking] - Agnes started out helping her stay-at-home mom in the kitchen. Her mother was quite proficient, and from her, Aggie learned how to make wholesome, healthy meals for the family, as well as how to bake most basic staples, like bread, cakes, pies and cookies. She improved her skills and learned how to start doing it on her own after her father got sick, and her mother was too distracted to get dinner on the table. From that foundation, she then added four months of a six month training program in pastry arts, though things went south before she could complete the course. She's now at a level where, in a pinch, she could always supplement her income selling baked goods to order or catering small events.
  • [Music] - Agnes has been singing in choir at both school and church since she was just a little girl. She has a solid mezzo soprano voice and can sight-read sheet music. She also plays a mean bassoon, but that doesn't come up too often.
  • [Camping] - Every summer from the time she was born until her dad got sick when she was in high school, Agnes has spent time in the woods. She doesn't really have rugged backpacking experience, though she has done a few overnight hiking and canoe trips. She knows basic woods survival skills, and can pitch a tent and start a fire. She also knows how to handle a canoe.
  • [Hunting] - Aggie's father was quite a sportsman in his day. He wanted to instil in his children an appreciate for where their food originated, and so he taught them how to hunt, once they were old enough to handle a rifle. She knows how to safely use a shotgun, though she has no experience with other firearms. She also knows how to clean a kill and is remarkably not squeamish about it.
  • [Money] - Aggie has a good bit of money left from her dad's will. It doesn't qualify her as wealthy by any stretch, but she's good at living on the cheap. While she could probably survive frugally on it for at least a year, she'd prefer to find a job pronto and keep most of it in the bank.
  • [First Aid] - If you are going out into the woods, you are getting certified in first aid; her father was adamant on that. She doesn't know crazy levels of back woods first aid, but she knows the basics and knows them well. Dressing wounds, embedded objects, sucking chest wounds, CPR, AR, etc.
  • [Sneaking] - Being the youngest in a house where secrets were almost a hobby, Aggie got very good at sneaking around undetected and spying on her older siblings and parents. Sometimes she'd just do it for fun because she was bored.
  • [Languages] - A bit of an overachiever, Aggie took Latin and French in high school. She isn't exactly fluent in either, but could probably follow the gist of a conversation in French, and pick her way through some basic Latin text.



Date Log Participants
08 A Strange Meeting
Three strangers - Diogenes, Agnes and Teo - meet and have a bizarre conversation which unsurprisingly ends with Diogenes being a jerk.
Agnes, Diogenes, Teo
09 A Light in the Darkness, Part I
The Chandra Suresh Memorial Center for Evolved Education is formally dedicated. Whether it will live up to anyone's hopes and dreams… remains to be seen.
Adelaide, Agnes, Brian, Carla, Cat, Danko, Faith Kelly, Helena, Hope Kelly, Len, Phoebe, Teo, Tracy
09 A Light in the Darkness, Part II
After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a young Evolved woman stands up before protestors whose disparate views match on one thing: they don't agree with her.
Adelaide, Agnes, Elisabeth, Faith Kelly, Hope Kelly
09 A Light in the Darkness, Part IV
As befits any important occasion, there are refreshments. There are also a lot of people, which leads to charged political discussions, prying telepaths, and virtually everything except knock-down drag-out fights.
Agnes, Cat, Danko, Helena, Len, Megan, Mona, Phoebe, Sal, Tracy
10 The Blue Pill
Devi finds her first recruit in the imperssionable form of Agnes. She takes the girl under her 'wing'.
Agnes, Devi
12 Crossing Paths
Agnes and Abby cross in the Nite Owl, but from it comes an opportunity for employment.
Abby, Agnes
13 Delivery!
Wendy stops by Anarchy Customs to deliver Devi's first supply of Refrain. Agnes brings her things and begins to get acquainted with her new home.
Agnes, Devi, Wendy
14 Ten Dollars a Minute
Apparently Devi's time is worth a lot of money. Agnes begins to show some spunk and interest when a meeting is held to discuss a business arrangement between The Ravens and Adam's future motives.
Adam, Agnes, Devi
15 Come Down, Shake Down
On a fight-night at the Pancratium on Staten Island, a test of faith turns into a test of fear…
Adam, Agnes, Ash, Devi, Gillian, Lola, Risa, Shard, White, Vasya
15 For Good Reason
Three people regroup after things get shaken up. Some questions are asked, some are answered, but at least one kills the conversation dead.
Agnes, Gillian, Shard
16 Batman And Shopping Sprees
Shard's speech is interrupted by BATMAN! Then he opts to take Aggie with him to go shopping while Cardinal and Devi talk business.
Agnes, Cardinal, Devi, Shard
16 May We Live In Interesting Times
Cardinal meets Gillian's clone. Cardinal meets Shard. Shard recruits for the White-takedown team. And there's Cheez-Its. Behold, the power of cheese.
Agnes, Cardinal, Gillian, Shard
22 Save Staten
There's two ways to make a movement, a fist in the air, or offering a helping hand…
Devi, Thalia, Agnes, Gillian, Shard
23 Botched Celebration
Devi and Agnes aim to celebrate her new bike and a true place in the Ravens.
Agnes, Devi
29 Save Staten: The Message
Shard preaches a message on live TV.
Claire, Peyton, Cardinal, Aude, Magnes, Agnes, Shard

Memorable Quotes

  • Coming soon

Trivia and Notes

  • Agnes is very impressionable. A convincing argument could easily sway her opinion. (And as a player, I'm open to seeing her go in any direction.)
  • She's known as Kitty to the Ravens (or more specifically, Devi), and Tank is her nickname at Old Lucy's.

RP Hooks

  • Agnes is helping to recruit for the Ravens Motorcycle Club on Staten Island.
  • She is a brand new and in-training bartender at Old Lucy's.
  • She is helping Shard with his Save Staten movement.
  • To supplement her income, she sells baked goods to order and can cater small events. Please poke me if you'd like to use this as an RP hook.


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