Nicolas Ahlgren

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Name Nicolas Ahlgren Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Anatomical Intuition
Gender Male Race/Eth. Swedish-American
Birthdate Age 39
Height 6' 1" Build
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Siann Hall Apts.
Employment The Company
Parents mother deceased; father in Boston, MA Siblings Karen Altemose
Marital Status single Children n/a
First Seen Last Seen
Profile Nicolas Ahlgren is a longstanding employee of the Company, but no agent; rather, his job is dealing with the things agents bring in for further study. Mostly bodies. Dead ones.
Nicolas Ahlgren
portrayed by

Trond Espen Seim


Company Trivia

Ahlgren has been an employee of the Company for eight years now. As such, he has a bit of a reputation floating around the workplace. Here are some of the things his coworkers might know:

  • If Nicolas has a life, he sure doesn't share it with anyone else. No SO, few social events, and while he doesn't work any more than he has to — unlike the classic lifeless workaholic — his spare time might as well be a black hole. Also a cause for office gossip, even if it's also an old subject; feel free to speculate.
  • Nicolas is scrupulously professional, very courteous — in the 'opens doors for women' old-world fashion — and normally quite sedate in manner. That said, he has occasionally been known to flare into temper; particularly in the last couple of years, each of the few instances being memorable for its contrast with his normal demeanor. In no case was it really clear what justified the outburst, and Ahlgren himself seems to prefer to bury them.
  • Nicolas has developed a reputation for clumsiness, despite the fine motor skills typically needed for his profession. It's also strange considering that he is usually slow and deliberate in his movements, even when just walking down the hall. This may have something to do with his tendency to oversee or collaborate on autopsies rather than conduct them himself, whenever he can get away with it.

Timeline: Volume X

06/16 After an unusual corpse is pawned off on delivered to Fort Hero for examination, the unpleasant findings are related to Assistant Director Ryans. Ahlgren, Ryans
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