Alia Chavez

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Name Alia Chavez Aliases None
Status Registered Non-Evolved (falsified) Ability Technopathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Latino; American
Birthdate 6/25/1988 Age 21
Height Unknown Build Slim
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Fort Greene
Employment Village Renaissance and Redbird Security
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen It's a Little Dreary Last Seen N/A
Profile A girl with a mental disability that makes communicating in words incredibly difficult for her, but a gift for electronics and computers.
Alia Chavez
portrayed by

Cassie Ventura


Trivia and Notes:

  • Alia suffers from Expressive Language Disorder.
  • Alia is a competitive fencer.




Cat, walking database, understanding face, writer of one of Alia's two paychecks


Cardinal, leader of the Endgame, CEO of Redbird Securities. Alia's other employer. One of the few people Alia is willing to read cards for at the drop of a whim. Whether or not this is appreciated is left for others to guess.


Rebel is one being Alia has quite a bit of respect for. They taught her how to dive into computers, showed her how to find a former cheerleader, and thus the Endgame. Nobody's told her where they have gone though, and she suspects something went very wrong on a mission to Space.


A mysterious person who's given advice several times, one way or another, to Alia. Alia still does not know K.Apila's other names… not that she's the rather infamous in technopath circles 'Wireless', nor that her real name is Hana. Hana is not so hindered on knowing who 'D.Crypt' is… but likely isn't aware that the odd way of talking that Alia shows isn't her being rude… Take what you get sometimes.

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